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Top 10 Best Eye Kohls and Kajals in India (2020)

Kajals and eyeliners are very essential to beautify Indian Girl’s eyes. Even when one doesn’t wish to go overboard with ...

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5 Benefits of under eye creams

benefits of under eye creams

Benefits of under eye creams in skin care routine Under eye creams are specially formulated for the thin and delicate ...

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Natural Beauty Tips for Attractive Beautiful Eyes

Natural Beauty tips for attractive beautiful eyes

Attractive beautiful eyes that shine and look radiant make you even more pretty. It is said that the eyes are ...

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Make Eyes Look bigger with Make up tips/ secrets

Make Eyes Look bigger

Make up Tips to make Eyes Look bigger Bigger eyes make you look attractive as eyes are the most important ...

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Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup Looks Ideas, Inspiration and How to do

kareena kapoor eye makeup ideas for party

Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup Inspirations and How to do Kareena Kapoor is a stunning beauty who loves to sport beautiful ...

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