Recipe Homemade Ubtan for brides: Benefits of Ubtan

ubtan recipe for brides

Homemade Ubtan for brides are very popular in India especially for Indian Brides. Using Ubtan for brides is regarded auspicious and has numerous benefits in making the brides skin glow. Ubtan gives healthy glow on the brides to be before the wedding day to help making their dull skin appear rejuvenated and oozing radiance. Basically ubtan exfoliates the topmost dead skin layer, revealing a younger, beautiful smoother skin underneath as a result of which bride gets a flawless smooth skin. When the skin is smooth and fairer, then the makeup application becomes easier. Bridal makeup looks even better with good skin. Other than the bride-to-be, ubtans are also used by the bride’s maid and other family members who would like to look good equally on that day. Groom and his family also use the homemade ubtan to achieve a glowing skin on the wedding day.

Recipe for Homemade Ubtan: how to make ubtan

To make the ubtan for the brides at home, you will need the below mentioned ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoonful of Besan (chick pea powder or gram flour)
  • 1 teaspoonful of Sandalwood powder
  • ½ teaspoonful of Red lentil powder
  • 1 teaspoonful of lemon Juice
  • ¼ teaspoonful of Turmeric powder
  • Milk or rose water

How to prepare the ubtan at home: Mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a small bowl and using milk, make a paste. Keep the paste medium to thicker. Runny paste will be of no good use for any ubtan recipe. When the skin is dry add some milk cream too in the ubtan else just the milk is sufficient. This homemade ubtan recipe is for the face and neck only, if you wish to use the ubtan on the hands and legs then double or triple the quantities. You can change the amount of ingredients as per your wish. Like for fair skin some use the turmeric more or for exfoliation and to remove facial hair red lentil powder is used more than the sandalwood.

Application of Ubtan: Apply the ubtan on the face, neck or where you wish. Let it dry and once it get completely dry. Moist your hands with some water or milk and try to scrub off and remove the ubtan from the face. Try to be gentle as being a bride to be, you do not want any rashes. [Read: 10 Skin Lightening Beauty tips]

Benefits of using homemade ubtan for brides and others

Ubtan makes the skin glow: Ubtan is loaded with so many powerful ingredients due to which ubtan give a glowing skin to the bride. It gently exfoliates the skin and makes skin supple with radiance. Glow is what a bride to be needs after all.

Makes skin fair: Ubtan makes the skin fair since it has milk, turmeric, lemon and sandalwood. They are natural skin bleach which makes the complexion fair soon.

Removes tan: Regular application of ubtan before the wedding removes the accumulated tan fro the face and other body parts. Grooms are more likely to be tanned therefore; it is good for grooms to use ubtan to fade sun tan from the skin. [Read: 10 Face Packs to remove sun tan]

Reduces facial hair growth: This ubtan consists of red lentil powder. Red lentil powder is very good to retard the facial hair growth and to remove the unwanted hair from the face and body. Regular application of this ubtan makes the facial hair to get thin and eventually gets removed. This treatment shows good results in a couple of months therefore it is good to use it twice a week 2-3 months before the wedding. This is a natural way to get rid of facial hair for brides.

Fades marks, spots and blemishes: Lemons and turmeric used for the ubtan preparation, lightens the marks, dark spots and pimple marks from the face. A single time use will not show noticeable results therefore, try to g for regular ubtan application a month in advance before the wedding day.

Good for acne prone skin: Ubtan are also good for acne prone skin. This has turmeric which is antibacterial thereby helps clear out the skin.

Homemade ubtans are great for glowing skin, reduces marks, pigmentation and makes skin fair. Using ubtan at least 2 weeks in advance shows great results in achieving a great skin on the wedding day to make a beautiful bride. Do read out homemade hair treatment for brides.

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