5 Best Ways to Use Egg White or Egg Yolk for Hair Growth and Hair Fall

How to Use Eggs for Hair Growth and Reducing Hair fall

Those of us who are facing hair fall, hair loss may be constantly worried about the hair strands that come out. This keeps us psychologically depressed and annoyed. But we can try natural products which are rich in minerals, vitamins and protein thus they help to give proper nourishment to the hair. We are talking about egg remedies that can help to show good relief in hair loss, hair fall etc. Do you know that eggs are rich in proteins which is highly beneficial in stimulating the hair follicles. Moreover, this natural thing will help to work on the damage of the hair as well.

How to Use Eggs for Hair Growth, Hair loss, Hair fall

How Egg help in Hair fall, Hair loss and initiates the Growth of hair

Egg contains the vital vitamin and minerals as we said. Most of the times the deficiency of certain vitamins will lead to hair problems like brittle hair, excessive hair loss etc. Egg has fatty acids which gives deep nourishment to the hair and also takes care of the scalp dryness. Other than that it also has lecithin which will keep the hair and scalp in good state. It also helps to seals the moisture in the hair. We will tell you how to apply egg white or yolk for hair growth and hair loss problems though the Indian remedies and tips for hair care.

  • Egg nutrition is immense. It also contains vitamins like A, B, D and E.
  • Vitamin A helps promoting the hair growth and minimizes the hair loss.
  • Vitamin K also helps in the prevention of hair fall and premature graying of hair.
  • Vitamin B complex includes Vitamins like B6, B7, B12 etc. You know, Vitamin B7 or Biotin is one of the most important vitamin, deficiency of which can lead to hair loss and brittle dry hair.
  • Niacin or vitamin B3 is also crucial vitamin to cure the thinning of hair.
  • Vitamin E in eggs will keep the hair texture smoother and well nourished.
  • Egg is a well known natural source of proteins and as we know that the hair is made up of protein units called amino acids then using eggs for hair care or eating the eggs will help a lot in getting beautiful thick long hair.
  • Eggs are also rich in minerals like Selenium, sulphur, Zinc, copper, iron etc which all helps to keep the hair fall away. Furthermore, this can also be great remedies for female hair loss

How to apply Egg for hair Problems and hair growth

Now as we said that eggs are beneficial as they have so many mineral, vitamins proteins etc so, how can you use the egg to prevents and treat the hair fall and hair loss, you can either ingest it with egg recipes, eating boiled eggs etc So you can try some egg hair care recipes like hair packs, hair masks and hair conditioners.But if you are wondering which part to sue then both the parts are important when  you are eating or just applying them like the home remedies.

Eggs Hair Packs for shinier hair

Here are some ways through which you can use egg for treating the hair problems.

1. Olive oil and Egg for hair

Take a bowl and break an egg into it. Mix 3 teaspoonful of olive oil and mix all of them. Comb the hair fist then apply this egg and olive oil mask for hair loss on the hair. Make sure that you use that on the scalp and then some on the hair. It will make the hair lustrous and shinier. Egg extracts and olive oil will boost the hair strength and prevents the hair loss.

eggs for hair growth

2. Egg and lemon juice hair mask

Egg and lemon juice hair mask

This is ideal to get the moisture and nutrients to the hair which are getting thin. Moreover, lemon juice is known to clear off any oiliness and impurities off the scalp as oiliness is also one of the causes of the hair loss and hair fall.

Method and preparation

Break an egg and mix 3 teaspoonful of lemon juice in it. Mix these two thoroughly and beat the egg. Apply and rub on the scalp and hair as well. Wash after 2 hours. Use cold water to wash this mask of the hair then shampoo your hair. Try this once in a week along with some fenugreek remedies to control your hair fall.

3. Egg deep condition treatment for hair fall

At times when the hair gets brittle and lifeless then too we can face hair fall and loss of hair. It happens with men as well. So this therapy with egg will help.

