30 Latest Short Gold Mangalsutra Designs To Try in (2024)

Short mangalsutra patterns are always in trend because they are easy to wear and can also be used for daily wear. For working women or professionals short mangalsutra patterns are perfect. In fact a lot of housewives will use them because they are easy to wear and even during the summer and hot weather they are not difficult to wear around your neck.

Latest Short Mangalsutra Designs (2024)

1. New Short Mangalsutra Design in Gold

New Short Mangalsutra Design In Gold

This short and light weight mangalsutra design has beautiful side chains with two dainty pendants that hang in the centre. It is one of the best everyday use pendant designs that you can go for. This pattern that can be made in 10 grams of gold.

2. Traditional short mangalsutra design

Traditional short mangalsutra design

The traditional short mangalsutra pattern has centre pendant which is very pretty and made with enamelling work. The side chain has gold beads mostly with less black beads. This is more like a chain style of mangalsutra.

3. Double Chain Style Short Mangalsutra

Double Chain Style short mangalsutra

The double chain pattern of the side chain looks amazingly beautiful and is suitable for daily wear. Even if you are a new bride, who want something lightweight and simple can try this pattern. The pendant is oval in shape with little trinkets containing the black beads.

4. Short Mangalsutra Coin Pendent Design

short mangalsutra Coin Pendent design

The coin style jewellery is very much popular down south and even in the rest of the India the jewellery style is gaining popularity. This dainty mangalsutra is stylish and pretty. Made with two coins in the centre pendant area, this looks really classy.

5. Beautiful Short Ganthan Design

Beautiful short ganthan design

This mangalsutra has 2 chains joined together to hold the centre piece. The centre contains 6 beads.  It is extremely beautiful and royal looking design that is heavy yet is easy to wear for daily basis.

6. Stylish Short Nallapusalu Latest Design

Stylish short nallapusalu latest design

You must have not seen such a delicate and beautifully made mangalsutra. It’s some mangalsutra but it looks like a necklace or chain and pendant design. Beautiful shapes have been used for the pendant and for the chain.

7. Fancy Short Mangalsutra Design

fancy short mangalsutra design

The short mangalsutra pattern has three chains on the sides that bears gold chain, beads and black beads. The centre path contains 5 gold beads aligned to form a pendant. It is a beautiful design that can be worn for everyday wear and even for the festivals.

8. Diamond And Gold Short Mangalsutra Design

Diamond and gold short mangalsutra design

For women who like diamonds to go with their mangalsutra designs shall try this one. This beautiful and delicate mangalsutra has diamonds that carries a beautiful centre piece in the middle. It is made with small diamonds and can also be made with the American diamonds and gold.

9. Daily Use Mangalsutra pattern

Daily Use Mangalsutra pattern

Ladies who lives extremely thin and delicate mangalsutra design shall go for this one. The short mangalsutra design has a dainty centre piece that carries gold and diamond pendant. The side chains are pretty simple and delicate. It is suitable for daily use for working women.

10. Short Nallapusalu Gold Chain Design

Short Nallapusalu Gold Chain Design

For recently heavy and short mangalsutra pattern, then go for this one. This pattern includes the gold and white gold with black beads. It is short in design but heavy in the gold used. This mangalsutra design can be made in the 20 to 25 grams of gold.

11. Latest Leaf like Mangalsutra Design

Latest Leaf like Mangalsutra Design

The leaf style mangalsutra pattern is beautiful and looks more like a chain and pendant style. It comes with the matching earrings and is suitable for parties and festive wear.

12. Delicate Mangalsutra style with short Chain

Delicate Mangalsutra style with short Chain

Looking for short and luxurious mangalsutra patterns should g for this. It would surely catch the attention. It is not delicate yet it’s short and suitable for daily wear.

13. Light Weight Mangalsutra For Professional Women

Light Weight Mangalsutra For Professional Women

It’s an extremely delicate mangalsutra that is suitable for women, who would like to wear something that feels like nothing. It is so delicate that it needs to be taken care of.

14. Simple Mangalsutra With Short Chain Pattern

Simple Mangalsutra with short chain pattern

The light weight and very simple design loving ladies shall go for this one. It is a simple design made with different shapes of gold beads used in the chain itself and in the centre piece. It can be made in 7 to 8 grams of gold.

