Shahnaz Husain Hair Tips: Dry Damaged Hair, Dandruff, Hair Loss

shahnaz hussain hair tips for dandruffDry Damaged hair, Dandruff, Hair loss tips by Shahnaz Hussain

After the last post on skin care tips by Shahnaz Hussain, it’s time to Shahnaz Hussain hair care tips. We have summed up some very effective and easy to do hair care tips by hair care and skin care expert Shahnaz Hussain who is renowned in the field of natural beauty treatments. Her products are also made with natural products and are equally good.

Shahnaz Hussain hair tips for healthy hair

Try hot oil massages once a week. Warm up pure coconut oil and use it to massage the scalp and the hair. Dunk a towel in hot water and wrap it over the head. Keep this for 15 minutes and then repeat the process. This makes the hair roots stronger and healthier. Was the hair with mild herbal shampoo.

Apply henna on the hair once in a month with 2-3 teaspoonfuls of lemon juice in the henna. This makes hair shinier and gives hair volume.

Apply a hair pack of eggs and lemon juice. This keeps the hair lustrous and healthier.

Shahnaz Hussain hair tips for Grey Hair

Gray hair can make you look older than the actual age. Grey or white hair can be due to premature aging or age related. Shahnaz Hussain suggests that amla is great for gray hair prevention and treatment.

Drinking amla juice daily prevents the premature grey hair and also darkens the hair naturally.

You can also mix henna with amla juice, eggs and this will darken the hair and give a reddish brown hue.

Have supplements of Vitamin B complex and vitamin C to keep the grey hair in check.

Shahnaz Hussain tips for Natural Hair Cleanser:

Cleansing in natural way is great since you’re not slathering the chemicals on the scalp and hair but the natural products. Make a natural hair cleanser with a cup of reetha, amla and shikkakai.

Soak these herbs in 5 cups of water at night and keep it overnight. Put the water and herbals in a pan and boil them on low flame. When the water reduces half put off the flame and mash the herbs when the water cools off. Strain the liquid and use it to wash the hair. It will not lather too much but cleanses the scalp efficiently. You can put it in the refrigerator and use when it is needed to cleanse the hair.

Shahnaz Hussain Beauty tips for hair: Dandruff care

Dandruff and dry flaky scalp causes embarrassment to prevent the embarrassment and dandruff. Apply lemon juice o the scalp.

Amla juice mixed with neem powder also helps to cure the dandruff from the scalp.

Shahnaz Hussain hair care tips for oily hair and hair loss

Oily hair can make them look sticky and lifeless. Most of the times, oiliness of the scalp is also leads to hair fall and hair loss. In order to keep the scalp oil free there are certain herbal treatments that Shahnaz Hussain suggest and shares.

Use mild daily shampoos since the oiliness can be kept away when the hair are washed daily with mild formula of shampoos.

Oiliness can be removed by using lemon juice and water. Mix lemon juice in water and use this after the shampoo to give hair shine and oil free feel.

Use henna treatment once a week. Mix 3-4 teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 teaspoonful of coffee, with two raw eggs and some water the henna powder. Mix all of it into a thick paste. Apply it on the hair and scalp. Keep it for one hour and wash off with milk lukewarm water. Egg can be replaced with tea water.

Try these Shahnaz Hussain hair care tips for getting healthy hair. These tips are natural and very easily done with the products at home.

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  1. I have been using Henna for a long time and now my hairs have become very dry. Can you please suggest what to use. Should I go for Colour or Henna?

  2. Henna can be very drying but good for the hair. You can continue using henna but make sure that you do hot oil massaging once in a week which which reduce the dryness caused by henna and hair also becomes stronger.

  3. My hair are falling big time feels like I will get bald. I have itchy scalp with dandruff and hair are getting thin.please suggest to stop the hair fall

  4. Hi Shinu,

    You can try remedies stated here
    and hopefully that will help you.

  5. Hey my hair before 2-3 years so long and thick am always use hena with lemon juice curd and egg and tea water but now my hair so unhealthy and very thin so what I will do plz reply soon

  6. Thank you Niesha it’s a great and very helpful article. I have one problem that I m staying in Bangalore and here the whether is very cold plz suggest me how to use henna for grey hair become dark hair in less time

  7. Hi Simi,
    Just saw your comment. In that way, you can try massaging the hair with coconut oil and fenugreek. Just boil some methi dana with coconut oil. Strain it and use it to massage the hair 2 times in a week. These 2 ingredients will make your hair thicker and also add some bounce to the limpy hair.

  8. Hi Jays, thank you. In that case, you can try making the henna paste with tea water and add half teaspoonful of coffee powder in it. My mum does this and it really helps her. Hope it help you too!

  9. Hello mam…. My hair is so short dry and thin…. And also curly… Plz suggest me what should I do….

  10. Hi mam my hair are falling from these 2 years and getting very thin please suggest me some tips to prevent hairfall and getting hair stronger and volume mam I am 17 years old is hairfall is permanent or temporary ?