How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth and Dandruff

Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth and Dandruff: Everyone wants to have longer and thicker hair. Healthy hair is a sign of youthfulness. But with age or other factors, we can experience hair loss, hair fall, thinning hair and receding hairline. This can be a cause for the stress as well. So, growing your hair back naturally is the best thing to try. Benefits of tea tree oil for hair growth are well known. Tea tree oil is one essential oil that is laced with wonderful properties that can help promote the hair growth. This natural oil has antiseptic properties as well hence will protect the scalp against the infections too. Moreover, tea tree oil is used for so many natural treatments for skin disorders, fungal infections etc. But is tea tree oil for good for hair care and beard growth? Yes, it is also highly beneficial. Let’s see how we can use tea tree oil for hair growth.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

How is Tea Tree Oil good for Hair Growth?

Hair loss and hair fall can be due to several causes. But the problem arises when the fallen hair does not come back or grow from the follicles. At times, it happens due to clogged follicles, dormant follicles as a result of which the hair loss become irreversible. Natural hair growth treatment is always good. So, let’s see who tea tree oil will work for hair growth. Does tea tree oil really helps in new hair growth? Let’s explore.

Dandruff can lead to the clogging of the hair follicles hence, the hair loss and hair not growing back is seen. Tea tree oil is anti-fungal hence will get rid of the fungal scalp infections like dandruff. It will also cure the flakiness and scalp itch. Tea tree oil also clears the scalp product build up. This will lead to squeaky clean scalp and hair. Hence, the hair growth increases. This oil also increases the blood circulation hence, the scalp pores gets activated. In turn, the hair growth gets faster. In fact you can use tea tree oil for beard.

Tea tree works the best in the hair loss due to dandruff, scalp folliculitis and sebohrric dermatitis. 

Tea Tree Oil For Regrowth

Tea tree oil, is extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves. It has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It is used to treat several skin and hair related problems. So, let’s see how tea tree oil benefits in hair growth.

Tea tree oil helps in treating the dandruff thoroughly. This is because the oil is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. Therefore, this will help in curing the dandruff which is one of the cause of the dandruff. The blocked pores and dandruff build up also hinders and retards the hair growth. Thus, tea tree oil will help in hair growth by eliminating the dandruff and opening the blocked scalp pores.

When you have blocked pores on the scalp, this too can lead to the hair loss and slow hair growth. So, if that the reason why your hair grows slows then tea tree will surely help.

Dirty scalp and clogged pores are main causes of stopped hair growth.

Regular application of this essential oil will properly moisturize the scalp and scalp gets cleaner. Even the products build up or the chemical build up can cause the hair loss. Therefore, tea tree will keep the scalp cleaner.

This will increase the production of new hair strands. Tea tree oil stimulates the micro circulation hence, tea tree oil will promote the hair growth and also gives relief in the hair fall due to dandruff.

At times over production of sebum also causes the hair loss. So, application of tea tree oil will get rid of the excessive sebum off the scalp and scalp looks healthier. This will also regulate the over production of sebum on the scalp. When the oil production is controlled your hair growth will take place again.

Home Remedies with Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Using tea tree oil for hair growth and to remove the dandruff relating hair fall is easy. Below, we have mentioned the quick remedies that will help you let’s learn the ways to use tea tree oil to get the best results for hair growth!

1. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo For Dandruff

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth and Dandruff

To cure dandruff and related hair loss, this is the easiest and effective remedy. This will promote hair growth and shine. Your dandruff and itchiness will also be cured by using this simple trick.

We will Need:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Shampoo of your choice


  • You will need the shampoo that you use normally.
  • After you have wet your hair just take 1-2 teaspoonful of shampoo in the palm.
  • Add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and mix it in the palm itself.
  • Apply this shampoo on the scalp and wash the hair like we normally do.
  • Leave the shampoo for 2-3 minutes and then wash everything off using clear water.
  • This shampoo with tea tree oil will promote hair growth and removes dandruff too.

Also see how yogurt helps in hair growth.

2. Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Milk For Hair Growth Recipe

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth coconut oil

This is another quick shampoo recipe that will help you to remove the scalp infections and the excess oils. Tea tree oil infused shampoo along with the coconut milk will help you get the hair back by re-growth.

Ingredients we need:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Coconut Milk
  • Regular shampoo


  • Wet your hair with clear water.
  • Take your regular shampoo in a small bowl.
  • Add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil and 3-4 teaspoonful of coconut milk.
  • Use this to wash the hair and scalp thoroughly.

