Natural Pimple Acne Scars treatment at home

natural acne scar treatmentNatural Acne/Pimple scar treatment

Acne scars are very common beauty concern, yet not so easy to deal. Teenagers mostly suffer from acne and pimples. When they leave scarring on face, it can be quite disturbing. It is also related with low self confidence as scarred face with scars, marks and acne looks unattractive. There are clinical treatments for acne scars like the laser acne scar treatment but those can be quite expensive though one can remove or lighten the acne scars with the help of natural treatments at home. These home treatments include kitchen products which make the acne scars go away soon when these remedies are tried regularly. So, today at Tips and Beauty We will share at home treatments for acne scars which are not inexpensive.

Simple Methods for Acne Scar Treatment

1. Turmeric powder

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic which is found in the kitchen and is used extensively in Indian Cuisines. This spice has the properties to minimize the acne scars, lighten the face complexion and so many other things related to beauty. Make a paste of turmeric powder with lemon juice and apply that over the red brown spots and acne scars. This natural acne scars treatment will remove the scars soon. Keeping this overnight is also good.

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2. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the most effective treatments to remove the acne scars from the face efficiently. Lemon juice’s ability to decrease the intensity of the dark spots, brown spots and acne scars is amazing. Apply lemon juice very night before going to bed. Wash the face next morning. Lemon juice’s bleaching effect will soon remove the acne scarring.

3. Honey

Honey is a natural moisturiser which when mixed with some lemon juice help to fade out the acne scars. Mix honey and lemon juice in 1:1 ratio and apply over the scars of pimples and cane on the face. Leave this for20 minutes then rinse the face.

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4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is very good for skin and hair and has so many of the beauty uses. It kills the acne causing bacteria and helps to lighten the scars on the face. Every night apply ACV on the scarred skin and wash in the morning for best results.

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5. Egg white

Egg white is yet another way to remove the scars of acne and pimples. Apply egg white on the scars and leave for 20 minutes so that it gets completely dry. Try this natural acne scars treatment 2 times in a week for good result.

6. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal in nature hence this oil is very effective in clearing the acne causing microbes and also the scars left behind by the acne. Regular sue of tea tree oil will help to prevent the cane and pimples and lighten the scars. Take half teaspoonful of drops of tea tree oil and dilute with 2 teaspoonful of water. Apply that with a cotton pad over the acne scars and leave for overnight. It also minimizes any redness and inflammation.

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7. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is known for its soothing, healing nature. Sandalwood also lowers the inflammation of the skin and pimples. Apply a paste of sandalwood and rose water on the acne scars and leaves it to get dry completely. Wash with cold water. Try this natural acne scars treatment for acne scars removal 3 times in a week for scars and glowing skin.

So, if you too have acne scars on the face which bothers you then try these natural treatments for removing acne scars which will definitely show good results.

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  1. mam can i use besn turmeic or milk fc pack in day and turmeic lemon in night

  2. Hi Khushi, yes, you can do that but dilute the lemon and turmeric with some rose water else that can be too acidic for the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Besan, turmeric and milk pack is alright and very safe to be done everyday.

  3. Hi mam
    . mera face oily hai mujhe face wash konsa use lrna chahiye or pimple bar 2 ho jate h pls mam give me some tips ao I can be free from pimple

  4. Hi mam
    . mera face pr bar bar pimple ho jate h mera face oily h nd konsa face wash use krna chahiye pls mam give me some tips kbhi to pimple clear ho jate h pr duabara fir se apne ap ho jate h Mein bht preshn Hu pls Tel mam

  5. Hi,

    You can try any neem face wash and in the night time while sleeping apply Clindamycin phosphate gel by Galderma, this will clear the pimples fast. Use the sunscreen when you go out in the sun.
    You can also apply besan and tomato juice pack to remove the marks then.

  6. Mam, my face is oily and it contains little spots. So what is the best facewash for my skin?

  7. You can try garnier neem foaming face wash. This is good for oily skin.

  8. hi mam my skin is oily and I use neem fresh wash ….no pimples my skin but black spots and wrinkles on my skin can I use rup mantra pack … and fresh wash need to change when I use roop mantra pack….please give advise mam….

  9. Hi Ram,
    Yes, you can try that pack. You should also apply some homemade pack like rubbing tomato slice daily on the face then washing that after 15 minutes. This will naturally cure the dark spots on your face.

