10 New Stone Studded Mehendi Designs for Festivals and Weddings (2022)

Stone Studded Mehndi Designs are like the new and innovative mehendi patterns. These days the mehendi is not just limited to the regular red color but a variety of things are used to give the mehendi an artistic and new feel. This is all done to attract the attention and make the wearer happy especially for the brides as this is their most important day. Mow, more and more women are going for stone studded and glitter mehendi designs as they look trendy and fashionable.

Latest Stone Studded Mehendi Designs

Here are the latest stone studded mehendi designs that we have compiled for you. These images are inspiring and if you know how to apply mehendi using cones then these designs will surely inspire you!

1. Luxurious Stone Studded Mehendi

Luxurious Stone Studded Mehendi

The design here is rich and luxurious. It involves stones and shimmers. The large round blue rhinestone seems to be the highlight which draws attention. Designs like these are made for modern brides who just don’t want to play simple with their mehendi. Not only stone, even pearls are used in this ravishing design. The mehendi design is no doubts pretty nice but stones have made it wonderful. See the best Arabic style mehendi designs

2. Geometric Stone Studded Mehendi

Geometric Stone Studded Mehendi

If geometric patterns are to be used in mehendi designs then a design like this would be appropriate. Silver and blue stones are used to decorate the design and the nail paint too is used in the shade blue. The theme here is to make the design appear rich and royal. Other than the red mehendi black mehendi has also been used on this beautiful design. See the best compilation of bracelet mehendi design

3. Silver and Stone Studded Mehendi Design

Silver and Stone Studded Mehendi Design

The design here is made rich looking by using silver colored rhinestones over the mehendi design. The mehendi application is art and in this art there have been several experiments done and rhinestone is one of them it sure does make this look extremely beautiful.

4. Round Tikki Stone Mehendi

Round Tikki Stone Mehendi

In this round tikki style black mehendi, the blue stones with different sizes are made to use.

5. Bridal Stone Studded Mehendi

Bridal Stone Studded Mehendi

This henna design with stone is lavish and is appropriate for brides and other bridal ceremonies. Silver stone along with blue shimmer make this look lovely. Try such for your karwa chutha and make your husband go in awe of your beautiful hands.

6. Delicate Stone Studded Mehendi

Delicate Stone Studded Mehendi

Very dainty and delicate!! This gorgeous henna art is for brides and newlyweds, though anyone can try it. This is not a completely filled design but is done only on half of the feet and hand area. This actually plays well for this design.

7.  Stone and Glitter mehendi design

Stone and Glitter mehendi design

It is not just about the stones but silver glitter too is used in loads of amount the design is sure to catch attention. The mehendi is not very complicated in design but is rather very simple with paisleys and flowers but it’s the stones and shimmer that adds beauty to this mehendi.

8. Stone and Peacock Mehendi Design

Stone and Peacock mehendi Design

A peacock feather drawn beautifully along with an equally beautiful mehendi design. The stones are studded to create a nice effect. Check the trendy peacock mehendi design

9.  Kundan stoned mehendi art

Kundan stoned mehendi art

This is truly royal. The flower mehendi design is kept quite closely made and kundan stones are used on the spaces. It truly is mesmerizing and will make you feel no less than a princess. 

10. Mughlai stone studded design

Mughlai stone studded design

The mehendi design speaks loudly of the beautiful Mughal inspired design which is amalgamated with blue shimmer and kundan motif in the center.

So, these were the Stone Studded Mehendi designs that can be used for bridal ceremonies to make your hands and feet look stunning. Which is the mehendi design that you liked?

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