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10 Latest High Waisted Jeans for Women

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High waisted jeans are in trend currently. The good thing about high waisted jeans is that they make you look taller then you are. These jeans are smart looking and are extremely fashionable. So if you are interested in the latest designs looking for then you can surely go through the images compiled by us. There are several big brands likely, Levis, Wrangler jeans etc that makes such high waist jeans. They also make you look thinner at the waist. You can wear high waisted jeans with crop tops, cardigans, hi-neck sweaters etc. You can also pair your skinny high waisted jeans with boots or lace up shoes and this can also be teamed up with the Blazers and formal footwears.

Images of Latest High Waisted Jeans for Women

1. Rugged High Waisted Jeans

high waisted jeans 1

The jeans has distressed patches on the thighs and knee. On the bottom they have got a zipper close up. the fitted jeans are high waisted and gives an Illusion of smaller waist.

2. Skinny High Waisted Jeans

high waisted jeans 2

These skinny fit jeans can be worn for casual and formal occasions. This can be teamed up with stilettos and a plain T shirt. These can also be worn along with the kurta and the tunic.

3. High Waisted Jeans with diagonal pockets

high waisted jeans 3

This jeans has three buttons on the waist and two diagonal pockets. This beautiful pair of can be paired with boots. And in fact they will look absolutely stunning when paired with high heeled boots or stilettos.

4. Buttoned High Waisted Jeans

high waisted jeans 4

The straight fit jeans have a very high waist with buttons on the top. It has more beauty to this fashionable pair of jeans. These can be paired with sneakers, stilettos, pumps and also with the boots. Such jeans are good for college, office and also during the winter season.

5. Torn High Waist Jeans

high waisted jeans 5

The rug torn jeans from the knees is perfect candidate while you are hanging out with your friends. They look extremely fashionable and fancy. The high is it near the waist make sure waist look smaller and legs longer. Such designs can be paired with boots and pumps.

6. Blue Jeans

high waisted jeans 6

The blue skinny fit high waisted jeans has a double design if you will look the lower design, it has a single button and above that there is a different design that gives it an Illusion of wearing two bottoms. There the double loops looks extra fashionable. These are not ankle jeans but have gatherings at the bottom.

7. White High Rise Jeans

high waisted jeans 7

The white high waisted jeans are beautiful and can be paired with a simple white or black t-shirt. Girls who do not want to show too much of skin can wear these with their favorite crop top so that most of the midriff part would be covered. You can also pair jeans like these with your red, black or blue colored kurta.

8. Boot cut Jeans

high waisted jeans 8

This reminds us of the 80s and 70s. The boot cut jeans are extremely simple and plain as there are no pockets, no zipper nothing yet the jeans looks pretty. If you want minimalistic designs then these are for you.

9. Super Skinny Jeans

high waisted jeans 9

The super skinny fit grey colored high rise jeans are suitable for girls with toned and skinny legs. These can be paired with pumps, high heels and boots. You can team up a basic black full sleeves, cardigan or T-shirt with that.

10. Cropped Jeans

high waisted jeans 10

The Capri jeans are extremely beautiful and stunning. There this basic jeans design and on the waist part, there are pockets but design that looks like as if you are wearing a corset. These would make your waist look thinner and give your legs hips and waist shape. Which color of jeans use your favorite?

This was the latest high waisted jeans designs that are currently in trend which is the one that you like? Do you like high waisted jeans? Which color of jeans is your favorite?

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