How to use turmeric for Pimples and Acne on face

How to use turmeric for pimples and acne on face

When we face acne and pimples then it not only makes us conscious of our appearance but the redness, pain and blemishes are also a beauty concern. :( Pimples are not only problematic for girls but boys too get annoyed and irritated with this constant pimple problem. But do you know guys we have one very effective ingredient that can be used to treat the pimples at home easily. I am talking about turmeric powder or haldi that we get easily in our Indian kitchens.

ways to use turmeric for pimples

4 Ways to use turmeric for pimples, acne and their marks & Scars

So, here are some simple remedies for pimple treatment with the help of haldi powder. You can also read more about the turmeric face packs.

1. Turmeric remedy for pimple control

  • Take some turmeric around ½ teaspoonful then make a paste of that with some rose water.
  • Apply this with the finger on the pimples and leave it for over night.
  • Wash the face in the morning. This will clean the pimple infection and kill the bacteria that cause acne on the skin.

2. Turmeric and rice flour face scrub

  • Take 1 teaspoonful of rice flour powder then add 2 pinches of turmeric powder.
  • Mix with some honey, around 1 teaspoonful will be fine.
  • Wet the face and then use this on the face to scrub.
  • Massage the face with this for 2-3 minutes/ then wash off. Apply a light moisturizer after this.
  • This needs to be done before going to bed every other day.

4 ways to use turmeric for pimples

3. Turmeric and lemon juice for pimple marks

  • You can also apply a paste of turmeric powder with some lemon juice.
  • Apply that on the pimples and leave for overnight.
  • This will burn at first as this has lemon but after that the skin will get clear.

This turmeric remedy is also good for fair skin and is an easy way to get fair skin complexion at home.

4. Turmeric and neem facial pack

  • Take 1 teaspoonful of neem powder mix ½ teaspoonful of turmeric powder in it.
  • Make a paste using some rose water then. Apply this face pack on the face evenly.
  • Then rinse your face after 20 minutes. This will make the skin yellow but don’t worry that is temporary.

So, you can try this in the evening and so that you don’t have to wash the face with face wash to get rid of the yellowness due to turmeric straight away you can use the face wash in the morning.

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  1. hi turmeric powder has any side effects nd is it any harmful to men’s beard by applying it on face

  2. hi iam daily using a pack with milk nd gram flour.can it lighten the skin complexion? nd is it good for oily skin?

  3. Yes, gram flour and mild is a good combination to lighten the skin tone and to remove the sun tanning.

  4. No it doesn’t but if you are still skeptical try applying neem powder or just fresh neem leaves paste.

  5. ma’m can I apply gramflour milk face pack and tomato pack day by day alternatively to get earlier results?i mean doing like that is anythng harmful to face

  6. Yes, you can. No this does not have any harmful effects or side effects.

  7. ma’m iam applying daily curd,turmeric powder,gram flour iam getting black dots which were looking like moles.Plz tell me any solution for this

  8. In that case, just try besan with turmeric pack. This will help in the removal of those spots.

  9. ma’m may be u didn’t got my question. after applying besan turmeric yogurt combination pack on my face and neck iam getting moles on my cheeks nose and neck.actually in past days I didn’t have any moles on that place bt after applying this pack for 10 days I got moles on those place so please suggest me to overcome this or any other solution

  10. Hi Vikas, In that case do not use this face pack. Apparently, you have sensitive skin type. It would be better if you try to steam the face for 4-5 minutes once in a week and scrub the face 2 times in a week. This will help to get rid of the tiny black dots. I had such dots near my chin and these treatments helped me. Also try to apply tomato juice on the face for 15 minutes which will further help.

  11. k to get rid of those dots now iam applying yogurt tomato oats combined pack daily in the it safe or will I got dots with this pack tooo.applying daily is safe or can I apply weekly 2 times

  12. Hi Vikas,

    You should not use yoghurt as I think that is causing that problem, so just apply tomato juice with oats. It is safe and ideal for all the skin types. You can try that daily. But dont forget to scrub the face 2 times in a week.

  13. k what can I use for scrubbing ma’m

  14. Any store bought scrub like the everyuth walnut face scrub etc will work.