Best 14 Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Designs To Get Now (2023)

diamond mangalsutra designs

Use of diamonds is getting quite popular in mangalsutras as well. Mangalsutra is an essential piece of jewelry for Hindu married women as it shows the prosperity and longetivity of your husband and during the wedding this is one of the most important piece of jewelry that Indian Hindu women wear. So here in this post, we will be sharing the latest designs of diamond mangalsutras. You can also take one of these designs and get a custom made design for yourself. A lot of celebrities are also flaunting the mangalsutras with diamonds on them. The list includes the designs that are short and even the long diamond mangalsutra.

Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Designs Trending in 2023

1. Centre diamond mangalsutra

Latest Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

This design of mangalsutra has got simple chain and the centerpiece is made from the diamonds and gold. In centre, there are multiple diamonds used in circular shape and the centerpiece has a diamond and a solitaire below that. On both sides small diamonds make circles and beautifies the space.

2. Double chain diamond mangalsutra

diamond mangalsutra designs 2

The beauty of this mangalsutra is the double thin delicate chain that goes on both the sides. It has got floral and geometric shapes in it with a large circle at the centre. It is a beautiful design of long diamond mangalsutra that women of all age groups can wear. You can also replicate the same design without the centre floral circular Diamond piece.

3. Dangling ball diamond mangalsutra

diamond mangalsutra designs 3

This is a short diamond mangalsutra design with thin chain on the both sides. There gold and diamond part is in the between with a diamond ball shaped dangling in the centre. You can see diamond Solitaires being used on sides and one at the centre. This can be worn by women of all age groups.

4. Stacked diamonds 

diamond mangalsutra designs 4

This Diamond mangalsutra design is started using the same shape and size diamonds. The thin chain adds to its beauty and makes it more delicate. The short mangalsutra is for everyday wear like you can go to office, work and for daily use.

5. Looped shape of diamond mangalsutra

diamond mangalsutra designs 5

Another good example of dainty and delicate chain in your mangalsutra is this one. The loop design has medium shaped diamonds set in a curve. The small diamonds are studded to create the further design. This simple design is also good for everyday use. You can also wear a gold chain along with this mangalsutra.

6. Gold and diamond design

diamond mangalsutra designs 6

This design looks elegant and luxurious. It has gold and diamond put together in a beautiful carved out shape. The gold work is quite prominent and adds to its beauty. The tear drop shape also adds charm and makes it more beautiful. This design is a must have for women who loves attractive looking mangalsutra designs.

7. Gold And Diamond Mangalsutra Design

diamond mangalsutra designs 7

This mangalsutra design is rich in circular shaped diamond cutting and gold in between. This looks extremely beautiful and has that modern and contemporary vibes to this. So, while you are wearing mangalsutra like this, you are bound to make heads turn because of its unique and beautiful design.

8. Floral Diamond Mangalsutra Design

diamond mangalsutra designs 8

That is quite intriguing and beautiful to look at. There is a beautiful circular loop along with the diamond tab in a floral pattern it contain thin chain.  The chain is interchangeable so this can also wear it for office,  work and every day.

9. Trendy Diamond Design

diamond mangalsutra designs 9

This design is extremely charming with a thin black beaded gold chain. This has a typical design that is beautiful and looks like the motifs that we find in the mehendi designs. The delicate mangalsutra is rich in diamonds of round shape chart in different shapes. 

10. Over Loops Mangalsutra Design

diamond mangalsutra designs 10

This design is quite I catching that comes with this interlocking oval loops studded with small diamonds. The centre loop has little gold at the edge. Designs like these are very modern and contemporary. You can wear this design for everyday and even for office without looking to over the top.

11. Small Diamond Pendant Mangalsutra

diamond mangalsutra designs 11

This design is extremely charming with its small design and the gold and diamonds in this. It is yet another option for young married women who would like to wear their mangalsutra every day even with their western dresses. The reason this design is very beautiful is that the pendant is small and is studded diamonds.

12. Semi Circle Diamond Pendant

diamond mangalsutra designs 12

Don’t you think this design is extremely unique? The semi-circular loop is filled with diamonds of different sizes. The small leaves are carved on the outer edge of the loop with a floral design on one side. It is very beautiful and different. Modern women who would like to experiment with different designs must try a design like this.

13. Solitaire diamond mangalsutra

diamond mangalsutra designs 13

This design is for women who would like to wear mangalsutra everyday and no matter which dress they wear they do not have to take it off. The reason is that this contains only two solitaires, the upper bigger diamond carries small dangling diamond at the bottom. It gives it a unique and yet simple feel. Women loving simple designs can opt for this one.

14. Fruit floral leaf design mangalsutra

diamond mangalsutra designs 14

This design is very dainty delicate and clear-cut. There is a loop that stacked with row of diamonds and little bit gold peaking through. There is a teardrop shaped piece of gold dangling at the bottom that is studded with small diamonds.

So these are the latest diamond mangalsutra designs available in India. There would be so many different designs as well that you can try an experiment with. These were the designs that we compiled based on the uniqueness and beauty. So next time you are about to buy a new mangalsutra for you, don’t forget to take one of these designs to get the best for you.

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