Home Remedies for dark buttocks and hips

Dark buttocks and hips lightening remedies Dark buttocks can be quite embarrassing and can make you conscious. Dark buttock or hips or bum can limit you while choosing a great bikini. Darkness on bum skin can also make conscious when ...

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Godrej No 1 Pimple Control Face Wash with Neem Orange Review, Price

Godrej No 1 Pimple Control face wash review and price

I will review Godrej No 1 Pimple Control face wash. Pimples and acne can be really troublesome for the teenagers and even the adults. Pimples can make us conscious and what drives us more crazy are the pimple marks that ...

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Health Benefits of Ginger juice and ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger and Ginger juice for health Ginger is an extensively used and well known herb across the globe in different cuisines. But that’s not it, the medicinal uses and health benefits of ginger make it a great ...

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Homemade Foot cream, Heel Repair Cream recipe

Homemade foot cream, heel repair cream recipe

Homemade Foot cream, Heel Repair Cream. Are dry cracked heels or rough feet troubling you? Yes, in winters, most of us even the males can suffer from cracked heel and for that we need some solution like moisturization and repairing ...

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Home remedies to relieve headache naturally

Home remedies to relieve headache naturally. We will be sharing a very quick post where there are some tips and remedies that will take care of the most common problem which is Headache. Headaches can be quite annoying and these ...

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Diet for Healthy Hair and Scalp: What to eat for strong hair?

What you need for healthy hair? Indian Diet for healthy hair and scalp. Do you know what you eat highly affects your hair? It is entirely crucial to have a balanced diet with the inclusion of proteins, vitamins like A, C, ...

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10 Health Benefits of Garlic: Why garlic should be in your diet?

garlic health benefits for heart, immunity

Health Benefits of Garlic and why garlic should be there in your diet? Garlic is a very commonly used food items in kitchens. Garlic comes with so many medicinal and health benefits along with the great tastemaker that it is. ...

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10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon: Why cinnamon is beneficial?

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for heart and weight loss

Benefits of cinnamon, cinnamon powder for health Cinnamon is a popular spice which is obtained from the bark of the tree from the genus cinnamomum in the form of cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon has been there since ages as the cinnamon ...

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Castor Oil for Hair Growth: Castor Oil Benefits for Hair

Castor oil benefits for hair split ends cure

Castor oil benefits for Hair Castor oil is derived from the castor beans also known as Ricinus Communis by the cold pressing method and has a dark yellow color. This thick oil is used in multiple ways to get benefits ...

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7 (Malai) Milk Cream Face Packs for fairness for dry skin

milk cream face packs

Milk Cream Face Packs for fairness, dry skin, winters and dull skin Milk cream also known as Malai in Hindi, is thick creamy and hence used in lot of skin care products especially formulated for dry skin to give extra ...

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