Best Remedies for Spotless Fair Skin: Home Remedies for Clear Skin

Home remedies for spotless fair skin

Spotless fair skin is what most of us want. Spotless skin means a flawless glowing even toned complexion. But due to acne scars pimple marks, dark spots or due to the hyper pigmentation our skin may appear patchy and far from spotless. There are some skin lightening creams and fairness skin care products that claims to give spotless skin within few days or in a short time but do those creams for dark spots, marks etc really work. I doubt them as I think natural home remedies are best way to get spotless fair skin at home rather than spending money on those products. Herbal products and remedies fetch long lasting results and benefit the skin in a lot of different ways like to protect skin from dust, dirt and pollution. Later in the post, we have also shared some more tips like precautions and diet for the spotless skin.

Remedies for spotless fair skin at home

We will share some effective home remedies which will help to get a spot free clear glowing fairer skin. These beauty tips are great for skin whitening as well. Proper skin care is also needed for spotless skin tone and smooth texture.

Face Packs for Spotless Fair Skin

Face packs are ideal to make get spotless fair skin as they deeply nourish the skin and get rid of the flaws like blemishes, pimple marks, hyper pigmentation etc.

1. Papaya and honey face pack for glowing fair face

Papaya and honey both are very amazing ingredients to prepare a face pack/mask which makes skin flawless, clear and brighter. This face pack has the goodness of papaya which has skin lightening qualities as a result of which skin becomes smoother and fair. When the skin is fair and glowing, it appears spotless. This pack also eliminates the sun tanning which causes patchiness on the skin and the dark spots or the pimple marks which will refrain the skin from looking spotless. Use this face pack every other day for a naturally spotless fair skin. Mix papaya and honey and mash it. Apply and wash after 20 minutes.

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2. Oatmeal and honey pack for smoother spotless fair skin

This face pack is ideal for all skin types and ensures a spotless fair skin easily. You can try this pack after coming from the sun so that the tanning can be lightened. This home made oatmeal face mask is also very beneficial in improving the skin’s texture and complexion. Oatmeal will mildly scrub the dead skin cells and makes skin spotlessly fairer. To prepare this spotless fair skin pack. Take 2 teaspoonful of oatmeal and mix some honey. Apply on the face and wash after it gets dry.

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3. Tomato and curd for even toned spotless skin 

Skin also look patchy when there is sun tan and hyper pigmentation especially on the jaw line. So, to get rid of the hyper pigmentation and to achieve a spotless fair skin using this tomato curd/yoghurt face pack will definitely help. Mix some tomato juice with some yoghurt and mix it well. Apply on the face as a pack and wash after 30 minutes. Try this every other day for better results. You will notice that the marks, dark spots and patchiness will be reduced noticeably and the you get spotless fair skin naturally with this home remedy.

4. Gram flour turmeric pack for spot free skin

This is one of the most popular home remedies for spotless fair skin. gram flour is known as besan in Hindi and has tons of benefits for the skin. You can try besan face packs, besan homemade ubtans or can be used in the natural remedies for hair removal. Besan packs with turmeric powder are also mentioned in Ayurveda as this pack has skin healing, skin lightening benefits. It also removes the whiteheads and blackheads efficiently. To prepare this pack for spotless fair skin with besan. Take one teaspoonful of besan and add 2 pinches of turmeric powder. Make a paste of it using milk (for normal to oily skin) or milk cream (for dry skin). Apply a thick layer on the face and let it dry. Once it is fully dried. Scrub it off and wash with water. It will soon give spotless fair skin. Men too can try this face pack for improving the skin tone and complexion.

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face packs for spotless fair skinHomemade Massage lotions for spotless fair skin

To get spotless fair skin, there are certain massage lotions or skin tonics that you can try which will further accentuate and hurry up the process of getting spotless clear brighter face. These tonics are not face packs which you need to wash off rather they should be left for overnight which will give faster results in making the skin free of spots and marks naturally. These treatments are overnight cures.

1. Cucumber juice lotion for fair spot free skin

This will lighten the skin complexion and any marks that you have on the face. This cucumber juice face tonic helps in getting a spotless fair skin. This lotion will also tone the skin and firm it. It makes the skin spotless within 7 days.

  • Take one teaspoonful of cucumber juice and apply that on the face.
  • Leave it overnight and wash the face in the morning.
  • This should be done daily when possible.

