Latest 50 Koi Fish Tattoo Designs with Meaning For Men and Women

latest koi fish tattoo designs

Are you thinking of getting a beautiful koi fish tattoo design? If that’s a yes, then we have created this catalogue with the latest Koi fish tattoo designs for both men and women.

Everyone wants unique tattoo design that can be attractive and has a good positive and strong meaning behind.

At present, Koi fish forearm tattoo is very much in demand and both men and women would like to go for. Actually, these are favored all across the world which are inspired by koi fish drawings. Tattoos are not new but the culture of tattoos is quite old and now days, people get them for adding a statement and to imply a strong message.

Tattoo is indeed an attractive body art form which is performed by inserting tattoo ink into the dermis layer of the skin. Tattoos generally reflect the person’s values, ethics, morals, ideas, and perspectives on life. Tattoos hold deep meaning and where is from designs. 

The intricate designs of koi fish tattoos are also in demand and quite popular. If you’re wondering what does a koi fish tattoo represents? Koi fish tattoos actually stand for perseverance and vitality. Moreover, there are different meanings for the koi fish tattoos which actually depends on the color and other elements involved. Like the other tattoos, the Koi fish tattoos can be inked on the body parts like forearm, upper arm, wrist, calf and even at the nape or back. Women generally would like to have tattoos on their inner wrist or side wrist.

Koi fish tattoo also means to symbolize the strength to face the difficulties and adversities. Undoubtedly, the Koi fish tattoo design is much popular in Japanese culture. It is also important to mention that the coefficient designs are very popular in the Japanese culture. A lot of tattoo artist would love to have these koi fish tattoos for their clients because these designs not only reflex the Asian culture but also are loaded with strong meaning. The koi fish tattoo design would definitely give a graceful look and as on to the person’s physical appearance. There are different koi fish tattoo designs like the red koi fish tattoo, yellow koi fish tattoo and more. Generally, koi fishes are designed by the tattoo artist.

The black koi fish tattoo design symbolizes the fatherhood and muscularity. Therefore, if someone would like to have the koi fish tattoos on their forearm or inner wrist then they can go for these. Like the symbol koi fish tattoos are made in pair. The Infinity loop of koi fish is a representation of an ending life cycle.  Bright colours are used by the tattoo artist to make the tattoo look alive and more appealing.

Orange koi fish tattoo designs represent peace, serenity and soberness while a red koi fish tattoo symbolizes strength and bravery along with the reflection of intense love and passion.

Latest Koi Fish Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

1. Simple Wrist Koi Fish Tattoo

Simple Wrist Koi Fish Tattoo

This tattoo design is quite simple and it has koi fish in the simplest manner. It’s just a single koi fish on the inner wrist. It is a simplistic design which is suitable for the men who would like to have a simple and delicate looking tattoo on the inner rest

2. Forearm Koi Fish Tattoo Design

Forearm Koi Fish Tattoo Design

the tattoo a square big in size and it has a be beautiful koi fish tattoo design. It also comes with the beautiful cherry blossom flowers on a branch. It is a suitable koi fish tattoo for the arm.

3. Red Koi Fish Tattoo

Red Koi Fish Tattoo

The beautifully drawn koi fish has a tinge of blue. It is done on the thigh and it is a suitable design to go for.

4. Forearm Koi Fish Tattoo Pair

Forearm Koi Fish Tattoo Pair

This tattoo is made on the forearm for women and has been made in pair. The beautiful fishes are identical boring the color. It is indeed a very beautiful design that is suitable for the women who would like to have medium sized tattoos for the arm.

5. Koi Fish Tattoo Tag

Koi Fish Tattoo Tag

This is a beautiful colour pictorial depiction of koi Fish. It’s like a tag which is being circled by red flower. It is suitable for the wrist as well as the Nape for women.

6. Red And Black Koi Fish Tattoo

Red And Black Koi Fish Tattoo

This tattoo is also made in a pair and it is for the upper harm as well as the calves. Along with the Koi fishes we can also see some floral elements used for this design.

7. Paired Koi Fish Tattoo

Paired Koi Fish Tattoo

This beautiful koi fish tattoo design is appeared design in which two fishes are made in pair. The design can be made on the different body parts and indeed it is a delicate and subtle design to have. For women who do not want to go overboard with their tattoos can definitely go for this design.

8. Upper Arm Huge Koi Fish Tattoo For Women

Upper Arm Huge Koi Fish Tattoo For Women

This tattoo is definitely a huge tattoo designs. Specially, for the upper arms, women and men can try such big and bold designs. This tattoo is highly attractive and will get you a lot of attention for sure.

