Meglow Fairness Cream for Men Review and Price

Meglow Fairness Cream for Men Review, Price and How to use

Some weeks ago, my brother saw this Meglow fairness cream for men and he said, he wants to try it. I said he should get it and use it so that I would also do a review which I hope people will find useful. Therefore, he bought this Meglow fairness cream for men around 3 weeks ago and I have used the Meglow fairness cream for women already, I thought it would be better to judge whether the company sells the same product with different packaging or if the men’s version of this Meglow fairness cream has difference. Read on to know more about this meglow cream or if it has some side effects. 

Meglow fairness cream for men uses and review with price



Meglow fairness cream for men is priced at 110 rupees for 50 g. A smaller tube is also available which is cheaper. You can try that if you don’t want to spend that much for the trial purpose.

Meglow fairness cream for men review, price

Claims :

Meglow fairness cream for men features the latest technology of skin brightening which is designed to target the skin darkening. This cream is super powered with the active botanicals and loaded with some skin beneficial vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Meglow brighten sand freshens the dull complexion and comes with SPF 15 for sun protection. It also has brightening essence. Boys, if you have oily skin and you wish to have fairness then read our post on fairness tips for oily skin men. That is a new site launched by us called MensBeautyHealth dedicated for men only. :)

Experience with Meglow Fairness Cream for Men

This cream comes in a blue carton with a blue shining tube that looks attractive and good. It is a cream in colored skin fairness creams designed for men in India. It also has a good mild fragrance but very different to that if the women’s meglow cream. It smells similar like the Boroplus cream.

The formula is a bit more moisturizing than the women’s cream. I tried to massage this on my arm and realize that it is hard to get absorbed or blend in. The cream was sticking to the skin and was not easy to work with. It doesn’t give a white cast but some white patches as the cream was still not blended well. So, if you have got this Meglow fairness cream for men or are thinking of trying it then you should be aware that it will take time to blend. This was what I felt about this fairness cream now; I will share what my brother says about this Meglow fairness cream as he was the one who used this cream.

Meglow fairness cream for men review

Fair and Lovely max fairness cream for men

He said that as this cream can leaves patches and needs more blending especially for men as the moustache or beard hair can make blending and massaging the cream harder, So he used to put tiny dots and then blended it. He says that this Meglow fairness cream makes the skin look slightly better and not oily but after few hours the oils starts to come. Which I think is normal as creams can hardly control the skin oils.

He has oily skin by the way. He has used this for 2 weeks and has not faced not skin allergies or breakout but he has also not seen any skin whitening. In other words, this cream is just a decent day time cream for the men. It makes the facial skin a little better. But nothing like skin whitening.

Meglow fairness cream for men review, price ingredinets

Meglow cream has SPF 15 so, it protects the skin against the harmful rays of sun. He liked the cream but this is nothing that he would like to repurchase it as blending part is tricky and when he is in hurry, you can guess how difficult it would be to blend. And no one would like to go out cream patches sticking on the face. 

Meglow fairness cream for women india review

Pros of Meglow fairness cream for men

  • Price is okay for this cream
  • Packaging is good and very user friendly and travel friendly
  • The cream has SPF 15
  • It has vitamins
  • It does not make the skin oily
  • Skin looks lightly better than it was.
  • It has not break him out
  • Do not have any side effects

Cons of Meglow fairness cream for men

  • Not very helpful for the very dry skinned men
  • It is very tricky to blend and massage into the skin
  • No fairness or skin whitening was seen

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Take: Meglow fairness cream for men is an average cream as it doesn’t do skin whitening or give fairness and very difficult to blend. So, you will have to give it time to let it massaged well on the skin. It has SPF 15 and skin brightening (slightly), which is good but on the actual important features this Meglow fairness cream fails to perform well. I think men can try Nivea moisturizers or Garnier men fairness moisturiser than this.

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  1. But I’hv used this cream,and it’s so amazingly worked on my skin….I am fully satisfied with it’s result….it looks fair…..i think your skin type does’nt suit this cream…..therefore may be not helpfull for you……
    But This cream is So POWERFULL and EFFECTIVE……!!

  2. Hi mam, i am akash, i want to use this cream. Please advice me, how to use this

  3. Hi Akash,

    You can use it like a regular skin cream in the day time after you have bathed or washed the face.

