Latest 40+ Boat Neck Blouse Designs To Try in (2022)

latest boat neck blouse designs

Boat neck blouse designs are gaining popularity as they come with modern and elegant touch. A saree blouse is an essential part of the traditional Indian wear for women. That is why breaking the monotony of these stereotyped basic blouse designs, nowadays we have a Boat neck blouses. The boat shape neck blouse looks extremely elegant and simplistic, it can elevate your look. You can team up any type of saree blouse pattern. The versatile and simple boat neck blouses can be paired with designer sarees, silk sarees, traditional cotton sarees and even the lehenga blouses.

Latest Boat Neck Blouse Designs: Images and Catalogue

We’ve created this image catalogue of these stylish boat neck blouse designs that you must take a look at. The patterns of boat neck blouse designs would surely entice you.

1. Boat Neck Sleeveless Blouse

boat neck sleeveless blouse

The beauty of this design is gold thread work on the neck edge. It’s a sleeveless blouse perfect to be prepped with your lehengas and regular silk sarees. It is made in art silk fabric with the princess cut pattern with a side zipper. Such elegant and classy looking boat princess cut saree blouse with side zip are perfect for any occasion where you would like to clad subtly.

2. Princess Cut Blouse With Boat Neck

princess cut blouse with boat neck

The mirror embellished princess cut boat neck sleeveless design is a classic beauty. It can be paired with plain sarees with matching border. It would surely make heads turn when you wear this for a party. In fact, it can also be paired with a nice skirt. It’s the latest boat neck blouses for plain sarees.

3. Boat Shape Blouse With Stones

boat shape blouse with Stones

If stones see you then surely for a grand event you can wear this sequin and stone studded blouse. It is very modern looking with a transparent net in the upper part. The jewelled neckline and the overall blouse is studded with the sequins with gemstones. It is one of the best looking stone studded boat shape blouse patterns that we have seen which you can pair with your plain chiffon saree and even with the lehenga skirts.

4. Black Boat Neck Blouse

black boat neck blouse

Black blouse should there be in your wardrobe so that you can style in which ever manner you want. The beautiful blouse has a deep inverted bell like a neckline. Made with a glitter fabric on the body it has sheer net on the upper and back side. It is a surely modern looking urban boat neck latest designer blouse that outgoing women would love to style with their saree.

5. Boat Neck Front Open Blouse

boat neck front open blouse

The traditional front open blouse have got modern feel. With Floral and Elephant motives this embroidered blouse has sleeveless pattern. With from stone and thread work going on it looks extremely classy yet morning. The front open button has potli buttons that gives it an ethnic look. You can pair it with your plain sarees and silk sarees with the matching borders.

6. Golden Boat Neck Blouse

Golden boat neck blouse

Just like black blouses, a golden blouse should also be there in your wardrobe. It is a multi-purpose blouse that you can pair with lehenga, skirts, sarees and what not. You can even pair it with dhoti pants such blouse patterns are very trendy currently. The boat shaped neck line has sleeveless pattern. The princess cut blouse has a zipper and doesn’t have any opening on the front or the backside.

7. Boat Neck Lehenga Blouse

boat neck lehenga blouse

The velvet boat neck shape neckline has Zari and embroidery work going on. Made with full sleeves it’s a perfect blouse pattern to go with your lehengas. Even if you would like to go for the modern looking lehenga skirt style, you can try such a full sleeves boat blouse pattern.

8. Boat Neck Full Sleeve Blouse

boat neck full sleeve blouse

Full sleeves blouse designs are in. This red velvet heavy embroidery with golden thread blouse is an immaculate beauty. One can pair it with your sarees and even with lehengas. This is currently favourite trend this season.

9. Peplum Blouse Pattern With Boat Neck

peplum blouse pattern with boat neck

A peplum blouse breaks the monotony of the traditional saree or lehenga blouses. The beautiful cut and three fourth sleeves blouse is extremely attractive. It gives an Indo Western kind of feel to your outfit. It can be paired with matching or contrasting color sarees and even with the pattu sarees. The beauty of this design is the exquisite embroidery work on the sides and on the sleeves. With stones and zari work here and there, it gives a very rich and royal feel. Additionally, if you will notice, it has potli buttons hemline of the peplum.

10. Lehenga Blouse Boat Neck Design

lehenga blouse boat neck design

Lehenga blouse with sheer fabric on the boat neck, not just makes you look outgoing and modern yet keeping things ethnic. The exclusive red and gold embroidery on the front and sleeves parts gives it neat look. Appropriate to be paired with your lehenga and silk sarees, this blouse is the best looking embroidered blouses.

11. Heavy Maggam Work Boat Neck Blouse

Heavy maggam work boat neck blouse

Heavy maggam work blouses with boat neck lines are in. If you will notice the zari like shapes made with stone chains and are highly attractive and classy. On the elbow length sleeves, one can find intricately done floral leaf pattern work using golden thread. Aari work is clearly seen in this blouse piece. The pattu saree boat neck blouse is traditional yet has detailing such that it will make you stand out of the crowd. It is best to be paired with lehengas and silk sarees.

