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10 Best Face Packs for Dry Skin in India with Prices

Best Face packs for Dry skin in India with price and Reviews Have you ever thought why your dry skin is giving you troubles? Then use of the appropriate face pack is really helpful. After using the facial packs that are made for the dry face, you can surely get rid of the dry patches and the roughness. When your ...

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5 Best Himalaya Herbal Face Packs in India with price

5 Best Himalaya Herbal Face Packs in India

Himalaya Herbal Face Packs in India with prices and Reviews Himalaya is a brand that needs no official introduction in Indian market. The brand offers variety of products that ranged from skin acre to hair acre to wellness. Face packs are great to tighten the skin, make the skin fair or to keep the skin oil free. There are so ...

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5 Butter Face Packs and Masks for Dry Skin Care at Home

home made butter face packs

How to make butter face pack & mask for dry skin Is your skin extremely dry? Is that so dry that no matter how much moisturisers and creams you use your skin still looks flaky and feels stretchy. Worry not. There is a very easy to prepare facial mask using a very quick to get product. We are talking about ...

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10 Face packs for dry skin care at home

face packs for dry skin at home made

Dry skin is characterized by dryness, flakiness and stretchiness after the face wash. As dry skin has very less secretion of sebum from the skin glands, it is mostly dry unless you apply a moisturizer or a face cream. A lot of people have dry body skin which often becomes rough and scaly when not give any hydration. Due to ...

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10 Homemade Honey face packs for all skin types

10 Homemade honey face packs for all skin types Honey has been used across so many cultures for the past so many years. It is used in medicinal purposes, beauty and so much more but here we are mostly concerned about benefits of honey to enhance the beauty. Honey is a natural humectant which attracts moisture or in other words, ...

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