Latest 20 Nauvari Saree Blouse Designs To Try in (2023)

The Maharashtrian style saree draping or nauvari sarees are draped in almost like a dhoti style and they have the history revolving around them. In fact, these style of nauvari saree blouse designs look amazingly then when it is worn traditionally. The Maharashtrian saree types and the style of saree draping is known as nauvari sarees. As their are different cultures in India, there are numerous draping of saree also. The popular sarees in Maharashtra are around 9 metres long and mostly they are silk sarees. There can be nauvari silk saree, Kolhapur silk saree, paithani silk saree and some can even have the peshawari or Pattu silk sarees. So basically these are silk sarees that are draped in a way to give you a perfect look.

Mostly nauvari sarees are worn for the traditional Marathi bridal affairs. Nauvari sarees have their own trend and the style of draping is similar to the Maharashtrian dhoti. This Sarees at tucked at the back so that it gives dhoti like appeal. It also facilitates easy movement as compared to the regular sarees. So let’s have a look at the latest designs of nauvari saree blouse that are currently trending.

Latest Nauvari Saree Blouse Designs (2023)

1. Stylish Blouse For Nauvari Saree

Stylish Blouse For Nauvari Saree

This beautiful blouse for the nauvari saree has the back neck design which is amazingly made with tassels. The back neck line is very deep and gives a backless appeal with the elbow length sleeves. The border of the sleeves has a saree border pattern too which gives it a nice look. The tassels are in contrasting color that matches the color of the saree. It’s the key highlight of this beautiful nauvari saree blouse design.

2. Green Silk Nauvari saree blouse

Green Silk Nauvarisaree blouse

The green silk saree is paired with a stunningly beautiful bright Canary yellow color that bears bold red flowers. The beauty of the blouse is the border and the elbow length pattern. It is a backless blouse with strings attached. Here the actress wearing it is looking stunning for sure. Such nauvari saree blouse designs are perfect for any occasion that you are going for that is regarding the Maharashtrian bridal affairs. 

3. Simple Nauvari blouse for Sarees

Simple Nauvari blouse for Sarees

This simple saree for the nauvari saree blouse design is not very extreme when it comes to the pattern but it is made in the regular style. This is a simplistic design that many women can carry even when they are not very comfortable with the sarees.

4. Contrasting Color Nauvari Blouse Pattern

Contrasting color Nauvari blouse pattern

The beauty of the saree blouse is the contrasting color blouse, even though the saree also have the same blue gorgeous color. The rich embroidery on the sleeves part enhances the look. The sleeves are given till the elbow and the saree is draped in a beautiful way that hides the front part of the blouse however the sleeves are the ones that takes the limelight.

5. Bright Red Bridal Nauvari blouse

Bright Red Bridal Nauvari blouse

This blouse in the bright red color has the stunning embroidery on the sleeves part. Even for the backside the blouse has decent neckline. The neckline is adorned with small pearls. This Nauvari blouse and saree is perfect for any new bride functions.

6. Red and Green blouse for Nauvari sarees

Red and Green blouse for Nauvari sarees

The beautiful Red and Green color combination is one of the major highlights of this beautiful Nauvari saree blouse design. In this saree blouse, embroidery work is seen on the blouse’s sleeve part. The border of the saree is also attached over the sleeve edge. The same light embroidery design is seen on the neckline design.

7. Beautiful Nauvari blouse pattern

Beautiful Nauvari blouse pattern

While wearing a nauvari saree blouse design, then the main visible part is the shoulder and the sleeves. This is why, the red colored gorgeous blouse is being embellished on the shoulder part and the sleeves part of the medium length sleeves are given that makes it extremely rich and royal looking.

8. Chanderi Nauvari Sleeves Design

Chanderi Nauvari Sleeves Design

This blouse has high neck line used with short sleeves on a Chanderi Silk fabric. This saree is cream silk saree with dark red and gold chanderi silk blouse. This nauvari saree blouse design has the beautiful and simplistic cutting pattern.

