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10 Best Cleansing Milks Available in India with Prices

cleansing milk

Skin care starts with a very vital step which is cleansing the skin. Soaps, foaming skin cleansers can dry out the skin but cleansing milks are useful when you need express cleansing and don’t want any further dryness caused by the soaps. Cleansing milks are also a great way to purify your skin and make it free from the dirt ...

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9 Top Best Skin Toners in India with Price and Details

face toners in india

Best Top Skin Toners in India Skin or face toners can be said as the second important step in skin care ritual but even then most of us tend to ignore them. Facial skin toners are actually beneficial for the skin as they tone the skin, maintain the natural pH balance and also remove any extra dirt grease left behind ...

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15 Top Best Neem Face Wash in India with Price and Review

Best Neem Face Wash in Indian market with Price and Review Neem is highly beneficial for oily and acne prone skin. When there is infection that is bacterial and fungal in nature like we see in case of pimples and acne and several scalp related problems. Neem or Margosa is used extensively in various skin care products that are targeted ...

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10 Best Neutral Lipstick Shades in India

Neutral Lipstick Shades

Neutral Lipstick shades in India Neutral lipstick shades are good for everyday use when you wish to keep the makeup soft and light. Neutral lipsticks can be worn with light or dramatic eye makeup. Like if your eye makeup is a bit too much with the falsies, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara then keeping the lips softer will be ideal. ...

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10 Best Compact Powders in India for Dry and Oily skin

10 best compact powders in india for dry and oily skin

Compact Powders in India with Price for oily and dry skin Compact powder or face powder is very useful to give a final touch up to the skin. They are also suitable to set the foundation in place and to cover some minor blemishes. Compact powders are used to absorb the oils to create a shine free matte look. However, ...

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