3. Tea Tree and Olive Oil For Hair

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Tea tree oil and olive oil are great combination to make the hair healthier and promotes hair growth. Olive oil is nourishing oil in nature hence the scalp gets deeply nourished. Moreover, this natural remedy will also cure the scalp infections and any other reason that may lead to scalp pores blockage.

Things we need:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Olive Oil


  • In a small bowl, mix 5-7 drops of tea tree oil and 4-5 teaspoonful of olive oil.
  • It will be good if you warm up the olive oil a little bit.
  • Mix both the essential oils well and apply it on the scalp.
  • To apply the oil either use your finger tips or a clean cotton pad.
  • Gently press the tips of the finger on the scalps so that the pressure points will be activated.
  • This hair growth treatment with tea tree oil promotes hair growth, reduces scalp fungus and make your hair stronger by removing the dead cells.

4. Tea Tree Oil with Coconut Oil For Hair

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth 2

Tea tree oil and coconut oil works wonders for hair growth and lice removal. This combination will promote hair growth when used regularly. Moreover, this will strengthen the hair roots and hair strands. It will promote the hair growth by increasing the blood circulation of the scalp. Coconut oil is known to moisturize the dry flaky scalp. It will also make the hair strands thicker.

Ingredients we need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil 


  • Take ¼ cup of coconut oil and 5-7 drops of tea tree oil in that.
  • Mix everything well and apply on the scalp and hair. Leave this for overnight.
  • Next morning, wash the hair with mild shampoo.

5. Tea Tree Oil and Almond Oil For Hair

Almond oil is used to promote hair growth and hair strength. This oil is also good for dandruff and scalp dryness. Hence, this will help in achieving a healthy hair naturally.


  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Almond Oil


  • Take 7-8 teaspoonfuls of almond oil and add 9-10 drops of tea tree oil in that.
  • Mix them and apply on the scalp nicely giving gentle pressure.
  • Keep this for 60 minutes then wash off the scalp.
  • Try this 2 times in a week for hair growth and healthy scalp.

6. Tea Tree and Rosemary oil For Hair

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth rosemary oil

You can also use tea tree oil for hair fall control and growth, when you have hair loss due to dandruff. Rosemary oil on the other hand is equally effective in getting the new hair strands. Rosemary essential oil helps giving relief in hair loss and hair fall. Rosemary oil will also stimulate the micro blood circulation on the scalp.


  • Organic Tea Tree Oil For Hair
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Castor oil


  • Take 7-8 drops of castor oil in a small bowl.
  • Then add 5-7 drops of rosemary oil and 5-7 drops of tea tree oil in it.
  • Apply this oil on the scalp and hair with the finger tips.
  • Massage your scalp for some time.
  • Leave this for 60 minutes then wash off with mild shampoo.
  • Using this tea tree oil remedy twice in a week will make the hair stronger.
  • Tea tree and castor oil for hair gives amazing results in enhancing the thickness of hair.

7. Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil For Dandruff

This hair mask works well for hair growth as it contains the goodness of both jojoba oil and rosemary oil. This is how this tea tree oil hair treatment works.

Ingredients we need:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil


  • Take 7-8 teaspoonful of coconut oil and add 1-2 teaspoonful of jojoba oil in that.
  • Add 7-8 drops of tea tree oil and mix everything.
  • Apply gently on the scalp and hair.
  • Keep for 2 hours then wash off the hair using mild shampoo.
  • Use warm water to wash your hair.
  • Regular use of this tea tree remedy will promote faster hair growth.

8. Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar For Dandruff and Growth

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has acidic content which is great for healthy hair. This 5% acidity will actually help to balance the pH level of the scalp and helps to get rid of the product build-up from the scalp. ACV is also good for shine of the hair. Usingg tea tree oil for dandruff also promotes hair growth.

Ingredients We Need

Tea Tree Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Mix 1 teaspoonful of ACV in a cup of water
  • Add 7-8 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Mix it well and thoroughly.
  • Apply and use this mixture as a last rinse after shampooing your hair.
  • This is a good and effective remedy to promote hair growth.

Precautions for using Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

Tea tree is a strong essential oil. Hence, never use it directly on the scalp. This oil needs carrier oil which dilutes it. Therefore, use the oils like castor oil, almond oil, olive oil etc.

Too much application of tea tree oil can inflame the skin or scalp. Hence, once or twice in a week is appropriate.

Tea tree oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial and there are multiple benefits of tea tree oil on scalp. so, if you have acne then dilute 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 teaspoonful of distilled water and apply that over the pimples with a cotton pad.

So, friends, use these tea tree oil remedies for hair growth and healthy strong hair.

This is how you can use tea tree oil for the hair growth and minimising the hair fall. Do use these remedies regularly to get good hair.

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