Nufeel Facial Spray Review and Price

Hello there, you may have seen TV advertisements about this new product from Vini cosmetics called Nufeel facial spray. This Nufeel facial spray is available for both the men and women. I will review Nufeel facial spray for women today. This product too has been made by the same company who has earlier made glam up powder cream and Delicca powder face wash.This product is more like a face spray and freshener/ face cleanser for oily skin to keep it stay cleaner in summers.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women ReviewPrice of Nufeel facial spray for women

It is for 140 rupees in India. For men too this Nufeel face spray is for 140 rupees.

Brands clams: Nufeel facial spray cleanses moisturizes and refreshes the skin in a completely new way. It increases the skin’s hydration and soothes the skin. Natural skin toners in India

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women How to use Nufeel Facial Spray: Just spray it on the face and wipe off with a cotton or cloth.

Experience with Nufeel facial spray for women

Nufeel facial spray comes in a beautiful pink carton which has this pink 6 inches tall spray bottle which has the facial pray. It appears more like a small deodorant spray. It’s small size is easy to carry in the bag but I am thinking that the men’s face spray is of same size and that can be only used at home since men will find that not so easy to carry around. But college students can keep in their bags as that they can use it when needed. The Nufeel facial spray has a very mild sweet smell. I checked the ingredients and saw that along with the other ingredients this Nufeel facial spray has some perfume too which makes it smell so good.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women indiaNufeel facial spray is just like water in the feel and appearance. It feels the same when you spray rose water on the face. I sprayed it on my face and then wiped off with cotton pad. It took off the dirt and grease quite well but I was thinking it won’t be able to take the waterproof make which it doesn’t. It can only take the dirt and grease on the skin. I think the men’s spray will be a bit more clarifying since men tend to accumulate dust and dirt on the face especially while they ride a bike.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women ingredientsWhen the spray is sprayed I noticed that it has some frothy bubbles which I think is responsible to clean the skin. It gives a subtle cooling feel to the skin as well. The bottle and the spray pump works well, no leakage. After cleaning the skin with a cloth or cotton pad, skin feels softer and smoother. It is good for oily combination skin which gets oily and greasy after some hours hence this Nufeel facial spray can be sprayed and wiped off to get a clean clear face which is oil free. But if you’re wearing makeup then it is not ideal to use a facial spray.You can see in the last picture the water like droplets on my arms after I used this face spray.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review how to useI have used this Nufeel facial spray after coming back home from sun and it has really made the skin refreshed but the only problem is that I can also get the similar results with organic rose water which is a lot cheaper. Or in other words, I will say that this product is good but is expensive for that especially for teenagers who are on a budget.

Nufeel Facial Spray for Women Review price

Nufeel Facial Spray price how to usePros of Nufeel facial spray

  • Good packaging
  • Pump spray works well to spray fine droplets
  • It refreshed ups the skin
  • Takes off grease and dirt

Cons of Nufeel facial spray

  • It is expensive for what it does.

Rating : 3.5 out of 5

Final take: This nufeel facial spray cleanses the face and refreshes it by taking off the oils, dirt and skin impurities without drying the skin but it is a bit expensive for that. If you do not mind the price you can try it, it is a good product and easy to carry around while traveling.

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  1. i bought today and used skin feels so supple..i lovee this product..

  2. i bought today and used skin feels so supple..i lovee this product..

  3. M just loving it!I use this facial spray daily even when I am at home.I have purchased Nufeel facial spray( blue and pink one both for men and women).M just loving it! It is cheap and best,Its pocket friendly.I use it daily,m just loving it!

  4. Nice proudet

  5. I used this spray and I thought it would be good. But after 2 days of use, i noticed small pimples like on my face. Can you suggest what the reason would be.

  6. I have used this many times but have not faced any such problem, I think any of the ingredient in this product is not suitable for you which may be causing pimples and zits. Discontinue using the products and may be after 2 weeks try it again. If that happens again, then this products is not suitable for you.

  7. nice so nice product i m use nufeel so good product.

  8. hi Niesha,

    Could u pls suggest a good natural conditioner spray for my hair as it turns very dry often. I want to carry it especially during my travel so that the hair remains soft and shiny. I am particularly interested in natural ingredients and totally against chemical based products.


  9. Hi Mythily,

    I don’t know if any brand makes such a spray. But I use a homemade one which I absolutely love. For that, Take jojoba oil and distilled water in equal amount. Fill that in a spray bottle and whenever my hair feels dry and lack luster, I would just shake it and spray it. Try it once. Hopefully you like that too.

  10. Hai. Am trying to buy this product. Will its works on all skin is dry.please suggest

  11. Hi, this is a facial spray to cleanse and revive the tired skin so, if you have dry skin then, use this nufeel spray, wipe off and if still your skin feel dry then use a light moisturizer afterwards.

  12. i got oily can i use dis spary? Please suggest me

  13. Hi Sudha,
    My skin is oily as well and it worked well. Just spray it and wipe off.

  14. I have acne on my skin. Can I use this spray?

  15. Yes, You can. I too tried it and it didn’t do any thing adverse.

  16. hello neisha ,

    my skin is very sensitive towards sun. if i go to sun for just 15 minutes, my skin becomes black. i am very much worried about it. so can you please suggest me some home remedies for this purpose.