9. Shoulder water colored koi fish tattoo

It is made in watercolor and orange and blue Koi fishes have been used.  Flowers and other element have also be used to make it more lively and appealing.

10. Orange koi fish shoulder tattoo

Orange koi fish shoulder tattoo

As we mentioned earlier that an orange Koi fish represents Motherhood and maternal feelings along with the feminine side, it is a beautiful design.

11. Simple Koi Fish Ribcage Tattoo Design

12. Black And White Koi Face Shoulder Tattoo

13. Watercolor Fish Tattoo Design

Watercolor Fish Tattoo Design

14. Upper Arm Multiple Koi Fishes Tattoo

Upper Arm Multiple Koi Fishes Tattoo

15. Koi Fish Designer Tattoo

Koi Fish Designer Tattoo

16. Dragon Style Koi Fish Tattoo

Dragon Style Koi Fish Tattoo

17. Ying Yang Koi Fish Tattoo

Ying Yang Koi Fish Tattoo

18. Day And Night Koi Fish Tattoo

Day And Night Koi Fish Tattoo

19. Mens Koi Fish Tattoo

Mens Koi Fish Tattoo

20. Couple Koi Fish Tattoo

Couple Koi Fish Tattoo

21. Mens Chest Koi Fish Tattoo

22. Colored Upper Thai Koi Fish Tattoo

23. Designer Koi Fish Tattoo

Designer Koi Fish Tattoo

24. Back Colored Fish Tattoo For Women

25. Blue And Orange Koi Fish Tattoo

Blue And Orange Koi Fish Tattoo

26. Orange Koi Fish Forearm Tattoo 

Orange Koi Fish Forearm Tattoo

27. Back Fish Tattoo Pattern

28. Black Fish Tattoo For Women

Black Fish Tattoo For Women

29. Koi Fish In Water Wave

Koi Fish In Water Wave

30. Calf Black Koi Fish

Calf Black Koi Fish

31. Mens Shoulder Black Fish

Mens Shoulder Black Fish

32. Full Back Koi Fish Tattoo

33. Shoulder Blue Koi Fish Tattoo

Shoulder Blue Koi Fish Tattoo

34. Orange Calf Koi Fish

Orange Calf Koi Fish

35. Orange Floral Koi Fish

Orange Floral Koi Fish

36. Orange Floral Koi Fish For Lower Leg

Orange Floral Koi Fish For Lower Leg

37. Waist Koi Fish Tattoo For Women

38. Yin Tang Koi Fish For Women

Yin Tang Koi Fish For Women

39. Back Paired Koi Fish

Back Paired Koi Fish

40. Stomach Koi Fish Tattoo

Stomach Koi Fish Tattoo

41. Side Upper Arm Koi Fish Tattoo

Side Upper Arm Koi Fish Tattoo

42. Ankle Koi Fish Blue

Ankle Koi Fish Blue

43. Thigh Paired Orange Koi Fish

44. Chest Mens Fish Tattoo

45. Upper Arm Tattoo Design

Upper Arm Tattoo Design

46. Origami Black And White Tattoo

Origami Black And White Tattoo

47. Chest Fish Tattoo Design For Men

48. Forearm Fish Tattoos

Forearm Fish Tattoos

49. Origami Fish Tattoo For Shoulder

50. Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning

Koi Fish Tattoos Meaning

Blue Koi Fish: The blue koi fish represents tranquility and peace.

Black Koi Fish: A black koi fish represents facing hurdles, obstacles and overcoming them.

Purple Koi Fish: The purple koi fishes are a fighter and would signify that you do not give up easily!

White Koi Fish: The white koi fish represents success and accomplishment.

Yellow Koi Fish: Yellow represents happiness and cheerfulness.

Red Koi Fish: Red represents royalty in traditional Chinese and Japanese culture and also for motherhood and bravery.

Orange Koi Fish: The orange koi fish symbolizes optimism and positive attitude.

Green Koi Fish: The green koi fish represents prosperity and good luck.

Pink Koi Fish: Koi fish in pink represents feminine energy.

Two Koi Fish: Two koi fishes represents the yin and yang symbols, in this one fish moves upwards and the other moves downwards. It represents the much needed balance in life.

Three Koi Fish: Three koi fishes depicts balance and strength in unity.

Koi Fish Swimming Upstream: A koi fish swimming upstream has an impactful meaning in Japanese culture. It symbolizes the strength and courage required to face obstacle and to move in an upward direction.

Koi Fish Swimming Downstream: A koi fish moving downwards, symbolizes freedom and independence.

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