15. Short Karimani Design Of Daily Wear

short karimani design of Daily wear

If you’re looking for a gold short mangalsutra in innovative and attractive looking design, then this design is for you. It has a rectangular Centre pendant piece that is the main highlight. The black beads are used on the sides at a certain gap. It is by far, one of the most beautiful gold short mangalsutra pattern.

16. Black Beads Short Chain Design Mangalsutra

black beads short chain design mangalsutra

If you wish to go for a short mangalsutra with a bit of thickness so that, it doesn’t break easily than this is the design for you. It has interwoven and tightly packed gold and black beads that carry the centre pendant which is made with gold beads and a centre ruby pink stone.

17. Black Stoned Design Of Short Mangalsutra

Black stoned design of short managalsutra

If you are quite bored of the regular black beads, you can also get help from the black stones. Here in this mangalsutra which looks more like a chain black beads, are not used but black stones are used all over.

18. Triple Layered Gold Short Mangalsutra Design

Triple Layered gold short mangalsutra design

If you want your mangalsutra to be eye-catching then go for this design. In this design there are black beads on the sides while the centre part has three layers. These triple layered mangalsutra patterns are extremely in trend currently and it carries different gold beads as well.

19. Circular pendent style mangalsutra for festivals

Circular pendent style mangalsutra for festivals

The circular antique finish pendant of this mangalsutra pattern is beautiful and luxurious appearance. It can be worn for festivals and wedding look.

20. Latest Artificial Short Mangalsutra Designs

latest artificial short mangalsutra designs

The design here is really amazing and there are 6 balls used in the centre part to make this mangalsutra beautiful, innovative and extremely modern. Black beads are used on the sides and in the pendent. It’s pretty that you would simply love to wear it for daily use.

21. Royal stylish mangalsutra pattern

Royal stylish mangalsutra pattern

This is extremely royal and necklace like mangalsutra pattern which is a beauty to look at. People would surely compliment you for your choice as this is an edgy design.

22. Every day wear mangalsutra for women

Every day wear mangalsutra for women

The mangalsutra pattern has double layers in the centre area. The side chains are also beautiful yet simple. It is yet another short mangalsutra design suitable for everyday wear.

23. Simple chain design mangalsutra

Simple chain design mangalsutra

Women who like extremely simple design with shall go for this design. It contains Bole beats along with the pearl beads in the centre. The side chain is made with gold and black beads.

24. Intricate and stylish mangalsutra pattern

Intricate and stylish mangalsutra pattern

To take your style to another level, try a short mangalsutra pattern with extremely intricately and Stylishly made design like this. This is a nice so beautiful that it would surely look great around your neck.

25. Diamond and ruby stone mangalsutra

Diamond and ruby stone mangalsutra

The part of this mangalsutra pattern is made with ruby and diamond stone work. The pendent has Ruby stones along with the regular diamonds. The four Ruby stones are made in heart shape.

26. Big Sized Black Beads Mangalsutra Pattern

Big sized black beads mangalsutra pattern

If you are someone who likes extremely simple design then this is what you can try. It can be replicated in only 10 grams of gold. Black beads are used in a bit bigger size than the normal black beads. The simple chain on the side is pretty and it gives more.

27. Simplistic Design Of Gold Mangalsutra

Simplistic Design Of Gold Mangalsutra

The black and gold beaded chain contains a bigger black bead in the centre. This is a traditional yet something modern short mangalsutra pattern that women can go for.

28. Gold Mangalsutra With Floral Pattern

Gold mangalsutra with floral pattern

The delicate floral like pattern is given on the centre which makes this extremely stylish looking pattern a beautiful look. Where it for daily use and you will not get irritated even during the summers when heavy jewellery can irritate the skin.

29. Gold Mangalsutra In Double layered pattern

Gold Mangalsutra In Double layered pattern

It’s a double layered mangalsutra that bears 2 heart shape pattern in the centre. It is yet another heart shape mangalsutra design that one can go for.

30. Heavy and Short Gold Mangalsutra

Heavy and short gold mangalsutra

The mangalsutra design here is short but has traditional look to it. It is a sturdy design that is suitable if you feel that dainty mangalsutras are not your choice.

Now that you have enough of the options for the short mangalsutra design in gold and short gold and diamond mangalsutra patterns, you can go for any of the designs that you feel like. Most of the designs are enough to be made in 10 to 15 grams of gold.

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