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2. Lime juice and turmeric for blemish free skin

This tonic is mostly for getting a fair skin complexion faster at home as it has lemon juice and turmeric. Both of these are very powerful skin whitening ingredients which gives spotless fair skin within few days.

  • Take one teaspoonful of lemon juice
  • Add one teaspoonful of turmeric in it.
  • Mix it well and apply on the face.
  • Wash in the morning for smooth marks free skin
  • Repeat this on daily basis for better results

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3. Milk and turmeric for spotless fair skin

This is yet another great remedy to get spotless fair skin overnight  and a toned pimple marks free skin. This will not only make the skin spot free and whiter but a good treatment for whiteheads and blackheads.

  • Take one teaspoonful of milk and add one pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Massage on the face and leave on for overnight.
  • Wash in the morning.
  • Repeat this everyday.
  • Face Scrub for spotless fair skin

Now there are great scrubs too to get spotless fair skin apart from the packs and tonics. These scrubs will exfoliate the facial skin and gives a min massaging to enhance blood circulation which will eventually make skin spotless and fairer within 3-4 days.

1. Rice flour facial scrub

Take one teaspoonful of rice flour and make a paste with some water. Use this to scrub the face for 2 minutes and then wash off. This can be tried 2-3 times depending on the skin type for a fresh spotless fair skin.

2. Sugar lime juice face scrub

Sugar scrub can be used for face, neck, body or the lips. This sugar scrub has so many wonderful benefits for the skin which makes the skin spotless and fair.

Pimple and acne care for spotless fair skin

Pimple and acne are the primarily cause when the skin doesn’t look spotless and fair so to keep the skin spotlessly fair, proper acne care is needed. For that you can read article on how to get rid of pimple marks and Ayurvedic face packs for pimples.

Extra Beauty tips for spotless fair skin

Sunscreen: Sunscreen makes sure that the skin stays protected from the sun’s harmful rays which darkens the complexion and causes age or dark spots.

Water: Water keeps the body and skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin appears patchy and lifeless. Drinking enough water will make the skin glowing and it becomes easy to achieve spotless fair skin.

Cleansing: Proper cleansing of skin is also important if you wish for a spotless fair skin. Unclean skin can be an easy target for whiteheads, pimples, blackheads and other skin problems which will prevent the skin from looking spotless and fairer.

Diet: A proper diet is also essential if you want to get spotless fair skin. Eating a balanced diet with fruits and green leafy vegetables will keep the skin healthier and glowing.

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  1. if i use gram flour as a face pack .can i use lime and termeric after that thats ok or not

  2. You can mix turmeric, gram flour and lime juice to make a face pack. That would be better.

  3. hello…..i hv to ask that i hv many acnes on my face and it appears reddish and the scars remains on my face for a long time so plzz advice me any remedy that would work better for me….

  4. hello…..i hv to ask that i hv many acnes on my face and it appears reddish and the scars remains on my face for a long time so plzz advice me any remedy that would work better for me….

  5. hello…..i hv to ask that i hv many acnes on my face and it appears reddish and the scars remains on my face for a long time so plzz advice me any remedy that would work better……

  6. Hi Fiza,
    You can use a gel cream clindamycin phosphate gel that is available at the chemist. That will clear your skin but apply that only at night time.

    For the dark spots. the best remedy would be to with use tomato juice on the dark spots at night. This works well. I do this whenever I have pimples that leaves dark spots.

    And also, use a neem face wash and scrub the face 2 times in a week with a face scrub to keep teh pores clean.

  7. Can i apply curd with turmeric twice in a day???

  8. Is curd and turmeric pack useful in getting glowing fairer skin??

  9. thanxx a lot ma’am bt i hv used this cream bt nthng happens…..also i hv a bright tone in winters bt in summers my colour bcmes so dull….so plzz also advice me any home remedy that would wrk out….also when pimples occurs on my face their redness and scars remains for a long time even they goes in about a year….so i m vry depressed bcz of that….i hv consulted doctor also bt medicines dont suit me….plzz help me to get rid of this pimple problmm…..

  10. and ma’am i hv seen ur pix u r so beautiful hving a bright and fair tone so plzz tell me some tips and ur secrets of glowing and fair skin…..i will be highly obliged to u…….

  11. Yes you can. It will make the skin glowing.

  12. thnxx a lot ma’am….i will surely try this….

