Natural Remedies to get Straight Hair Naturally at home

Natural Remedies to get straight hair at home

Straight Hair Naturally at home

Straight hair with smooth silky strands is quite in fashion these days Straight hair are far more manageable and less frizzy. Every hair type is beautiful, normal wavy, curly etc but straight hair is in trend so, you may use a straightening iron or blow drying technique to achieve perfectly straight hair. You may even go to a salon to get the hair straighten out but do you know that you can get the straight hair naturally at home with some natural products, that will not only give you your straight looking hair but will also improve the quality of the hair. Most importantly, with these home remedies you are not using the chemical loaded products at all.

Natural Remedies to get straight hair naturally at home

Yoghurt and Olive oil pack

Take half cup of yoghurt and 1/ cups of olive oil. Mix them and apply on the hair. Tie the hair in a bun and after 40 minutes open the bun take a wide combed brush. Brush the hair in the shower and then wash it with normal water. Shampoo and condition like usual. You will get the straighter hair naturally easily.


Milk is excellent to get the naturally straight hair easily at home. Take some milk and fill it in a clean spray bottle. Spray the milk over the hair and when they get damp. Leave them for 60 minutes. Then wash the hair with normal water. Milk proteins in the pack will help to straighten the hair and also reduces the frizz effectively. Hair will also become manageable with this milk remedy to get straight hair.

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Coconut milk

Coconut milk adds a radiant shine to the hair. It also conditions the hair for frizz free hair and coconut milk will also help you to get the natural straight hair. Apply coconut milk on the hair and leave for 45 minutes. This quick and simple treatment will straighten your hair one you wash the coconut milk off the hair.

Hot oil treatment

You may have heard that the hot oil massages gives the hair deep nourishment and conditioning. But the hot oil treatment will also make the hair strands straighter. We have noticed that after the hot oil massage done at night, it is easier to get straight hair overnight naturally the next day.

How to do hot oil massaging for straight hair

Warm up 2-3 oils like almond, olive jojoba, coconut etc in a small bowl in the microwave and then apply on the scalp and hair. Massage gently and leave it overnight. The following morning wash the hair and condition like you do. This will help you to get the straight hair naturally when you do this remedy once in a week. By the way, it will also give you gorgeous healthy beautiful hair.

Aloe vera gel pack

Apply freshly taken out aloe vera gel on the hair and comb the hair with a wide toothed comb. Leave them to get dry for 40 minutes. Then wash the hair with plain water. Condition if your hair is extremely dry or frizzy. This remedy will instantly straighten the normal to wavy hair naturally.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil also helps a lot in making the hair straighter naturally. Apply jojoba oil in the semi dried hair and then blow dry the hair they will be a lot straighter and less frizzy. Jojoba oil also acts as a hair serum which is why your hair will be smoother with a healthy shine in them.

So, do you like to sport the straight hair look or you love your natural hair more. To get the straight hair with natural means is the best way out as it will save your precious hair from heat styling and chemical. Isn’t it?

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