  17. Hi Neisha,
    For the first time,I have seen someone like you suggesting about tips & beauty.I am very happy to see that.Bdw,I have a problem.Some pimples take place in my face & then turn into black spot.What can I do?Please inform me.

  18. Hi Sayem, Thank you so much!
    Dark spots and pimples marks is a common problem that we face. I will tell simple remedies. Apply tomato juice on the face every evening and wash after 15 minutes. Scrub your face 3 times in a week. You can try any face scrub like Lakme clean up face scrub.
    Also use lemon juice only on the dark spots at night and keep this overnight. I still do that whenever I have dark spots due to pimples. It works very well.

  19. Neisha,
    Thank you so much.I have been facing this problem from class 8.Is it good for my face to use Lemon juice & keep it overnight as lemon contains acid?my Dr. said that this pimples marks came because of my using lemon juice

  20. Neisha,
    I have also hair falls proble.That tensed me very much.Can you give me any suggesion?

  21. Hi Sayem, Lemon contains acid that is ascorbic acid and we commonly know that as Vitamin C. So, I dont think that will form marks on the face rather that has marks removing properties. But, this can be a possibility that it doesn’t suit you. So, to remove marks you can scrub your face 3 times in a week. But be gentle and do that in the evening as going in the sun just after scrubbing can tan the skin easily. This will exfoliate the topmost dead skin layer and gradually marks will be gone. Skin will also be smoother.

  22. First of all don’t take tension that is one of the reasons why the hair fall increases in early ages. I have faced this so will suggest you to stay happy and take good diet with proteins and vitamins as more than applying hair oils etc, what we eat shows more benefits in hair fall.
    Hope that helps you. :)

  23. Neisha,which face scrub is best for me?

  24. I think you should try Lakme Clean up clear pore face scrub, I use it and like it or else use everyuth face scrub.

  25. You rated Himalaya Intense oil clear lemon face wash 4.5 & made a good review on it.Today I went to buy it.But I bought Himalaya Herbals oil control lemon face wash instead of it.Should I use it??

  26. That would work too but the other one was only for men. But not a problem use this then next time you can get that one.

  27. Hi Neisha,

    First of all,Eid Mubarak!!!! I hope you are well by the grace of Almighty.
    Anyways,I need a solution from you.I want to whiten my face.Then how???

  28. Hi Sayem,

    Eid Mubarak to you too! Wish the same for you and your family!
    To whiten the face, I have shared some remedies here which are easy, So do check them out. :

    Hope that helps you!!

  29. Hiii niesha! I used oxybleach and i got red burned scar on my face but they dry out and removed next 3rd day. And my face doesn’t bleached so well that it should be. It was my first time of bleach. Can u help me to choose good bleach product.

  30. Which bleaching product is suitable for me for second time becoz i used oxybleach 1st time and i got burn red scar but they get dry and remove after 3rd day and my face wasn’t bleached so well that it should be.
    Help me

  31. Can I apply your shared remedies though I have some pimples & pimples spot in my face?

  32. Yes, you can, they will work.

  33. Hi Poorwa,

    I think you have sensitive skin, so whenever you try a bleach cream always do a patch test near the ear so that you can check if the bleach suits you or not.
    You can try fem herbal bleach, i find it good for sensitive skin, so try that but take the patch test.

  34. By the way,positively saying you are so cute to see :-)

  35. Hi Niesha,
    I am a college student.Thats why,I have to stay outside for a long time.What will be best for me to keep skin whitening,please???

  36. You suggested me a lot of remedies.But I want to apply only one remedy on my face.Please tell me,what remedy is best?

  37. Applying papaya juice 3 times in a week helps a lot. you can also try the besan and milk pack. This removes dead skin cells and makes the complexion clear.

  38. How is nufeel hair oil? I have hair fall. can i use nufeel hair oil and please suggest

  39. Hi neisha,
    how are you??
    I have a problem.I have not found the product lakme cleanup clear pore face scrub in Market.What can I do,now? :-(

  40. In that case you can try Garnier Apricot scrub. or even the Garnier blackhead uprooting scrub is similar to that of the Lakme clear pore scrub.

  41. I have not used that so can’t say about it.

  42. I bought YC whitening facial scrub instead of it.Is this good for me?

  43. I am not aware about this brand so can’t say about it.

  44. Now, I buy Garnier pure active apricot face scrua…Is it ok??
    When should I use it?? Day or night??
    How much times I apply it in a week?

  45. Now, I buy Garnier pure active apricot face scrua…Is it ok??
    When should I use it?? Day or night??
    How much times I apply it in a week?
    When will I get change in my face?

  46. Hi,i m 26 years old..n my skin is very dry skin,which cream n facewash is good for me, n can i use nufeel spray ?

  47. Hey! I am a guy. And I read your review and I am going to buy this product NUFeel for men. I just wanna ask if I use Hiamalaya sunscreen lotion before going out and then If I use this NUfeel to wash my face later in the day. Will there be any reaction of it? Is it okay to use this spray on my face while I have sunscreen on?
    Please suggest.

  48. Sure, you can this spray is quite gentle and I dont think this will react in anyways with the sunscreen. It’s good that you use sunscreen.

  49. Yes, you can , my cousin has dry skin and she uses this too. You can try Himalaya aloe vera face wash that is good for dry skin.

  50. Yes, you can. Try the scrubbing in the evening twice in a day. This will smooth out the skin and make the skin color slightly lighter.