Best Shahnaz Hussain Homemade Face Pack Recipes for Clear Skin

Shahnaz Hussain Homemade Face Pack Recipes

Best Shahnaz Hussain homemade face packs recipes

Shahnaz hussain is renowned personality know for her beauty tips and products. In India, the products which she sells and tips which she gives are considered by elite group of people who love to nurture there skin in an herbal way. Her products are herbal and cause no side effects. They are chemical free and be considered as homemade recipes. Her goodwill bears her many clinics and franchise all over the world. Her interviews and shows on television impart information about skin care recipes. And we have collected few Indian homemade face pack recipes for you from the Shahnaz Hussain’s beauty treasure which we are going to present in this article.

Shahnaz Hussain Face Pack Recipes: Homemade

1. Shahnaz Hussain Chocolate face pack

Shahnaz Hussain Homemade chocolate Face Pack Recipes

Chocolate is full on antioxidants and has anti-ageing enzymes. In fact, chocolate is also rich in fatty acids which will help in the skin rejuvenation by giving immense moisture to the skin. On the other hand, chocolate is also said to make the skin radiant and glowing. Who doesn’t want a glowing skin. We all surely do. For the aging skin too chocolate facial packs and masks work wonders. It naturally softens skin and creates new texture when you use it to treat your skin.  It is highly preferred by chocolate lovers.

How to prepare this chocolate pack?

  • 3-4 spoons of chocolate
  • 1 spoon olive oil
  • 1 spoon oats
  • Milk as per necessity

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl or katori and beat it well to make it loose consistency.

You can also blend it. Blending it will make the mixture light weighted and creamy textured.

Add milk as per the consistency you desire. You can also add roughly ground coffee for scrubbing effect. Else just the above ingredients should be fine.

Application: When the face pack is ready you can apply it evenly on the face and let it be for 10-15 minutes.  Wash it off with cold water. This face pack will rejuvenate skin and helps you stay young.This recipes is an excellent Shahnaz Hussain face pack recipe for glowing skin.

2. Neem and tulsi face pack

Are you fed up of that sore acne and pimples? Does that bump embarrass you in social gatherings? and as we all face this when we have pimple problems. We can understand how painful the pimples can be. Here’s a solution for it. This is Shahnaz Hussain face pack for oily acne prone skin that gets acne frequently. This face pack recipe will involve 2 wonderful ingredients like neem and tulsi.

Shahnaz Hussain Homemade neem Face Pack Recipes

How to prepare it?

10-15 Tulsi leaves

10-15 Neem leaves

Collect Tulsi and Neem leaves in 1:1 ratio, like10-15 neem leaves and tulsi leaves. And then wash the leaves and grind them. Make it into fine paste by adding chilled water. Water can be added as per the consistency you require. But trying to keep the consistency normal so that the face pack doesn’t drip.

Application: Apply this anti pimple facial pack using either a facial brush or with fingers. Apply nicely all over the face. Let it set or get dry for 15 minutes. You might feel tingling sensation if your skin is sensitive. But it is effective. This pack is great for people/teenagers with oily skin and acne prone skin. Also this can be a great face pack for combination skin in summers.

3. Honey and oatmeal face pack

This pack is great for girls with dry and peeling skin. If you want soft, smooth and hydrated skin Shahnaz Hussain recommends you to use this homemade face pack for glow and nourishment. This facial pack has the goodness of the ingredients like honey and oatmeal. Oatmeal is a whole grain that will mildly scrub the face and gets rid of the dead skin and dry skin. On the other hand, honey will also nourish the skin for a smoother feel.

How to prepare it?

  • 2 spoons of oat meal
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • 2-3 pinches of nutmeg

Mix both the ingredients well and blend it in blender. Now add malai (milk solids) and make it into fine paste. To loosen the consistency you can also add chilled milk in it.


Apply this pack for 15 minutes and remove it while massaging it firmly. Wash it off with water and apply moisturizer. Continue using this pack for 15 days and you can experience shiny, glowing and bright skin.

4. Shahnaz Hussain Face pack for normal skin

There must be a face pack for normal skin which maintains the health of skin and nurture the skin without any side effects. Isn’t it? Shahnaz Hussain brings a dry fruit pack which maintain the skin health the restores the beauty. This is basically is a pack for normal skin which do not have dryness, oilyness or pimples but just for the brightening and toning effects.

Ingredients and Procedure:

Collect all the dry fruits at your home like;

Set 1: Almond, walnut, cashew nut, pistachio, pines etc. These are the oil based nuts.

Set 2: Green raisins, red raisin, cranberries, blue berries etc for citrus and acid base.

Collect handful of dried fruits in 1:1 ratio. Blend or grind them well and add milk to it.

Application:  Apply this face pack and leave it for 10 minutes. Rub it and wash it off. Doing this regularly can restore and also increase the beauty of the skin. This will also gently scrub the skin and skin look translucent and luminous.

Hope this article helped you to enhance your skin’s natural beauty with the help of Shahnaz Hussain’s knowledge. Beautification is an art and hope our ways to beautify helps you to become a great artist. You can also read Pomegranate Facial packs and masks for beautiful skin

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