Top 25 Latest Gold Mangalsutra Earring Set Designs (2022)

Mangalsutra is an integral part of any Hindu wedding and women cherish, and love to wear them. In this article, we’ve compiled the image post about the mangalsutra and earring designs. First of these are actually mangalsutra earrings set that can be worn for special occasion or for daily wear. Not used as a piece of jewellery, but mangalsutra has its own importance. So, let’s take a look.

Latest Mangalsutra Earring Set Designs

1. Diamond Studded Mangalsutra pattern with earrings

Diamond Studded Mangalsutra pattern with earrings

The matching pair of earrings makes this mangalsutra pattern really enticing. The minimalistic design looks really beautiful and is a perfect piece that can be worn for everyday and even for festivals. Even for office a design like this can be worn. With small clusters of Diamonds embedded all over this is a sheer beauty to try.

2.  Antique Gold Mangalsutra pattern

Antique Gold Mangalsutra pattern

Antique gold style mangalsutra has circular mix of stones in the entire design and the matching earrings are given along with this antique mangalsutra pattern. It has stylish pattern and would be loved by women who like Antique jewellery. There is no other element or stones, but entirely a pure gold mangalsutra design that brings loads of compliments when you wear it.

3. Kundan Earring Set For Mangalsutra Pattern

Kundan Earring Set For Mangalsutra Pattern

Beautiful and interesting work of Kundan is seen in this Mangalsutra with unusual pattern. The dainty Kundan stone embedded with gold and pearl looks super stunning. It is an uncommon mangalsutra pattern, which would give you lots of compliments when you wear it. And fact, it can be used for daily use as well.

4. Pearl Mangalsutra Pattern With Matching Earrings

Pearl Mangalsutra Pattern With Matching Earrings

This design here is different from the rest of the designs that we commonly see, when it comes to mangalsutra patterns. It has tear drop shape in gold patterns. Circular pattern that carries a pearl while the teardrop shapes carries Kundan stone. It is yet another beautiful kundan and pearl pattern together to form an exquisite and beautiful looking mangalsutra design. It is also a single line mangalsutra that does not have a very thick chain but delicate and short mangalsutra pattern.

5. Diamond Mangalsutra With Earrings Set

Diamond Mangalsutra with earrings Set

When diamond is your love, this short diamond mangalsutra pattern with matching earrings would be best for you. It can be worn for special occasions or for daily use if you like. The beauty of this design is the floral shapes that carry the diamonds in different shapes.

6. Semicircular Designs of Mangalsutra pattern

Semicircular Designs of Mangalsutra pattern

The next beautiful design is a semicircular pattern carrying the spiral Ruby stone design. Similar matching earrings are given and the pendant is really amazingly different. This uncommon design is perfect for women who like to have the different designs. In fact, it can be made in just 10 grams of gold with a dainty side chain.

7. Double side chain of Mangalsutra and earrings

Double side chain of Mangalsutra and earrings

If you like the combination of gold only mangalsutra pattern with some beads here and there, then this pattern is one of the best to try. Paired with double black beaded side chain the pendant style is made with floral pattern in just gold metal. The primary pendant is beautiful with the gold covering and designs. This mangalsutra design is interesting with the matching floral earrings with Pearl beads. The distinctive mangalsutra pattern would surely fetch compliments.

8. Chandbali Style Of Mangalsutra Pattern With Earrings

Chandbali style of Mangalsutra pattern with earrings

If you are someone, who like the entire theme of chandbali pattern, this chandbali inspired mangalsutra pattern and earrings would be surely best to have. With chandbali pendant in this Mangalsutra, it has Kundan and pearl work. It is a very different kind of design that is perfect for weddings and grand occasions.

9. Dainty Mangalsutra pattern and Earrings

Dainty Mangalsutra pattern and Earrings

The floral design carries Gold and Diamonds. The double black beaded chain also contains gold beads in between. This actually gives the strength and sturdiness to the chain. This design is in fact, one of the best diamond mangalsutra designs with matching earrings.