  10. hello,

    I have large pores and acne scars can you plz tell me which bb cream is best for hiding scars
    and remedy

  11. Hi Shilly,

    You can try egg white ace mask 2 times in a week to treat the large pores. or the mulatni mitti paste for shrinking the large pores. BB creams do not give that much coverage to hide the scars thus you can use concealer over the scars.

  12. then which concealer is best for acne prone skin

  13. Hello,

    I have oily and acne prone skin
    at night which cream or gel to apply on face

  14. You can try Colorbar concealer. That is good.

  15. If you have oily skin then you can try Olay night cream.

  16. hii mam.,
    my skin looks dark as compared to the rest part of my body and my skin in oily, I have few acne on my face.
    pls suggest me home remedies and other creams to have fast results ..
    thank you

  17. Hi Ganesh,

    I will suggest you to use sunscreen when you go put in the sun and I think home remedies will be better than the skin creams.
    You can apply some lemon juice and honey mixture on the face and wash after 30 minutes. Do this daily in the evening and soon you will see the results.

  18. Hi Mam,

    I have oily skin and I am using Himalaya Lemon face wash. But I have lots of acne spots on my face.
    Could you please let me know what I have to do to clear my face .

  19. Hi mam meri skin bhut black a and pimples marks v any product use but no result dry v oily v plzz meri skin fair and glowing lai kuch v DSO meri marriage v a

  20. Plzzz mam.

  21. Hello,

    can you plz tell me which scrub is best for acne prone skin

  22. Hi mam i hve lot of pimples n chickn pox post my delivry can u pls help me out i hve recently tried applying lemon juice overnght aince a week but its increasg ( pimples ) on my face can u pls suggest me face wash n pack for my skin

  23. Hi Jyoti to clear the skin after you can also use Himalaya neem scrub or Clear and clear scrub, Apply multani mitti pack 2 times in a week for better results.

  24. Hi Simarpreet,

    You can apply a mixture of lemon and honey everyday on the face in the evening for 30 minutes, then wash the face.

  25. hi hiral,

    you can try methi (fenugreek) pack. Grind methi seeds into powder then mix this powder with warm water and apply on the face and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it. You can do this daily.

    dont apply any face pack overnight on face as it may clog ur pores.

  26. hi madhu

    u can use Himalaya neem scrub.

  27. Thanks Fathima for replying her :)

  28. your welcome Niesha :-)

  29. Hii mem main 20 saal ki hun mere face per bohot sare pimples ke kale nishan hai dono galo me mem please koi accha face wash aur cream bataiye jo meri skin ko suite kare I have oily skin

  30. Mem please reply main bohot preshan hun mujhe baar baar pimples ho jate hai fir agar pimples theek hue to uske nishan nhi jate aur din per din main bohot dark hoti ja rahi hun please koi acchi si cream batao jo pimples ke nishan theek ker de

  31. Hi Sonam,

    I can understand that concern.
    For pimples, apply neem pack. Also daily apply some turmeric over the pimples at night. Turmeric helps in eradicating the pimples faster as it is anti bacterial.

  32. Hii mam meri skin boht oily hai, or meri skin boht dark hoti ja rhi hai. Can u plzz telme.. Wht m applying on my face?

  33. mam my face is first white i applied skin light cream that creams shows good result but it will affects the face like red face i stopped that cream after stopping that cream my face become very very black i want permanent colour cream mam please please please tell me which cream is permanent colour to the face

  34. You should use sunscreen when you go out and also use tomato juice and besan paste for 20 minutes then wash off. This can be daily in the evening. This easily takes off tanning.

  35. You should use honey on the face daily. Honey is gentle and restores the skin colour.

  36. Mam ,mare face ta bhut hi pimple na ,ta oo mare gale tak v chal gy na ,ih kade ho jande na ta kade hut jande na .so manu is vaste ki karna chida aa …

  37. Please mam das dyo Koi Vadia jis nal mare face di problem. Solve ho jave

  38. Hi Aman,

    I will recommend that you try clindamycin phosphate gel on the face at night. This is antibiotic gel which kills the pimple causing bacteria.

  39. Hi mam
    Mare face pa koie pimple nai hai magar fair Ness chsiya so pls bataiya aap kia karna na aur mara weight bohat hai bohat sara tablet kha chki hoon pls kuch advice digital my name is sameena ok bye