Oshea Smoother Hair Serum Review, Price and How to Use

Oshea Smoother Hair Serum Review: Hi everyone, Hair serums are good to tame the frizzy dry hair. Serums are also suitable for hair that needs shine. I will review Oshea Hair Serum in this post. I got this 3 weeks ago. So, now I am ready with the review of this hair serum. Hair serums are not like the regular oils that weighs the hair down but they are lighter and non sticky. The silicone like satiny and slippery texture makes the hair smoother and shinier. This is why a lot of girls are going with serums rather than the hair oils.

oshea hair serum review

Price of Oshea Smoother Hair Serum:

This is for 225  rupees only. This is available in shops and online shopping sites though I have less the availability lesser in the actual shops like malls, cosmetics section or even those local shops that we have.

Experience with Oshea Smoother Hair Serum

It comes in a carton which is green in color and inside there is this bottle of serum. This serum is packaged in a pump pack. The pump is nice and gives out right amount of product that is enough for one usage. This is mildly scented hence on application this will give mild fragrance to the hair. I like products for hair that smell a little bit nice as this actually gives nice soft scent that comes from the hair through out the day. I have seen that most of these hair serums have pump dispensers which is very user friendly as you can just squirt out 2 pumps and it works well. For long hair you may need a bit extra though.

oshea hair serum review 2

How to use this:

This is good to be used on the towel dried hair as that time the hair are clean and would work the better.

I will take 2 pumps of this for my little over waist length hair.

I will start from the ends and would apply the serum all over the hair. I try to apply more on the outer hair than on the hair inside the nape area.

oshea hair serum review 6

After the application, I feel that this has given subtle shine to my hair and hair smells nice. The smell is not strong but yes, it is detectable.

My hair is normal and silky with just little bit roughness on the hair ends and it helps to cure that. But for very dry and frizzy hair the product may not work as good as it did for me. Having said that, it will still add shine to the dry hair.

I would suggest that people with dry hair can try deep conditioning hair conditioners and once the hair get towel dried, this can be used. This way this will be more effective.

My mum has used this on her hair. Her hair is normal and she liked that this gives a subtle shine. When your hair is shinier then they look healthier. Also the product gives mild fragrance to the hair which makes the hair feel refreshing. Therefore, this can also work to mask the hair sweat, odor etc because of its subtle sweet smell.. You can also use this on the hair ends like if you are going to college and have not washed the hair that day. But you can take a pump of this hair serum and apply well on the hair ends. 

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The packaging is good and can be taken to tour and trips as well

Price is also affordable and inexpensive so that a lot of young people and college students can try this too

Pumps works well and give adequate product 

Available online and offline

Smell is good and hair has this nice shine that will make the hair softer as well.

Blends well on the hair and gives a subtle shine and luster

Works on damp hair the best as that absorbs some of this fluid and makes the hair shinier

Gives shine to the hair and smoother effect

Controls frizz to a certain extent

It will not weigh down the hair unlike the regular hair oils that we use


Does not work the same on very dry and frizzy hair

Rating: 4 out of 5

Oshea smoother Hair serum is a very good everyday product that is suitable to be used everyday. you can try it on damp hair or the dry hair too. You can apply some on the hair ends to make the dry ends smoother and softer. But this will not work very well for the dry hair. For dry hair you can deep condition the hair with a good hair conditioner.

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