Best 9 Latest Maharashtrian Mangalsutra Designs (2021)

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs

Mangalsutra is a very important piece of jewelry that is wanted in the wedding. It indicates about the marital status of Hindu women. More than any other piece of jewelry this piece is extremely important for the newlywed. Maharashtrian Mangalsutra are simple and elegant in their designs. Mangalsutras are available in so many various designs to choose from. Here you will see the image compilation of the latest Maharashtrian Mangalsutra designs in long shot and every day we are.

Traditional and latest Maharashtrian Mangalsutra designs for women (2021)

So here are the best Maharashtrian Mangalsutra designs for women that you can pick one for yourself.

1. Traditional Mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 1

For all those women who would like to keep it simple when it comes to mangalsutra, this design is one of the best. There are gold beads of two different sizes on either side attached to a delicate thin black beaded gold chain in the centre there is a big flat and gold bead. It is extremely simple yet is perfect for those brides who would like to wear simple things.

2. Charming Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 2

Design is enticing with black beaded gold chain on either sides and in between there are 4 gold beads that carries to Shield shaped motives. One is read and the other has been given green colour. It looks very beautiful and the Red and Green add some colour to the otherwise plain piece of jewelry. It is 30 and yet is perfect for daily wear.

3. Beaded Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 3

Paired with thin change that carries the traditional black beads dependent is extremely exquisit. The pendant contains 4 beads that contain two semicircular designs. These are intricately card and black color has been added to it looks extremely charming and is perfect for brides of all age group

4. Diamond and gold Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 4

The double mind Mangalsutra design is suitable for women who would like to go expensive with their Mangalsutra. It’s a very Floral, simplistic and yet a stunning design that has Diamond studded all over in the floral shape. The basis of Gold and Diamonds Are start over that. To think change of gold that carries black beads are joint on each side. This design can be made in short and long Mangalsutra design both.

5. Simple gold and diamond Maharashtrian Mangalsutra design

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 5

The pendant bears two circular floral designs that have Diamond studded between them. It is very unique and is quiet on the affordable side as the diamond work is not too much. So if you would like to have a diamond and gold Mangalsutra then this design can definitely be chosen.

6. Modern Leaf shaped Mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 6

This design has the traditional for a solid gold beads that has to leave shaped order dropped shape design between them the designs are carved out and between them there are diamonds. This design is very stylish and good for everyday use for the modern Indian brides. It is not so heavy yet the design is quite on the affordable side keeping in mind the gold and the diamonds used.

7. Solid gold Maharashtrian Mangalsutra design

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 7

The design as you can see has the pendant that contains only the basic design that is made in Gold only the black color has been used along with a Centipede. This design is for those who want only gold Mangalsutra design for themselves. It is simple, charming and women can use it every day. You can also add some Emerald in intestine to make it more appealing.

8. Extravagant gold Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 8

The design as you can see is of long Mangalsutra design with thick white jeans that are made up of the three black beaded chain with two gold chains in between. At regular interval there are gold gold piece of design that has been used to keep the change in place and together. The centre pendant is simple yet goes perfectly with the luxurious Chains of this Mangalsutra. This is also a solid gold mangalsutra if you do not want any diamonds in IT. If you like the almonds then on the centre of each semicircle in the pendant you can add a diamond.

9.Simple diamond and gold Maharashtrian mangalsutra

maharashtrian mangalsutra designs 9

Ladies who like classy looking mangalsutra should definitely try this one. This design has the use of both solid Gold and Diamonds. Do you can also use the stones instead of the diamonds if you would like to keep the jewellery in budget.The two strings with black beads runs across on either side the design is very pretty and most of the women will definitely like it.

Traditional Maharashtrian style mangalsutra for women this long mangalsutra has a very unique design it reminds us of the Golden architectural designs. There are two diamonds on each of the centre pendant that adds more appeal to this piece this can also be replicated without the diamonds.

Earlier only a basic black thread used to be tied on the bride with a single bid as a symbol of mangalsutra. But now as the time has changed the designs, styles and the Trends have changed and evolved. So you can choose the best designs that you have seen above as per your liking. The designs can be replicated for both short and long mangalsutra.

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