  13. Hello I have too much prblm of dark spots pimple n oliy skin any kind of cream is not suitable for me when m apply specially for acne more pimples occurs on my face so plzz help me for glowing fairere skin n darkspot n pimples free skin

  14. I am 21 years old. I have so much pimples in my face. While I use doctor suggested Medichin it becomes good. But if I stop this it become started . It Please suggested something… I am so wory.

  15. DermalMD Acne Serum has the best acne products that one can buy over the counter. They really work and keep the face moist and not dried out like other acne products do.

  16. Hi Priya,
    I am sure that in your case, when you apply the skin creams then the pores are getting block which causes the pimples. So, do not use heavy/ thick skin creams like fair and lovely etc. rather you can try Lotus herbals whiteglow gel cream.

    Scrub your face 2 times in a week which will keep the pores clean. Once in a week apply multani mitti face pack to keep the skin pores deep clean.
    I hope this routine will help you!!

  17. Hi You can scrub the face 2 times in a day so that your skin pores are cleansed which will minimize the bacteria infection and pimples occurrence. Apply multani mitti pack 2 times in a week and also use a benzoyl peroxide gel or cream at night.
    Do not forget to apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

  18. Hello mam. My skin looks so dull. There is no freshness in my face. What i do for my face so that i get glowing skin. There is black pimple marks in my face . What i do to get an even skin tone quicly.

  19. Hi Heena,

    You should daily apply honey and lemon juice pack on the face.
    Just buy a small bottle of dabur honey. Take half teaspoonful of honey and mix with half teaspoonful of lemon juice. Mix and apply on the face. Like we apply a pack. wash after 30 minutes.
    Do this daily in the evening. This is really effective in making the skin glowing and bright. This is one of my favorite and easy recipe.

  20. hello, i am a 19 years old girl.. i had very fair skin when i was 12… but with acne has make it dull and brown.. by god grace the acne has run away.. now there is only some acne marks.. how to get rid of this and also to get my skin fairer,, it would be grateful if you could advise me what to do.. and also if i using cc cream lakme shade bronze would make my skin darker.. thank you in advance…

  21. Hi Grace,

    I will suggest u to daily apply lemon juice and honey mixture on the face. Wash after 30 minutes. This has to be done in the evening. This will give you good results in lightening the acne marks.

    No bronze CC cream will not make you darker since that is not a very dark color. I use lakme CC cream in beige but as your skin is slightly darker currently if you will use beige it will look ashy on you.

  22. Hello Mam

    I am 22 yrs fair complexion and i would request your advice to get rid of black heads as my nose looks too shaby and i also have whiteheads under my skin pls suggest what should i do

  23. Hi Merlin,

    Recently I have shared posts on blackhead removal. So see the link below and I hope the tips mentioned there helps you. Those tips will also work on whiteheads but takes time for whiteheads.

  24. Hi! Am an africa and I also based in africa, I’ve tried several creams and it’s not working on me, please what can I use I’ve stretch marks on my buttocks and scars on my legs with so many spots am not clean at all…please advice thanks.

  25. hi… I hv many scares on my face so please recommend me something that will help me out getting rid of these scares faster and make my skin glow faster

  26. Hello mam, I m 16 yrs old girl. I used to have milk white complexion but as i grew up due to tanning and everything, my skin is looking brownish. Will besan-turmeric and milk help me to remove tan? And also I have an aloe vera plant can I apply aloe vera daily on my face to whiten it?

  27. Hi Angel,

    You can scrub the area every other day using some sugar and lemon juice scrub. Apply some tomato juice or papaya juice 2 times in a week. This will show good results.

  28. Hi Ayushi,

    Make sure that you scrub the face 2 times in a week and also use tomato juice every night and wash in the morning.

  29. Yes, surely that besan pack will help you to get back the complexion. Try aloe vera gel mixed with some lemon juice for whitening.

  30. thank you mam for your blackheads tips it really worked

    i sweat a lot and so i am unable to apply heave makeup fr a long time so can u suggest me something hw cn i make my skin look fair clear n glowing

    also please suggest me how to remove tanning from hands n legs

  31. Hi Merlin,

    You can apply potato juice on the tanned hands and legs. For the makeup using a face primer is the best to make the makeup last longer. You can try a gel based face primer which is good for oily combination skin.

  32. Can we use lemon juice and sugar mixed properly as a remedy to get fair and even skin tone? If yes , then please tell me the quantities of each.

