Latest 100 Simple and Easy Mehndi Design (2023) For Beginners and Learners

Mehndi is an integral part of Indian women. Not just in India even in Middle East, Pakistan and other countries the culture of applying Mehndi with the traditional dresses has its own place. Here we have paired the simple and easy mehndi designs that can be applied by even the beginners and people who are just learning to apply mehndi. Applying mehndi is not difficult but you just need some practice. Using mehndi on the hands or applying Henna is a sign of good thing. The designs of the mehndi have come a long way and currently we have got so many different designs that are regional and people specific. Like Punjabi Mehndi, Mughlai Mehndi, Arabic mehndi and even the single line or the bracelet, finger, ring style mehndi designs.

Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for Karwa Chauth, Eid, Diwali and Weddings (2023)

So here are these simple and easy mehndi designs for beginners with images. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful and easy mehndi designs that can be used by the learners and beginners.

1. Easy Mehndi For Eid And Festivals

Easy mehndi for eid and festivals

Resembling the feet jewellery this indicate and elaborate design is beautiful. It has to be applied neatly as the design gets round. For Indian weddings, generally girls would go for this jewellery feet mehndi design. You can apply this simple mehndi pattern for family functions, parties, weddings and otherwise where required.

2. Simple Jewellery Mehndi Design For Front Hand

Simple jewellery mehndi design for front hand

The jewellery and side swept resembling mehndi designs are suitable for occasions where women would like to take double heavily. Metals and circles that stands out of the wrist of the design. Made with dots and Tear drop shapes it is very even pattern and made in. It is suitable for gatherings, small functions where you would like to wear ethnic wear and outfits.

3. Arabic Asian Simple Mehndi Design

Arabic Asian simple mehndi design

It’s beautiful and simple Arabic mehndi design that has peacock like patterns. The entire palm is filled with the unique patterns that make it beautiful. It suitable for festivals and functions. Even for Karva Chauth you can apply a design this.

4. Easy Side Floral Mehndi Bail Style

Easy side floral mehndi Bail Style

For working women, if they would like to have a clean and crisp mehndi design, then try this. With flowers and paisley design, it’s kept quite clean and simple. It is just a line that goes from the index finger. It is suitable for the casual parties for occasions where are you go for anything elaborate or grand.

5. Simple Front Hand Mehndi Design

Siimple front hand mehndi design

The simple circles inspired mehndi design has circles of different shapes. The layered mehndi design has smaller circles within every circle. And you need to be sure that you do it similar way. If you are not steady with the hand movement then go with the thick lines. It is suitable to be paired with traditional and Indo Western outfits for festivals and otherwise.

6. Gol tikki pakistani mehndi design

Gol tikki pakistani mehndi design

The gold Tikka Pakistani style Mehndi is on the back of the palm and the same can be replicated on the front palm. It comes with filled in structures and motifs that gives the vibrant and dark colour to the mehndi. The sweet and simple mehndi design is the best looking festival and party mehndi for women.

7. Simple Round Mehndi Design For Hands

simple round mehndi design for hands

The round Gol Tikka mehndi design back of the hand is suitable to be tried on the front palm. It doesn’t have to be too much of detailing in them. The ultimate goal is to make the design look neat and sweet. So try making the circles as round as possible. Otherwise the design can get merge.

8. Simple Shading Mehndi Design

simple shading mehndi design

The heart shaped intricate designs is for those who like such patterns. It can be applied on the feet, on the back. If you are wearing a complete ethnic outfit then also it would look perfect. The design is extremely sophisticated and versatile and give that romantic look. It is suitable for ethnic festivals.

9. Heavy Anklet Pattern Mehndi

heavy anklet pattern mehndi

Like an anklet this is one of the best designs that beginners can go for. The easy mehndi design has parallel lines that create a band and small like structure. If you noticed it also reminds you of the choker or neck jewellery that is currently popular.

10. Arabic Mughlai Simple Mehndi Design

arabic mughlai simple mehndi design

The Arabic inspired easy and simple mehndi design has shaded flowers and leaves pattern. The pattern on the fingertips is given a unique look. The entire design is very exclusive and rich looking. It is only one of the best simple mehndi designs that you can apply easily.

11. Back Hand Mehndi Design Simple 

back hand mehndi design simple                             

Which three chains going in floral patterns this is a very easy and attractive mehndi design. It is suitable for even the kids and for women who do not want to go overboard with their mehndi designs.

12. Arabic mehndi design for back side of hand

arabic mehndi design for back side of hand

The extremely simple design has a bracelet like pattern. On the wrist there is a band that goes up till the middle finger. It chains at the end makes it ultimately gorgeous. You can get it more dark by keeping it for sometime and applying some mehndi oil over it.

13. Backhand Flower Gujarati Mehndi Design

backhand flower gujarati mehndi design

It is one of the simplest floral back hand mehndi design inspired by the Gujarati pattern.

14. Bail Mehndi Design Simple Style

bail mehndi design simple style

This mehndi design is a treat for the learners and people who want to apply mehndi. It is an elaborate design that goes from the index finger to the wrist. The circular flower patterns have been used with curved design. It is a sophisticated and design that may look difficult at first but on application it is quite easy.

15. Circles And Floral Mehndi Design

Circles and floral mehndi design

The mehndi design ideas circles, ovals and floral pattern. It is very simple and easy to apply and would not require a lot of practice. Even if you know how to use a cone this henna design quickly apply it.

16. Crochet Simple Mehndi Design

crochet simple mehndi design

The crochet like design is a treat for the eyes. The very modern and western looking simple mehndi design is for beginners and professionals. It needs some practice as the parallel lines has to be clear and neat. It can be paired with Indo Western and other traditional outfits to complete.

17. Easy And Attractive Bail Mehndi Design

easy and attractive bail mehndi design

Attractive bail mehndi design simple but requires practice. It is done with thick lines therefore is it tend to get darker. On this design, you need to be careful that the borders need to be applied carefully as it can merge or spread.

18. Concentric Circles And Lines Simple Mehndi Design

concentric circles and lines simple mehndi design

This henna pattern got a heart shape pattern. Half of the pattern is on each of the palms. It is very intricate that simple design. Therefore, to apply this mehndi design, you need a little bit of practice and after that you will be able to apply effortlessly and your henna would become dark. So if you know how to grab a cone with the steady hand, it makes the shapes fairly simple design.

19. Easy Bajuband Mehndi Design

easy bajuband mehndi design

If you love band or bajuband style of mehndi, then to try it. This is uncomplicated in appearance however it’s not. We are sure you would be able to apply, this easy mehndi design quickly. It is suitable for the brides and for other ethnic functions.

20. Easy Circular Party Mehndi Design

Easy circular party mehndi design

The party simple mehndi design has circle floral pattern on the back centre of the palm and ring that extends from the middle finger and goes till the wrist. Over the wrist there is a band which makes it a jewellery pattern. Jewellery mehndi designs are very popular currently and this is the main highlight of this beautiful pattern. Suitable for festivals, Karva Chauth, Eid and other parties you can surely apply this Mehendi on your palm.

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