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6 Beauty Tips for Rose Pink Lips Naturally

get rose pink lips

Best Beauty tips to Get Rosey Pink Lips naturally Most of the girls want pink soft lips. Tanned or dark lips are unflattering and you may think of getting them covered with the help of lip stains, lip products etc, but what if your lips can get rosy pink with some natural remedies. Yes, natural ways are harmless and they ...

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10 Natural Remedies for Dry Itchy scalp and dandruff

homeremedies for dry itchy scalp

  Constantly itching the scalp and noticing some flakiness along with the itch, is a symptom  of dry itchy scalp. Itchy dry scalp can be due to several factors though it may be temporary at times. Dandruff can be the most common reason behind this condition. Continuous itching causes embarrassment in public. Do you know Dry Itchy scalp may also ...

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How to Take Care of Hands in winters

How to Take Care of Hands in winters Lately, Did you notice that your hands are rough, scaly and dull looking? They are not smooth and softer and also the skin around the nail is peeling off. You are not alone. In winters, lot of us face the similar problem when our hands get dry and rough. So how to ...

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Great Tips to take care of feet in winters

feet care in winters

Tips to take care of feet in winters Most of us tend to ignore our feet. We pay so much attention to our face, hair, hands etc that feet can be aptly said as the ignored part that needs equal pampering love and care like the rest of our skin does. So how to take care of your feet especially ...

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Home Remedies for dark finger joints and fingers

home remedies for dark finger joints

Home remedies for dark fingers joints and fingers Dark finger joint is more or less similar that we see with the darkening of the elbows and knee joint. These dark finger joints looks unpleasant especially when a person’s natural complexion is fair then these dark finger joints become more prominent. This problem may be due to the hyper pigmentation, excessive ...

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