12. Boat Neck Cotton Blouse Style

boat neck cotton blouse style

Traditional cotton blouse is there since ages and women can’t do without it. The thing is that a simple cotton blouse can be paired with your basic georgette and printed sarees. The men who would like to keep things simple would like to wear age appropriate clothing would love to have boat neck cotton blouses.

13. Red Boat Neck Blouse For Party

red boat neck blouse for party

If you would like to turn heads at a party, then latest modern designer blouse should be opted. Work on the neckline and sleeves come with transparent neckline with straps in the centre. The boat neckline is surely enticing. It has buttons which are not functional as it has a side zipper.

14. White Embroidered Boat Neck Blouse

white embroidered boat neck blouse

Preston white embroidered blouse piece looks royal and sophisticated. The embroidered net fabric is used on the upper part and the neckline is kept minimal with no detailing. Just the white floral embroidery on a white base is the basic beauty of this design. With three fourth sleeves, it is beautiful to have with your net and chiffon sarees. It doesn’t need any accessories, however a statement piece of earrings would be better.

15. Boat Neck Blouses For Pattu Sarees

boat neck blouses for pattu sarees

Women love to have pattu sarees but when it comes to blouses, the regular embellished or sequence studded blouses are there, however as the fashion is changing one can also opt for such a designer brocade and mirror work blouse. From the front side, it looks extremely simple however from the back the inverted bell shaped cut blouse is extremely modern and give syou that stylish boat neck blouse for silk sarees.

16. Modern Boat Neck Collar Blouse

Modern boat neck collar blouse

Who says collars can only be there in tops and shirts. There is a Peter Pan collar on this blouse on the front boat neck side. With three fourth sleeves, it’s a beautiful design with patch work and princess cut. It has a back neck buttons which makes wearing it very easy. Paired with matching border sarees or even a plain saree would be better.

17. Stylish Pink Boat Neck Blouse

Stylish pink boat neck blouse

If you would like to style your Pink blouse in a boat shaped then definitely go for a this. The bodice  part is kept opaque with the satin fabric under, while the rest of the blouse without the lining. And that adds a touch of glamour to this beautiful looking blouse. The beads work on the sleeves makes it rich and lavish looking. The designs are best to be paired with any bottom wear or sarees. You don’t even need too many accessories except for a simple dainty chain in the neck and a bracelet.

18. Latest Model Boat Neck Blouse

latest model boat neck blouse

If you’re looking for a model looking blouse to pair up with your plain sarees, then try such a ravishing blouse with sequin work. With cap sleeves, it has boat neckline and padded pattern. It comes with a side zipper so, there is no opening on the back or front. Such designs are extremely beautiful and best to be paired with chiffon plain sarees or even with your voluminous skirts or lehengas.

19. Boat Neck Netted Blouse Design

boat neck netted blouse design

It’s a netted blouse with embroidery and exquisite feel. Such designs are good for bridal lehengas and sarees or if you have a wedding in your family.

20. Boat Neck Blouse Back Designs For Silk Sarees

boat neck blouse back designs for silk sarees

Pot neck blouses in silk border are sure to entice you. The ethnic looking blouse has a modern touch. You can pair it with contrasting color sarees with a modern border perfect for silk saree.

21. Boat Neck Short Sleeve Saree Blouse

boat neck short sleeve saree blouse

The Patchwork design is currently raging and is in trend. The upper part has printed embroidered kind of fabric while the bottom has plain orange. The blouse is short to get you some extra attention when paired with a nice saree.

22. Trendy Boat Neck Blouse Design

trendy boat neck blouse design

The nicely printed blouse for your cotton saree is a must have. When it’s in boat shape neck line and mirror work here and there, it becomes even better. Paired with a nice net saree, it looks amazing. In fact, it can also be paired with silk sarees.

23. Boat Neck Blouse Design For Cotton Saree

boat neck blouse design for cotton saree

The padded blouse has a side zipper with embroidery and stone work. The golden beads add to the design. With princess cut the design fits you like second skin. You can pair it with your simple chiffon sarees and even with lehenga skirts.

24. Padded Blouse Pattern With Boat Neck

padded blouse pattern with boat neck

Prints are in and they are sure to catch your attention when you would like to pair them with simple sarees. It has a keyhole pattern on one of the shoulders and prints going on all over. With Zari border on the waistline, it gives extra style.

25. Boat Neck Blouses For Plain Sarees

boat neck blouses for plain sarees

Here in this blouse pattern the boat neck and puffed sleeves looks very elegant. The brocade blouse has puff sleeves with border. The boat neck saree blouse with puff sleeves is pretty simple but the design and pattern makes it rich and royal looking to be paired with your expensive silk sarees.