  4. Me is cream ko kaise use karu.
    Aur benfit hoga na.
    Kitne dino me dikhne lagega.

  5. Hi my face and neck is black and my body is fair so which cream will suit me before that I have use no scar cream which is very bad when I use this cream my face is matching with the body but when I stopped this cream my face gone black so pls suggested me which cream will suit and got permanent glowing skin

  6. Hi mam.which cream s better safer and effective fr men skin..meglow r UB cream.

  7. Apply in the morning and evening after the face wash.

  8. Hi madam meri body ka rang fair h but hand aur neck face ka color ecual nhi h aur meri skin senstive h kuch bhi use krti hu rad reshish ho jate h ya allargy ho jati h plz mujhe solution btaye two month bad meri shadi h me apni skin glowing bright chahti hu.

  9. Meglow is better. You can use that. UB fair is not safe to be used.

  10. Hi Narinder,

    For that, you can use tomato juice on the dark skin and wash after 30 minutes. This will work. If possible add some yoghurt in the tomato juice.

  11. You can scrub the face 2 times in a day and use besan and honey paste. Wash after 30 minutes. Try this 3 times in a week like every other day for best results.

  12. Hi..i am chaithanya…can u suggest me the best fairness cream for oily skin…

  13. Ye cream sahi nhi h an Jo a rahi h
    Pahle jo cream ati thi sahi this 3 step pormul awhiteing cream ye shi thi jab dimand ho jati h kisi chiz ki to o for kharab banned lagti h

  14. Hi chaithanya,

    You can try garnier for men fairness moisturiser. My brother has oily skin and he liked it.

  15. Hi. I want to know that my skin have some dark spot. I want to glow and fair my skin. Is meglow work on my skin. Is that cream is good?

  16. hi Niesha,
    went trough your comments in both UB fair and meglow. i’m confused which to use. till now i haven’t applied any creams. my face in nor that drak, but i have some dark spots, so is that better to use UB fair or MEGLOW. plz suggest me the online link from where can i get this.

  17. M suman
    Pls Meri face thik hai par kuchh pimple najar aa raha hai maine meglow cream kharid lia hai or sath me pimple ke lie Neem ka facewash bhi lie hai
    Pls ye bataie ki iske use karne se kya ye pimple hat jaaega or chehre pe brightness aaega or
    Isko lagaen kaise pls ????

  18. Yes, you can try this cream.

  19. Hi Nagesh,

    I will not recommend UB fair cream s that has been discontinued I think due to some of the ingredients in that cream though you can try Meglow. Meglow is there on

  20. Hi Suman,

    I yes, you can try those. It depends from person to person as to how long the cream will bring the brightness. You can apply this 2 times in a day like once in the morning and then in the evening.

  21. Hai mam, mera skin colour sawla he.gora honeka any suggestion for my skin…

  22. i am parve hamne is meglow cream ke baare me bhout paper me pada hamne socha ki ham bhi use kar ke dikhe par ye to kamaal ki hai bhai

  23. Hi neesha

    I m long time us to be meglow crem bt my ckin is oily & dark crcl & pompls .
    Last week my frnd suggest to USE UB FAIR so plz suggest mi how cn use to wich crem & good resut for this .


  24. Mam mere skin fair to hai dry or acne bhi to me konse cream use karu

  25. Mam!! Mere skin fair hai bt dry or acne bhi to me konsa fairness cram use karu ?

  26. Mam!! Mere skin fair hai bt dry or acne bhi to me konsa fairness cram use karu ?

  27. 1. Hello mam my frontle(mathe ki skin) skin have bllack dark spot. What can i do for it.
    2. And using before meglow; which type of face wash better to me(which type of face wash can i used.

  28. 2 saal se meglow use kr raha hu but abhi jo pack kharida h ishme mujhe doubt h kuki pehle jaisaa kuch v nahi h mkt ishke v duplicate aane lage h ab mera meglow se bharosaa uth saa raha h plz cheak my cream if possible contact me 9136590021 special request to meglow team

  29. Hlw mam I want to use this cream also plzz tell me how to use this……is this a night cream or other normal cream…

  30. I m very unhappy for new versin.

  31. Hello mam, Is it help to remove dark spots

  32. hii Mam,
    i am Sachin Mitawa
    i have oily skin and when i used any face wash that show his side effect..and many mole on my face so please tell mr how to remove that…

  33. Is it helpful to remove dark spots from our skin.

  34. In new pack , there is mention that it is parabens free .
    I think it’s more effective when we use it’s face wash too, along with cream . I experienced 4 years ago it completely able to remove all impurities . If you r looking for a normal and free of side effects cream , go with it.