9. Elegant Nauvari Saree Blouse Style

Elegant Nauvari Saree Blouse Style

If you want a simple nauvari saree blouse design, then this design can be replicated. The bold embroidery and sequin work is given on the sleeves part and over the shoulders. Two contrasting strips of blue color on yellow red paste are also seen over the sleeves part. It looks really nice and simple and can be used for women of all age groups.

10. Golden Saree Blouse Pattern

Golden Saree Blouse Pattern

The best thing about a gold blouse is that it goes well with most of your sarees, let alone the nauvari sarees. This blouse has padding for the front part and has princess cut pattern. The short sleeves are given with back high neckline and strings attached. This very simplistic blouse that is made in Chanderi brocade fabric. It can be paired with your nauvari sarees and you would look stunning.

11. Maharashtrian Nauvari Blouse Pattern

Maharashtrian Nauvari Blouse Pattern

Here there is a dark green silk saree which is paired with red and gold nauvari saree blouse designing. The gold jewellery intensifies and completes the look. The blouse is made in a simple pattern however the gold jewellery is what it takes it to another level.

12. Puff Sleeves Nauvari blouse

Puff Sleeves Nauvari blouse

It’s a beautiful blouse that has puffed sleeves and the dark blue color with Paisley gold design takes the breath away. It has a beautiful on jewellery attached on the shoulder and arms part. The perfect shape or designer sleeves of this blouse pattern goes really well with the overall appeal of this blouse.

13. Black and Gold Blouse Design for Nauvari saree

Black and Gold Blouse Design for Nauvari saree

The beautiful black and gold blouse has pleated puff sleeves with a Broad armband on the sleeves part. Its neckline is regular however the back neck line is quite deep. The broad border on the sleeves part makes it look really interesting and attractive. The same border is seen in the saree as well. It is a saree blouse in pink and black color and the blouse in black color makes it very complimenting. Overall, it’s really beautiful design.

14. Printed Orange Nauvari sarees

Printed Orange Nauvari sarees

The orange and printed silk nauvari saree blouse design is complimenting and beautiful. It has a round cut at the back neck line with back hooks. In the front part of boat shaped Neck line is given. The sleeves are made with a different fabric in the same color family. The elbow length sleeves are made so that the saree can look really enticing. If you see that most of the nauvari sarees have blouses which have elbow length sleeves.

15. Elbow length sleeves blouse

Elbow length sleeves blouse

Here the blouse has a different fabric but looks very stunning. The blouse has sleeves with the Saree border attached. It has a regular front and back neck line. The pattern here is nothing unusual or different but it’s just the basic design. For most of the sarees you can wear such design that does not take the beauty of your blouse.

16. Maggam Work Saree Blouse Design

Maggam work saree blouse design

With rich, luxurious heavy maggam work, this medium green color blouse has sequin embroidery and stone work. The saree blouse has pink and green colors used exclusively.  It’s the party wear nauvari saree blouse design with maggam work. This is one of the best looking saree blouse design that is suitable even for the bridal ceremonies.

17. Mint Green Maharashtrian Blouse Pattern

Mint Green Maharashtrian blouse pattern

This mint green color blouse with purple accent is really beautifully made with light embroidery and sequin work. The back neck line has a cut work done that is really beautiful. The saree blouse design is really enticing.

18. Deep Neckline Cut Nauvari Saree Blouse

Deep Neckline Cut Nauvari saree blouse

With cut work at the back neck line and deep cut, this is very enticingly made Nauvari saree blouse pattern for new brides. The modern saree blouse design is perfect for even the nauvari sarees. The beautiful blouse has jewellery and armlets also given for the sleeves part. It is a very bridal function appropriate blouse design.

19. Bridal Nauvari Maharashtrian Silk Saree Blouse

Bridal Nauvari Maharashtrian Silk Saree Blouse

The pink and yellow color saree blouse design looks complimenting. The peacock like armlet pattern on the sleeves is attractive looking and making it very modern. The saree blouses pattern is made with usual cut and pattern however this is suitable for the bridal ceremonies and functions.

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