26. Puff Sleeves With Boat Neck

puff sleeves with boat neck

Silk patterns are in that makes you feel fresh and look royal. People will definitely give you compliments on your styling. The design is simplistic with couple of pleats on the shoulders. Such designs are best to be paired with your expensive or even plain sarees.

27. Boat Neck Floral Blouse Pattern

boat neck floral blouse pattern

Floral prints look very refreshing for summers and make you feel alive. It can be paired with cotton sarees and imply sarees.

28. Boat Neck Blouse In Black Color

boat neck blouse in black colour

One of the best looking black blouses for your elegant sarees. The stone and zari work with gold beads neckline gives it a beautiful look. The peacock motif at the back is sure to catch everyone’s attention. It has half sleeves with the same type of detailing.

29. Mirror Work Blouse With Boat Neck

mirror work blouse with boat neck

Trust us, the mirror and boat neck design would surely make you look modern and stunning. You can pair it with any type of sarees or skirts that you have. The beauty lies in the back neck pattern which is a pot like shape with back open hooks. This stone and mirror work is used to embellish the sleeves and neckline.

30. Boat Neck Simple Blouse Design

boat neck simple blouse design

Simple and plain blouses will never go out of trend as there are occasions, where you would not like to dress up but would like to keep things simple. There are printed blouse pattern with boat neck shape to come to your rescue when you wish to dress up casually.

31. Green Color Boat Neck Blouse

green colour boat neck blouse

The green blouse with boat neckline reveals half of your shoulder for a model look. Such designs are best to be paired with not just Silk but even the Cotton silk, chiffon or net sarees. The sleeves are different than the regular sleeves that give it pineapple like appearance. The princess cut blouse has back open buttons. Truly a grand design!

32. Half Sleeve Boat Neck Blouse Design

half sleeve boat neck blouse design

Half sleeves boat neck type of louse can be paired with multiple types of bottom wear that you have. It has thread embroidery work on the upper part and neckline. With the back hooks, the blouse is easy to wear.

33. Boat Neck Blouse With Cold Shoulder

boat neck blouse with cold shoulder

Cold shoulders are in and even in the traditional blouses the design can be seen. The Silk fabric has a simple design with a around boat neck and cut out shoulder pattern.

34. Boat Neck Kalamkari Blouse

boat neck kalamkari blouse

Kalamkari style blouse can never look this beautiful. With potli buttons on the back it has back opening. The prints goes on the front and on the back side with printed contrasting color fabric makes it one of the most beautiful printed and Kalamkari blouse patterns that we have seen.

35. Fancy Boat Neck Embroidery Blouse Designs

fancy boat neck embroidery blouse designs

Fancy embroidered blouse as a zipper on the front. It can be worn as a blouse and as a crop top or as a jacket stop it is best to be paired with skirts and sarees.

36. Ikkat Boat Neck Blouse Design

ikkat boat neck blouse design

The simplest printed blouse with three fourth sleeves will give you simple, classy and elegant touch and is best to be paired with cotton sarees.

37. Black Velvet Boat Neck Blouse

black velvet boat neck blouse

Velvet is a luxurious fabric and when a blouse is given so much of zari and embroidery work on velvet black fabric it looks royal. It has a side zip with short sleeves. The blouse is given mirror work at the neck.

38. Royal Blue Boat Neck Blouse

royal blue boat neck blouse

Royal blue blouse looks good on all the skin colors. With elbow sleeves with borders this is a princess cutting simplistic blouse with a front Open style.

39. Boat Neck Blouse With Back Open Pattern

boat neck blouse with back open pattern

Blouse in net fabric has a back open style with strings and latkans. It has short sleeves and therefore, is suitable for most of your sarees.

40. Printed Boat Neck Blouse Design

printed boat neck blouse design

The printed boat neck princess cut blouse pattern comes with short sleeves. The print is very Royal looking therefore if you like to pair it with your cotton sarees you would look superbly elegant.

41. Boat Neck Wedding Blouse

boat neck wedding blouse

Boat neck is also seen in the wedding attires. This blouses extremely stylish looking. Adorned with floral embroidery and zari and stone work, it is suitable for reception and other bridal ceremonies.

42. Maroon Boat Neck Blouse Pattern

maroon boat neck blouse pattern

The maroon blouse is very simple that comes with a high boat neck that does not reveal your shoulders or anything. It has short cap sleeves and its plain in the design.

43. Boat Neck Blouse With Elbow Sleeve

boat neck blouse with elbow sleeve

With elbow sleeves this boat neck design uses art silk and sheer net fabric. It is best for party wear and festivals. You don’t even need chunky necklaces along with this design.

The boat neck blouses are in and you would surely look elegant and your best. With cut works, stone work, Zari work and the heavy maggam work, you can have boat neck design of blouses in any pattern and work that you feel like. It will surely give you majestic look by wearing an boat neck blouse with sarees or lehengas or skirts.

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