5 Best Face Scrub to Remove Sun Tan at Home for Beautiful skin

face scrubs to get rid of sun tan

Effective Face scrubs to Get Rid of the Sun tan

Sun tan can make your skin look darker and it seems you have been sun bathing or been to sun exposure a lot lately so, if you have been wondering how to remove sun tan from the face using some natural home remedies or some homemade stuff, then these natural homemade face scrubs to remove sun tan will do that for you. Face scrubs in general are really crucial to impart a healthy glowing skin by taking off the dead skin damaged skin layer which makes skin look dry, patchy. Face scrub also lightens the sun tan from the face and body and they also diminishes the marks and dark spots. This means that face scrubs are highly beneficial to include in your skin care regimen when used during summers. Here at Tips and Beauty, we will share some simple recipes of homemade face scrubs for sun tan removal off the face and body.

1. Lemon with sugar face scrub to  Lighten sun tan

This is one of the most favourite and efficient face scrub which removes the summer sun tan, makes skin fairer and a lot softer. It also reverses the sun damage due to the lemon juice which is fortified with Vitamin C.

How to apply lemon  and sugar for sun tan?

  • Take 2 teaspoonful of sugar and add lemon juice in it.
  • You face scrub for suntan is ready in minutes.
  • Use it on the face with gently movements to exfoliate. T
  • he same scrub can be used on the body, just increase the quantities and take it with you in the shower to get the tan off your body.

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2. Tomato and Sugar Face Scrub to remove sun tan

This face scrub can be your go to and simple remedy for sun tan removal from the face and body.

Method to use tomato scrub to lighten sun tanning on face

  • You will need to take tomato and some sugar.
  • Pour the fine sugar on the tomato and start exfoliating your face with this amazing natural scrub.
  • When the sugar crystals are huge then try to soak them in tomato juice before start to use it on the face as that can be pretty harsh for the delicate facial skin.

It will slough off dead skin to uncover glowing smoother skin. You will get fairer skin which is an added bonus of this face scrub.

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3. Honey and Rice powder face scrub

Rice powder and honey makes an inexpensive yet incredible face scrub which removes older dead tissues and skin feels smoother. This face scrub for sun tan removal is great since the rise powder also helps tighten and tone the sin whereas honey retains the moisture.

Method to make this scrub to get rid of tan on face 

  • Grind 2 teaspoonfuls of rice add one teaspoonful of honey.
  • Use this face scrub to exfoliate the face and body.
  • This face scrub is an ideal for even the sensitive skinned people as well.
  • Apply this at least once in a week or even twice in summers

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4. Baking Soda and Water face scrub

Another face scrub which is rather mild thereby can be used daily for the oily skin. It removes dead cells and gives a brighter looking skin. Oily acne prone skin needs daily exfoliation as that dead skin cells along with the sebum can be a breeding place for the bacteria to form a pimple. This scrub takes away the sun tan from face and makes skin color brighter. Take some water and some baking soda to make a paste. Use it to exfoliate.

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5. Honey and oatmeal face scrub to remove sun tan

Sensitive skin needs something extra milk that may not cause the rashes or irritate the skin. This honey and oatmeal face scrub to remove sun tan is exactly the same. It is brilliant for the sensitive skin. Add some honey with oatmeal and use it to get rid of sun tan off the face and body skin.

So, these were the face scrubs to remove sun tan. After using any scrub make sure that you use a light or the suitable moisturizer based on the skin type. After the scrubbing the new skin needs extra moisturization.

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  1. Can we use lemon and sugar scrub to remove sun tan
    Daily ???

  2. Yes, but be gentle while scrubbing.

  3. Iam37 yrs housewife my skin is dry skin now I have lines around eyes to become fair spotless skin wat to do