Method and How to use this Egg recipe

Take one egg and break it in a bowl and beat it with a spoon to get a smooth mixture if egg white and egg yolk. Apply this on the hair and leave for 3 hours. Then wash your hair first with the cold water then use a shampoo to get rid of the smell of the eggs. This should be done once on a week to get super conditioned hair and to get relief from hair fall.

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4. Egg and yoghurt hair Mask for hair loss and growth

Yoghurt, curd or dahi is also one of the best way to improve the hair health. It will give you new hair strands and makes the hair erupt. So, let’s have a look how to do this easy and natural remedy. This will also cure the hair loss and aids in regrowth.

Take one egg and break it into a bowl, then add 2 spoons of yoghurt in this then you need to add some honey in it. Around 2 teaspoonful of honey will be sufficient. Now just mix everything with a spoon. Apply this on the hair and leave for 60 minutes. After that rinse and wash with water. use cold water and never hot water.

5. Eggs and onion pack for regrowth of hair

Eggs are rich in nutrient and onion juice is rich in the sulpur which help to cure the hair fall and also give way to the new hairs. Onion has sulphur which stimulates the dormant hair follicles to give rise to the new hair.

How you can make this Egg Mask

Take 1 egg and break that into a bowl. Then take 1 medium sized onion and then put that into the grinder. You will get a pulp of that onion. Now mix thoroughly the egg and the onion pulp. Then apply this over the hair nicely and covering the scalp. Leave for an hour then wash off with cold water.

Extra points to remember when doing Egg remedies

  1. You should at least try these egg home remedies for hair loss and hair fall once in a week. If you can do twice in a week then that will be even better,
  2. While washing of the egg hair mask or egg packs off the hair you should sue cold water and warm or hot water can coagulate the egg that can be really difficult to get rid of the hair.
  3. To ward off the smell of the egg, you can use a hair rinse. Here is the quick recipe of the hair rinse:
  4. Take apple cider vinegar 4-5 teaspoonfuls and mix that in a mug of water. So, after you have removed the egg completely off the hair then use this vinegar water to give a last rinse to the hair. This will minimize the smell of the egg.
  5. Along with the egg recipe you can also try going for the hot oil treatments that will further help you will the combat of the baldness and hair loss. You can hot oil massaging can also aid in the eruption of the new hair follicles.

So, these are the ways with which you can unleash the power of eggs for hair growth and hair fall reduction. 

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  1. hello mam,

    I’m facing a severe hair loss at middle of my head pls suggest me any solution

  2. I would really suggest you to visit a hair specialist as he can analyze that better and give you solution.

  3. I dont have any home made remedy for it
    Plss suggest some thing

  4. im facing hair fall prblm too much.
    plz tell me its solution nd plz tell me how can i get my hair back.

  5. Hi Nisha, You can take Vitamin B complex syrup or supplements as at times hair fall is due to that. Exercise daily as this boost blood circulation. I am telling you remedies that I have myself used and got benefit rather than applying hair oils etc.

  6. I am facing hair fall too much,,and fall continue,,,plz suggest me its solution

  7. I can understand that. You can try applying methi dana seed powder mix with some water. This paste should be applied once in a week. My cousin tried that and had decent results so, hope that works well for you too.

  8. Hello mam, I am 20 year old….I am facing too much hair fall problem….whereas I am having proper diet including milk, curd,pulses,fruits & juices…..plz suggest me something…..

  9. Hi Varsha,

    In this case, i will advise you to consult a trichologist since there can be a medical condition as well.

  10. Hi my hair just a month ifs falling a lot . I don’t have ovaries. My hormone problem i think , i checked with the doctor my blood report was normal. In some places iam getting boled and my scalp sometimes burning. So wat can i use . Plis let me nw

  11. Hai
    Iam facing hair fall too much .pls suggest something to prevent my hair fall and to get strong hair

  12. I am also facing hair fall situations…. I want to ask that will it be ok if i mix meethi dana paste with egg??