Shraddha Kapoor Beauty Secrets, Diet and Fitness Tips

Shraddha Kapoor Beauty secrets, Diet and Fitness tips

Shraddha Kapoor Beauty Secrets, Diet and Fitness Tips

Being the youngest and cutest Bollywood actress, Shraddha Kapoor was an early bird in the glam industry. She started her career as an actress only in the age of 20’s. Her first movie may not have done magic at the box office but she get to work with Amitabh Bachchan in Teen Patti. She tasted success with her movie “Ashiqui 2” which was a big commercial hit which also took her acting career to the new heights. Today, this petite, charming and porcelain skinned girl is in everyone’ eye.

Despite being an actor’s daughter, Shraddha Kapoor made her own name in the Hindi film industry. She attained all that with loads of tough work and determination. Her beauty is also much of the talked about thing. Young girls would like to follow her style and fashion while the secrets of her beautiful skin are also religiously taken by the females followers.  In this post today at Tips and Beauty Blog, we will share Shraddha Kapoor beauty secrets, beauty tips and also her diet and fitness tips.

Shraddha Kapoor’s Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

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She is amongst those lucky ones who are blessed with naturally radiant and glowing skin. Shraddha admits that she does not need to put lots of makeup to cover any blemishes, spots or early ageing of the skin. But she moves over the whole credit to her mother for her beautiful skin. She is as attractive as her mother is even her aunt Padmini Kohlapuri was known for radiant skin.

Makeup essentials:

she is a big fan of MAC and Chanel cosmetics. She uses shampoo and conditioner by a The Body Shop. Whereas facial wipes, a good hair spray, kohl/ Kajal and lip balm are must for her. She is a minimalistic person when she is not shooting. She likes to keep the makeup subtle and soft. She likes light and neutral colors to experiment with.

Skin care routine:

Shraddha always looks for good skin care and routine. For this, she follows cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing process regularly. She drinks lots of water to keep her skin fresh and smooth. Regular facial are also good to have good skin. This will also promote the blood circulation that will further make her skin glow.

Hair care:

She acclaim that her beauty is a fruit of her mother’s genes. She oils her hair twice in a week. She also applies homemade hair masks like egg white and olive oil to get those lustrous and silky hair. Such hair masks will help you keep the hair shinier and stronger.

Shraddha Kapoor Diet Plan and Diet Tips

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The secret behind her soft and ever glowing skin is her diet and sacrifice of many tempting foods. Her major priority is a right and healthy diet to maintain her body weight and muscle ratio.

  • She eats a variety of fresh fruits in her breakfast. It keeps her full and gives energy too.
  • Other than that she drinks lots and lots of water to keep her metabolism going fast and burn calories more easily.
  • Moreover, she takes an equal portion of carbs and proteins in her regimen.
  • Shraddha does not neglect the importance of good fats for the body. Hence, she also takes good fats like omega-3 fatty acids.
  • She avoids eating too fatty food like chips, burgers, pizza and other junk foods that may cause health diseases and leads to obesity.
  • Shraddha also enjoys eating chocolates and desserts, but does not eat often.
  • Being a Non-vegetarian, her favorite dishes include fish curry, rawa fried fish and chicken.
  • One cheat day in a week is very important to follow the overall diet plan.
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Shraddha Kapoor’s Fitness Regimen

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Shraddha has a slim and toned body since her childhood. She never went to gyms to reduce her weight before commencing her career in B-industry. Surprisingly, she is a fitness freak and loves to exercise and dance

She hits the gym early in morning at 7am. and then does pushups, pull ups ,crunches and stretching. Shraddha also likes doing yoga and meditation on her off days from work.

Dancing is the part of her favorite workout routine. Zumba, belly and hip hop are one of the best dance forms she likes to learn and do as much as possible. She was also casted for the ABCD 2 due to her dancing skills.

She actively participates in sports and adventures like hill climbing, scuba diving, etc. Her workout session consists different exercising, stretches and fat burning cardio.

Moreover, in order to live a happy and free life, Shraddha also believes that it is vital to understand the value of proper sleep and recreation. It not only gives peace to the mind, but also motivates to work harder in a long time.

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