Natural Homemade Serum for Dry Skin

Natural Homemade Serum for Dry SkinNatural Homemade Serum for Dry Skin

Skin serums are lighter than the regular moisturizers and skin creams thus they deeply penetrate the skin to give the moisture and nourishment. Serums are good for dry skin as they will help to give extra moisturization. Serums can be used before applying a night cream or just for some light moisturization. Skin serums will enhance the skin tone and texture. Many of the serums come with anti aging benefits and increase the skin’s natural elasticity and collagen production for youthful skin.

Here is how you can make face serum at home for the dry skin.

Ingredients for homemade serum for dry skin:

Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E oil capsule

Avocado oil

Jojoba oil and avocado oils are essential oils thus are little pricey but the small amount of these oils will go a long way hence would be economical the other way. Vitamin E oil is easily available as capsules in the pharmacy shops.

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Cut open a Vitamin E capsule and takeout the oil in the palm. Then add 2 drops of avocado oil and 2 drops of jojoba oil. We are not making this in large quantities as mixing three oils when using this is very easy and secure rather than making this in large amount. Other than that the oils can also be used separately for other purposes. For eg: avocado oil in face masks for hydration, jojoba oil in hair care etc.

Apply this serum on the face and gently massage the face in the upward circular motion. Give gentle pressure with the finger pad to increase the circulation of blood. After massaging or 2-3 minutes there will be a soft glow on the face. For excessive dry skin after the application of this face serum you can apply the night cream.

Benefits of this homemade serum for dry skin:

Vitamin E oil is excellent to boost the cells collagen products and moisturization. It enhances the skin texture and complexion. Avocado oil resembles the natural oil of your skin thus acts as a moisturizer for skin while jojoba oil boost the circulation of blood and also enhances the cell repairing at night. Vitamin E oil is also said to boost the cell renewal rate for a great skin.

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