How to Use Onion Juice for Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

How to use onion Juice for herbal hair loss treatment

How to use onion Juice for hair loss treatment

Hair loss these days is becoming a common problem faced by even the young individuals. The too many hair stands when you comb or swipe your hair in your hair indicates hair fall. Hair loss is a condition that can give many of us sleepless nights. One of the best cure for hair loss is by using onion juice. Yes, onion juice is one of the most efficient herbal remedies that one can try at home to get relief in hair loss and to combat the hair fall. Do you know why onion juice is effective in the growth of new hair follicles and to put a stop on hair fall. Recently we also posted on Rosemary oil for hair loss treatment.

How onion Juice helps in the hair fall and hair loss?

The answer lies in the high sulphur content in the onions which boosts the circulation of blood and also play a vital role in the promotion of the collagen production. High blood circulation will further help in the growth of the hair strands out of the hair follicle. Onion juice also helps in thinning of the hair and gives vital strength to the roots. Onion is also an antimicrobial product this if the hair loss is due to any scalp infection then too the hair loss can be prevented and new hair strands can be gained. Also see how to use Egg white for hair growth, hair loss and hair fall

How to use onion Juice for hair loss treatment 2

1. How to use Onion for hair loss and hair fall treatment at home

Here are some easy to try yet efficient remedies that you should try if you are suffering hair loss, alopecia or severe hair fall. but first of all, Let’s take a look how to take out the onion juice for hair fall treatment.

How to extract onion juice for the treatments

  1. You need to take a medium sized onion and peel off the outer skin of that.
  2. Put that onion in the blender or a food processor. Start the blender and blend the onion. You will get a paste of onion.
  3. Now you need to take a clean cotton cloth and put the cloth over a small bowl, like you are covering the bowl.
  4. Then you can put the onion pulp over that cloth and squeeze the cloth. This will bring the juice into the bowl and the fibers of the onions will be there in the cloth which you can throw.
  5. Secondly you can also use a fine sieve to take out the onion juice. This is the easier method to take out the juice.

2. Onion juice as herbal hair loss treatment hair tonic

How to use onion Juice for Herbal Hair Loss Treatment 2

How to apply onion juice on the scalp

  • Just like you apply hair oil while massaging the scalp similarly, you need to apply the onion juice.
  • Section the hair and take some juice on the finger and apply on the scalp.
  • Section the hair again and then apply some more juice.
  • This way you have to apply the juice all over the scalp.
  • Then tie the hair in a bun and leave for overnight. Next day you can shampoo and condition the hair.

So, this is how you use just the onion juice to treat the hair loss and hair fall problem in men and women.

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3. Onion Juice and honey mask for the hair fall

How to use onion Juice for Herbal Hair Loss Treatment 3

Apart from the hair fall and hair loss relief, this treatment will also removes any dandruff if you have This also accelerates the regrowth of new hair strands out of the hair follicles. Additionally, these remedies using onion juice will also make the hair shinier and more bouncier.

Procedure and application

  • You have to grind the onion to make a pulp by blending a medium sized onion in a grinder, blender etc.
  • In that pulp of onion, add some honey. You can adjust the quantity of both the honey and Onion. Since we are only applying this mixture more on the roots and scalp. therefore, ideally 2 teaspoonfuls onion pulp and 2 teaspoonful of honey would be fine.
  • To apply this hair mask you can gently section the hair and use that mask on the scalp. This way apply this mixture all over the scalp.
  • Then you have to wait for 2 hours. After that wash the hair and shampoo usual.
  • This shows good results when done at least 2 times in a week. Results may vary from person to person, so does the time taken to give some results.

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4. Onion juice with Almond oil for hair fall and hair growth

How to use onion Juice for Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

If you have hair fall which is not too much but still you wish to put a stop and you also wish to make the hair grow longer faster then this remedy can be used.

How to make this

  • Take a medium sized onion and take the juice out of it. We have shared above how you can extract the onion juice from onion.
  • So, in that juice you have to put almond oil. You can take 2 teaspoonful of onion juice with 2 teaspoonful of almond oil.
  • Mix them and then using your fingers, apply that all over the scalp.
  • Gently massage the scalp and give a boost of blood circulation. Keep this for either overnight or 2-3 hours.

Then go ahead and wash the hair with mild shampoo and use a hair conditioner after that. This herbal hair loss treatment needs to be done 2 times in a week and should be used regularly to get the good results.

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  1. I hears that honey will leads to whitening of hair….is it true?

  2. Hi dear. Will the onion juice be effective if I mix it in any hair pack like amla or methi hair pack?

  3. Hi Pragya,

    Yes of course, You can that will be even more effective.

  4. Ok thanks dear.:)

  5. No, It won’t.

  6. Nice Information.

    I have problem of hair fall. Now I am trying Onion juice for hair. Hope it will work in growing hair and stop hair fall…..

  7. I hope the same for you!!

  8. If I am using the paste of methi seeds which is soak over night with the onion juice then will there be any problem or can I use both of this in alternative day or any other better way??.. please suggest..

  9. Hi mam
    M 22 yrsold
    Suffering from heavy hair loss hair fall is from root
    Tried alot but no results
    Day by day getting worse also hav tanning n dark circle problm suggest me sumthing plz

  10. Which whitening cream should i use?
    Is there any remedy to hair regrowth?
    Plz do suggest

  11. Do not soak in the onion juice but soak in the water only but when you make the methi paste then you can add some fresh onion juice in that.

  12. Hi Neetu,

    You can try applying hot oil massaging with amla juice and some coconut oil.

    Apply some cucumber juice every night on the dark circles.

  13. You can use Lotus whiteglow gel creme.

  14. i am 22 yrs i have heavy hair loss how many days or months i have to use onion juice and how many times i have to apply in a week please sujjest me

  15. Hi mam , I am experiencing severe hairfall ,I have used hairdye for several times, then I left using dye about an year ago,i just wanted to ask u can I use onion juice if sometimes i am using mehndi too on my hair

  16. Hello mam,
    Actually I’m facing severe hairfall right now pls tell whether I have to use sesha oil or onion Juice that u mentioned in ur blog .and also I’m facing 1 more issuethat im 22 now but my facial hair growth is not up to the mark I’m looking like 9std boy pls tell me the remedy I’m sorry if u feel disgust with my 2nd question kindly help me mam

  17. 2 times in a week would be best Ramya.

  18. Hi Abhishek,

    Henna or mehendi is the best to try. yes, you can also try onion juice which will help with the hair fall.

  19. Hi Kumaresan,

    Not at all, I can understand you facial hair related concern but for that I am not the best person to answer so, I will suggest you to seek advice from a doctor first.
    And for the hair fall yes, you can try onion juice remedy which helps in growth of new hair strands.

  20. Hi
    My daughter is of 8 years and she has got a lot of lices n lice eggs in her hair. Pls suggest some home remedy for the same.

  21. Hi Pooja,

    You can apply neem leaves paste on her scalp this kills the lice and also gets rid of them.

  22. HI,

  23. Hi Good evening
    I am suffering from acne and black heads. After trying homeopathic medicines but not get well. I am too much fedup from this whole face filled with black heads and dark spot with pain and itching. Please give me some suggestion..