  33. Yes, you can use that to scrub the face. Lemon reduces the marks and blemishes on the face and also makes the skin lighter. For the face, you can take 2 teaspoonful of sugar with 1 lemon’s juice. Mix them and scrub the face. If the sugar crystals are bigger then leave this mixture aside for 5 minutes so that the sugar melts a little bit, then this will be suitable for scrubbing the face. Try this only 2 times in a week.

  34. Hello should I use gram flour and turmeric for a fairer skin and to remove pimple marks.
    if yes then how many times a week or day should I use?
    Should I use raw milk or can I use lime?

  35. You can try this 2-3 times in a week and lime juice will be better.

  36. Mam mera pora face khrab hogya h.. pimpls k marks ki vjh se… i was fair pr pimpls ki vjh se face ka glow bhi chla gya h.. face different different color ka hogya h means pora face clean and clear ni h.. what should i do for this??? Plzz help me.. :-( :-(

  37. Hi Naina,

    First of all, I will advise you to scrub the face 2 times in a week and apply tomato juice and honey pack daily for 30 minutes. then wash off. Try this face pack in the evening.

  38. Hi mam i m 18 yrs old i have acne especially on my cheeks no facewash suits me i used himalayan neem facewash bt ? n my complexion is also gettng dull i wondr if i could ever hav that flawless clear spotless face plz do advice me n suggest for facewash i should use m using clindamycin phosphate gel these days

  39. Hi Harman,

    I too use Clindamycin gel at night to clear the acne. You can use Garnier neem and tulsi high foaming face wash.
    Scrub the face regularly like 2 times in a week so that the dead skin cells can be removed. Additionally, I will also suggest to apply sunscreen.

  40. Mam the scrubs available in market worsen my pimples can u plz tell me about some natural one ??

  41. N mam there are two big pimples on my cheek they are not fading even on applicatn of clindamycin phosphate gel i tried ur above. Mentnd besn turmeric and milk face pack other pimples faded a bit bt these two were the least affected wt should i do mam ?i have to attend some fnctn plz mam tell me some
    Method so can i can get rid of these pimples

  42. In that case, you can try a homemade face scrub by mixing fine sugar with some honey. Mix them and use as a face scrub. there are some pimples where the infection is more hence will take time. You can apply tea tree oil on them by mixing with some water if you like.
    Hope that helps. :)

  43. Thanku so much mam ??

  44. Hllo mam i am suffering from hair damage problem due to using excess of straightener my hair have become very thin now i have stopped straightening my hair every time i wash my hair i apply mixture of olive oil and almond oil for an hour or two bt my hairfall problem has increasd my hair start falling from roots during head bath m vry distressed on seeing this wat should i do mam ? m using park avenue beer shampoo n now dove dandruff care plz suggest me mam

  45. Plz mam suggest me some home remedy

  46. Hi Harman,

    You can also apply a paste of methi powder with water and keep that on the scalp for 2 hours then wash then hair. Try this 2 times in a week.
    Also take fruit juices and proteins in your diet. Hope that helps.

  47. hlo mam
    I am suffering from blackheads on my face for almost 6 months.. i have consult doctor and i am taking t medicines for almost 2 months but i have not seen any sign of relief till now. instead medicines lead to too much dryness and also my complexion is getting dull. i am also trying clean and clear foaming face wash but it also doesn’t work.. please prescribe me home remedy and facewash to get rid of blackheads and get fair complexion faster

  48. hi please tell me which mixer is better for my skin

  49. Mam i just wanna make my skin fairer ……….plz suggest me something

  50. Hello ma’am.
    This is mik. A year ago I suffered from inflamation on my both cheeks it used to itch a lot n due to lack information I itched a lot with my fingers n it produced a lot of water n I again itched with my bare fingers n now theres a lot of inflamation post scar on my cheeks its in a brown color. Will u pls help me to prevent my post inflamation scar. I dont know how to prevent iI even applied aleo vera moisturizer on it but theres no good result. Pls pls help me to prevent my brown scar from my face. Thank you.

  51. Helo maam actuly i hav black skin n sum pimples on my face i want clear n fairer skin please sugest me

  52. Helo mam!!!
    I have really dull skin when I can’t go outside wdout any makup and these products make my skin ruff…. I have also so many pimples please suggest any home remedy or any cream for fair and spotless skin specially for summers …plz mam help me ?