Skin Benefits of Glycerin and Beauty Uses of Glycerin

benefits of glycerin and uses of glycerinBeauty Uses of Glycerin

Glycerin is a natural thick; gel like liquid which has high moisture attracting property hence is a great natural humectant. It is non comedogenic, very moisturizing and easy to get absorbed in the skin. vegetable glycerin is what that is being used for the beauty products like soaps, moisturisers and so many other products which claim to give hydration on the skin. But is that wonderful product just for that, no! It has so many beauty uses and benefits which will make glycerin a versatile product. So, here we will share some good benefits, uses of glycerin and  beauty tips.

1. Beauty use of glycerin as a moisturiser

As glycerin attracts moisture and it enhances the skin suppleness. It is an excellent skin moisturiser. Glycerin can be used directly on the face to give it natural moisture and to get rid of the dryness. Apply glycerin on the dry skin every night so that you wake up with soft skin in the morning.

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2. Beauty Use of glycerin as face toner

A toner works to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance and to enhance the skin’s texture. Mix some glycerin and rose water in equal parts and with a cotton pad apply on the face. It helps to tone the skin and acts as a light moisturizer for oily to combination skin. Also Read: Homemade Natural face toners

3. Use of glycerin as hand cream

Glycerin can also be used as a hand cream as well to get beautiful soft hands. Take some milk cream and glycerin in equal quantities. Mix them and thoroughly massage the hands with that. It is a very good use of glycerin for dry rough hands in winters.

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4. Using glycerin as foot scrub

Feet are generally very dry even though you do not have dry skin. To combat the dryness of the feet and to nourish them to make them softer, glycerin will be every good. Glycerin can be used to prepare a foot scrub. Mix glycerin with sugar and lemon juice. Apply on the feet and gently scrub for 5 minutes. After that keep it for 15 minutes then wash off. Sugar and lime juice helps to remove the marks and spots on the feet while glycerin will nourish and heal them.

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5. Beauty use of Glycerin as crack repair cream

Another good use of glycerin for skin /beauty can be to take care of the cracked heels which are very painful. There too benefits of glycerin are seen. Apply pure glycerin on the cracked heels and wear socks. Doing this every night will help to cure cracked heels.

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6. Use of glycerin as nail cream

Glycerin in also beneficial in giving moisture to the dry nails, especially the dryness of the cuticle that we see after removing the nail polish. Apply some glycerin on the nails and massage with that.

beauty uses glycerin for nails

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7. Use of glycerin as face primer

Face primer generally hydrates the skin and acts as a base for makeup so that the makeup stays a lot longer. Hence use glycerin on the face. Massage it. Let it dry and then apply foundation.

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8. Beauty use of glycerin for anti aging

Mix glycerin with equal part of Vitamin E oil which is available in capsule form. Apply this every night on the dry mature skin. Vitamin E helps to nourish the skin and prevent the fine line for youthful skin. The same mixture can be applied on the dry lips at night for dryness and chapped lips.

9. Use of glycerin as body moisturizer

Mix one teaspoonful of glycerin with one teaspoonful of petroleum jelly and mix them. Use it on the body as body lotion or body cream to keep the dryness away.

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10. Use of Glycerin for Whiteheads and blackheads

Glycerin is also beneficial in removing the whiteheads and blackheads from the face effectively. Take rice flour/ powder and glycerin in equal amounts and mix them thoroughly. Use this natural glycerin scrub on the whiteheads and blackheads and rub for 2-3 minutes. Try this every other day to remove them.

11. use of Glycerin as face Freshener

Another amazing skin benefit of glycerin can be to use it as face freshener. Take 3 teaspoonful of glycerin and 10 teaspoonful of cucumber juice and 10 teaspoonful of rose water. Mix them and fill it up in a clean spray bottle. Whenever you feel dry, oily or face getting dirty. Spray this facial spray and after 10 seconds wipe with a cloth. This will instantly freshen up the face.

Skin Benefits of glycerin

With so many uses of glycerin. We see that glycerin is highly moisture retaining and keeps the skin hydrated for a long time.

Glycerin is beneficial in the nappy rashes as well for babies.

It has a soothing nature hence in case of scratches and rashes, glycerin can be applied.

It does not clog the pores hence is a good moisturizer for oily acne prone skin but dilute with rose water first.

Glycerin can also work as a face primer before the foundation application.

Mature skin with fine lines can use glycerin with Vitamin E to control wrinkles.

Now that you know the beauty uses of glycerin and the benefits of glycerin. You should get it and try it. It is available at pharmacy stores and is really inexpensive. If you have some beauty tips with glycerin then share with our Readers too!!

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