Try These Moong Dal Face Pack for Sun Tan, Fairness and Marks Removal

moong dal face packs

Homemade Moong dal face packs

Moong dal (lentils) is high on proteins which are good for skin. Yellow moong dal is a healthy food but this can also be used to prepare face packs and masks to treat various concerns for the skin like the dark spots on the face. It also cures the skin pigmentation, sun tanning and also makes skin complexion fair. Moong dal packs also helps to make the facial hair finer which eventually become invisible and skin looks smoother and even toned. Here we will share face packs recipes using moong dal at home.

1. Moong dal facial pack for skin fairness

Take 1 teaspoonful of Moong dal powder and add equal quantity of the fresh honey in it. Mix both the products well. Apply on the face evenly and let it dry. After 15-20 minutes wash this dal pack off the face. This will help to make the skin brighter and fair without any side effects. Moong dal powder will be slightly granular so it will also give gentle scrubbing to remove the dead skin.

2. Moong Dal for dark spots

Mix 1 teaspoonful of moong dal powder in a bowl and add some tomato juice in it. Mix both the ingredients thoroughly to give it even paste like texture. Now, apply this Moong dal face pack o the face and let it dry. Rinse the face with regular water. No too cold or warm. This will eliminate the dark spots for a clear spot free skin.

3. Moong Dal For Tan RemovalĀ 

Sun tanning is very commonly seen in summers when we go out the face and body gets tanned and becomes dark. Men/boys too face this problem. Therefore, to remove the sun tan or to lighten tan effectively this Moong dal face pack is the best way to do so. Take some moong dal powder and yogurt in a small bowl and mix them. Keep the quantities in such a way that you get a thick paste. Apply this tan removing dal pack on the face or the body if you wish. Keep this for half an hour and rinse with normal water. This is better to be tried in the evening before the shower. [Masoor dal packs ]

4. Moong Dal Remedy For Unwanted Facial Hair Removal

Unwanted facial hair is a concern as they make the skin look patchy and dark. So, to minimize them and to reduce their thickness this moong dal face pack will work in your favor. Take some moong dal powder. This time keep the powder a little bit granular. You can take one teaspoonful if it is only to be used for the body. In that add half teaspoonful of rice flour powder and half teaspoonful of besan. Make a paste of all of them with some milk. Apply on the face and let it dry. Then it is fully dried then scrub it off the face to remove this hair removing face pack and wash with tepid water. This should be tried at least 2 times in a week for good results.

How to prepare moon dal powder at home

If you wish to know how to make the moong dal powder, then take some moong dal the one that do not have the outer green skin. Put the dal in the grinder and churn it into a powder form. Store that powder in an air tight container and use when needed to prepare the moong dal face packs.

Hopefully after using these home remedies, you’ll be able to improve not just your skin color but will also lighten the tanning and the other skin issues. be careful to not use these remedies when you feel that the skin is getting red or irritated.

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  1. Hi,
    I have brownish complexion and my skin is very sensitive to Sun. I have oily skin that is acne prone. My skin is patchy, means it is darker on upper lips, forehead, chin, underarms, elbows and knees.
    I have been undergoing some Laser treatments for around 5 months and is also applying sunscreens and other prescribed lotions etc., but is not getting effective results.
    What should I do to get an even skin tone and my original complexion?

  2. Hi Ankita,
    I can understand patchiness is a common beauty concern. I too faced this. You can try an almond and milk face pack to get rid of the patchiness. Method is here:
    Secondly, you should apply sandalwood paste as it heals, cures and gives the skin its original color. Other than that it is good for oily acne prone skin for summers.
    One more thing, keep using the sunscreens, they will help prevent the sun damage and patchiness further.
    Hope that helps you!

  3. Thank you Niesha for replying back. I will go through the methods.

  4. Hi,
    I am Seema .my face is becoming to dull because of pimples and oily skin .and pimples mark r not going from my face.
    I tried ponds charcoal face wash And ponds cream too but my is too dull now.I am facing this problem from past 2 yrs

  5. You can use garnier cream it is good for dark spots
    Nd for pimples nd oily skin uh can go for multani mitti face pack in summers it is best