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11 Effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair Care

Ayurvedic Hair treatments for Rough and Dry hair

Ayurvedic Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair Care: Healthy and shiny hair is not less a blessing in today’s environment.  You need to take care and make adequate efforts to maintain lustrous locks and look beautiful as always. Women desire for smooth and silky hair, for this they try hair styling and chemicals. But it makes your hair dry, brittle ...

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Home Remedies and Tips to Repair Split Ends at home

Home Remedies and Tips to Repair the Split Ends

Home remedies to repair split ends Split ends look bad as when the hair ends are split they make the hair rough to touch. Repairing the spits ends takes time. Split ends can form as a result of dryness, lacks adequate moisture, too much of sun exposure that dries the hair and causes split ends. Split ends are also caused ...

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Homemade Hair Conditioner for Dry Damaged hair and Benefits

Homemade Hair Conditioner recipe and Benefits for damaged hair

Homemade Hair Conditioners for dry damaged hair Lately have you been suffering from dry damaged hair which are rough and split ends? The damage can be due to the excessive usage of heat and chemical styling or they can be due to not taking proper care of the hair which had caused the damaged hair condition. But all you need ...

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