How to Wash Hair the Right way: Hair care tips

How to Wash the Hair the Right wayHow to Wash Hair the Right way

We wash our hair every day, once in a week or 2-3 times in a week. Whatever that frequency may be we all wash the hair. Basic cleanliness of hair starts with hair washing and shampooing the hair but have you even thought if you are washing the hair in a right way? Or there is something that you are still ignoring. The way one washes the hair also determines certain conditions like shine, bounce etc. Here, we will share the right way of shampoo and washing the hair so that the hair should be in good state and most importantly should not be damaged.

1. Brushing

You heard it right the right way to wash your hair start with the brushing first. Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb so that the tangles are out and hair is not knotty. This step is vital as after the hair washing, hair knot can be even worse hence it is always better to comb before you wash the hair.

2. Wet the hair

Wetting your hair before slathering the shampoo is essential. Water open ups the cuticle of the hair strands thus hair will be prepared for the next step which is the shampooing. Wetting the hair also makes sure that the dirt and the oils on the scalp gets loosen up and hence less shampoo will be required.

3. Shampoo the scalp

Shampoo or the hair cleanser is meant to take off the dirt, oil and products residue off the hair hence try a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Special shampoos are there for the chemically treated hair. Take some shampoo and dilute it with some water in your palm then gently use it to spread all over the scalp. Rub the shampoo on the scalp by giving light pressure from the fingers. This step also acts as a mini massage and facilitates the proper cleansing of the scalp.

4. Shampoo the hair

shampoos and conditioners

Once you have rubbed the shampoo in the scalp. It’s time to lather up the same residue of shampoo that is there on the scalp towards the hair stands. You should not take any more shampoo unless you really need, the lathers that are there for the scalp washing, are enough most of the times for the hair strands as well unless you have very long hair. For lengthy hair take some more and then gently rub the hair to cleanse them.

5. Rinsing

After you feel that the shampoo has fully lathered on the hair as well. This means that the cleansing is done and it’s time for the rinsing. Pour clear water on the scalp and with gentle finger movement try to displace the lathers and keep pouting the water and using the hands to do the clean up until clear water starts to drip down. This completes the shampoo and now the important part that gives the hair its nourishment, bounce and shine. That is hair conditioning.

6. Conditioner application

Take the conditioner and apply that on the hair below the ear level. This way you will not put conditioner too close to the roots as conditioner on the roots will weigh the hair down and they will get greasy pretty soon though if you have very dry itchy scalp then that can be done. Let the conditioner be there for 2-3 minutes then again rinse the hair with clear water.

Once the hair washing is done wrap a towel and let the water get soaked. Keep the towel there for at least 10 minutes so that all the water gets absorbed. Take out the towel and finger comb the hair do not ever try to rub the towel over the hair to make them dry quickly this will lead to damaged hair, split ends and fly ways when the hair gets dry.

You can then proceed with either that blow drying or let them air dried. So, were you washing the hair, the right way. If not then follow these tips.

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