10. Sheer Elegance Mangalsutra Design

Sheer Elegance Mangalsutra Design

Made with elegance, this gold and diamond with some pearls is a strikingly beautiful pattern. It features the delicate double beaded side chain and the centre pendant has half part embroidered with only diamonds while the rest of the half part in a branch shape is made with gold with few diamonds here and there. A similar design is seen for the earrings.

11. Pink Stones Mangalsutra pattern

Pink Stones Mangalsutra pattern

If you like geometrical patterns, then this is what you should have. It’s bundled with a beautiful geometrical pattern in gold with Ruby Stones in the centre. This is a very striking mangalsutra pattern for the new age brides. The beauty is the centre pendant and the big multidimensional geometrical pendant. It is adorned with Ruby stones that add more charm to this double Chain mangalsutra design.

12. Diamonds and Ruby Stone Mangalsutra Design with earrings

Diamonds and Ruby Stone Mangalsutra Design with earrings

If diamonds and Ruby stones attract you, then just take a look at this beautiful design. Carved with Diamonds and Ruby Stones in teardrop shape, this multidimensional mangalsutra pattern is distinctive with alluring pink stones. It is not a usual diamond pendant mangalsutra design, but has the pink stones that beautifies it. This design also comes with matching different type of earrings and is good mangalsutra design for daily wear.

13. Circular Shaped Mangalsutra Design

Circular shaped Mangalsutra design

Soft pink stone in such designs of Mangalsutra are not very common. Use of pink stones takes this design to a different level. Here, the centre pendant bears circular shape that carries 2 bigger circular pattern in the second row. Each one has Ruby pink stones that make it striking and eye catching. The work is really beautiful and the earrings are also perfect for daily wear.

14. Heart Shaped Mangalsutra Design With Earrings

Heart shaped Mangalsutra design with earrings

If you are heart goes out to the dainty and sweet heart shaped mangalsutra patterns and pendants, then surely this is worth trying. The dainty heart in the centre part looks so beautiful and cute that many women especially, new bride would love to wear it on daily basis. This heart shaped mangalsutra design comes with the match in heart shaped earrings.

15. Daily Wear Mangalsutra Design Without Pendent

Daily Wear Mangalsutra Design Without Pendent

Who says a mangalsutra has to have a pendant in the centre. This is without a pendant mangalsutra design. It has only diamond studs are used in between the black beaded chain. The same time, White gold beads are seen in the earrings. In fact, this style is very easy to carry because it does not have any chunky pendant or anything like that.

16. Simple Only Gold Mangalsutra pattern

Simple Only Gold Mangalsutra pattern

The next design comes with a double sided black beaded chain with matching earrings and the pendent is in pure gold design.

17. Striking Mangalsutra Design For New Age Women

Striking Mangalsutra design for New age women

The gold work in this beautiful mangalsutra pattern over the side chains is striking. It is surely bundled with elegance and is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s not minimal, but has that eye catching and look at me kind of aura. It features single chain on the sides. But the gold leaf like shapes on the sides takes away all the attention. The matching earrings are also given along with this mangalsutra pattern and it is a beautiful design for festive wear mangalsutra patterns.

18. Office Wear Mangalsutra Pattern

Office wear Mangalsutra pattern

Featuring the side chain with black beads, this is a dainty design that can be worn for everyday use. It has diamonds pearls and gold. It is a beautiful minimalistic design for bride’s who does not wish to wear heavy Mangalsutra or for their office.

19. Necklace Style Mangalsutra Design

Necklace style mangalsutra design

This mangalsutra pattern resembles a small necklace. This necklace style mangalsutra has a pendant and the black beads are added on the sides. This is a very different thing that we have seen and can be used as a necklace and as a mangalsutra for festivals and weddings, because the design is such that you will not be able to wear it on daily basis.

20. Peacock enamelled Mangalsutra pattern with earrings

Peacock enamelled Mangalsutra pattern with earrings

Peacock designs are very popular and have been here since ages. The short dainty mangalsutra pattern bears peacock shape. With the blue and green enamelling, matching earrings makes this design complete and you would surely win lots of compliments when you wear a style of mangalsutra pattern like this.

You can surely take a lot of inspirations from these designs here which are quite trendy and modern.

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