Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream Price, Info: New Launch

Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream

Sun tanning and skin darkening is dreaded by a lot of us in India. No one likes to look dark and dull than their original skin color. The other day while I was watching TV, I came across this new product which has been launched in India by CK called Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream. This cream is not a bleach cream but more like a cream face pack that has to be applied on the face and within 5 minutes it detans the skin and takes off the tanning.You can read the full review of this cream HERE.

Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream

Price of Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream:

This cream is for 49 Rupees for 25 g pack and for 50 g the price is 89 Rupees.

How to use Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream: This cream is a whitish colored cream that needs to be applied like a face pack and leave for 5 minutes after than remove it with a tissue than wash the face. It is not a bleach cream so, it won’t bleach the facial skin.

Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream price

Thoughts: I think the price is really reasonable and this can be afforded by a lot of Indian college going students as they are the ones who hates to get tanned and that is also true that college students get tanned a lot due to their outdoor activities. (saying from the personal experience :) ) Anyways, I already got this product but I need to check it at least for a week to see if it really works or the detanning claims for this Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream are just the claims.

By the ways, the ingredients list includes malic acid, lactic acid, Vitamin C and some botanical extracts along with several other chemicals. The malic acid and lactic acids are Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are also known to lighten the skin and are primarily present I the fruits. This is why fruit face packs and mask are so popular to get fair and get rid of the sun tanning.

So, Stay Tuned friends, I will be reviewing this product soon till the time you can read about the Review of Garnier Oil in Cream which is a good product that has been launched recently.

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  1. great work

  2. great work and review. do keep it up.

  3. Hey Niesha,

    I tried this product – Spinz Sun Tan Remover. It worked for me. I had a glowing face after I used it. Would love to know your feedback on this. Did it work for you?

  4. Hi Nisha,
    I used this once and it worked well. I will review it by tomorrow.

  5. Hi,
    Very useful reviews!!
    Waiting in anticipation to know if its effective in the long run.

  6. I need spinz sun tan remover but it is not available in Ahmedabad

  7. You can Buy it online on online shopping sites Parul!