Secrets for Flawless Perfect Wedding Day Skin for Brides-to-be

Beauty tips to get perfect wedding day skinBeauty tips to get perfect wedding day skin

Perfect flawless skin is the wish of every bride-to-be for the day of her wedding but perfect wedding day skin demands some extra care and pampering from the bride. When you give that extra attention to your skin before the wedding then definitely getting a beautiful wedding day skin is not difficult. The common problems which prevents the skin from being perfect are skin darkening, patchiness, skin problems like whiteheads, blackheads, acne, pimple marks, acne scars etc. So, what should a bride do to get the gorgeous wedding day skin? We will share some beauty secrets and tips for brides that will help them achieve a flawless perfect wedding day skin.

1. Proper cleansing

Cleaning is first and most crucial step. Take extra care for your skin a month before the wedding. Use a cleanser that is hydrating in nature if you have dry skin while for oily skin, one should choose cleansers with salicylic acid, tea tree oil etc as they are good to combat the acne causing bacteria.

2. Moisturization

Dry skinned brides-to-be should always use a thick hydrating and moisturizing skin cream that help to restore the moisture lost while washing the face. For oily skin, a light water based moisturiser is good to try. Stay away from skin care products that have oils and ingredients which are comedogenic in nature.

3. Face packs and face masks

face pack Beauty tips to get perfect wedding day skin

Face packs help to tighten and tone the skin. Some face packs with special ingredients help to remove the sun tan and marks from the face. In general, a bride with dry skin should go for face mask using banana, almond oil, oatmeal etc which are hydrating and moisturizing for dry face. Oily skinned bride can try face pack which has ingredients like lemon juice, Fuller’s earth, orange juice, sandalwood powder which will lighten the skin, cleans the pores and gets rid of the excessive oils on the face.

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4. Facial steaming

This is a good step for the brides-to-be who have oily skin. Open pores are mostly seen on oily skin on parts of the face where the sebum secretion is excessive. It is important to keep the pores clean when you want to have clear flawless skin on the day of your marriage. Hence facial steaming for hour 3-4 minutes 2 times in a week show good results in cleaning the pores.

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5. Face scrubs for exfoliation

Other than the steaming, facial scrubbing is also essential to keep the pores clean and get rid of the dead skin. Exfoliation is a vital step for getting a flawless perfect wedding day skin for all the skin types. Use a gentle face scrub for the skin and try 3 times in a week. Dry skinned brides can use only 2 times a week with gentle pressure else skin can get rashes or if the skin is extremely sensitive.

6. Face Massage Oils

If the skin is extremely dry then face massage oils like pure almond oil will works wonder. Massage the face with almond oil every night and wash in the morning. This helps a lot with extremely dry skin especially in winters.

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7. Acne pimple solution

If you are a bride-to-be with acne prone skin then applying a pimple or acne solution every night will help to keep the skin clear. Do not touch the face quite often and keep the skin clean. This way you will be able to combat the acne. If there is acne already then visiting a dermatologist will help.

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