Top 10 Best Cleansing Milks in India (2021)

cleansing milk

Skin care starts with a very vital step which is cleansing the skin. Soaps, foaming skin cleansers can dry out the skin but cleansing milks are useful when you need express cleansing and don’t want any further dryness caused by the soaps. Cleansing milks are also a great way to purify your skin and make it free from the dirt and makeup removal at the end of the day. Cleansing milks are very travel friendly. Since, one can easily clean the face without the hassle of washing and pouring water. Cleansing milks are generally creamy that wipes off the face with its creamy essence. For dry skin and oily skin, in fact for every skin type cleansing milks are suitable. You just need to try the one that should suit your skin type.

So, to apply them you can grab a cotton pad or cotton ball, then take around a coin sized amount of the cleansing milk and swipe this cotton over the face. Swiping will help to get rid of the dirt, trapped impurities and dust off the skin. Does not matter if your skin is oily or dry, it still does have a lot of impurities sitting on top of the skin layer. Oily skin can get excessive sebum so, there too the cleansing milk products are beneficial. Moreover, the sebum and oils can be squeezed out with the use of the milk cleansing products. So, when those soaps can be drying and harsh on your skin, you can certainly try such products. For dry skin, milks are suitable for glow and hydration as well.

10 Best Cleansing Milks Available in India for Oily, Dry and Sensitive skin with Prices

Here, we have compiled a list of cleansing milk available in India with price. You can buy them online and from stores.

1. Himalaya Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Himalaya cleansing milk

Himalaya Herbals is a herbal blend of grape seed, mint and lemon that subtly takes off the makeup, dirt and the impurities off the face at the same time maintain the skin natural pH balance. Grape seed extract rejuvenates the skin and mint cools down and soothes the skin whereas lemon keeps the skin oil free and is a natural astringent for the skin.

Price: It is for 80 Rupees

Recommended For: Good for oily skin and normal skin

2. Lakme Deep Pore Cleanser

Lakme deep pore cleansing milk

Lakme cleansing milk gently takes away the skin’s impurities. The milk cleanser is enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants which conditions the facial skin to impart a glow and radiance. It is creamy milky white lotion which deep cleanses the pores for a brightening and lightening effect on the skin. This milk is also ideal to get rid of the mild makeup except for the waterproof makeup it works well. Lakme cleansing milk also has avocado extracts which nourishes the dry skin.

Price: It is for 120 Rupees

Recommended For: Dry and normal skin

3. Thalgo Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk

Thalgo cleansing milk

Thalgo milk cleanser is a gentle milky lotion which is suitable for normal to combination and oily skin. This contains red algae and grapefruit extracts which takes off the dirt, grease and oiliness. these squeezes out the dirt effectively from the pores without making the skin dry. It is free from silicones, parabens, minerals oils etc. So, if you are not hesitant to try an expensive high end product then do try it.

Price: It is for 1380 Rupees

Recommended For: Good for oily skin, combination skin and normal skin

4. Nivea Aqua effect Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Nivea aqua effect cleanisng milk

Nivea cleansing milk has the Vitamin C, extracts of Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry to nourish and cleanse the skin. This is suitable for all skin types and is priced at 159 Rupees. The cleansing milk has a very light medium body lotion like consistency that helps to spread nicely over the skin and give a clean hydrated skin. The formula is not very thick or greasy but suitable even for the oily skin and acne prone skin.

Price: It is for 159 Rupees

Recommended For: Suitable for all skin types

5. Garnier Daily Care Gentle Cleansing Milk

Garnier cleansing milk

Garnier Daily Care Gentle Cleansing Milk gently removes the dirt and grease. This is meant for all skin types and can be used on face, eyes and lips and is infused with grape water. Even though I said that this is appropriate for all skin types but feeling the texture and the formula, I think this is more of a cleansing milk for dry skin or normal skin.

Price: It is for 90 Rupees

Recommended For: Good for dry skin.

6. VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk

vlcc cleansing milk

VLCC cleansing milk is infused with sandalwood extracts and almond oil. It is mild and gentle for all skin types to soothe the skin and cleanse well. sandalwood also tends to increase the skin’s natural fairness, so, while you use this your skin glows and looks brighter. Almond oil heals the dry patches and also picks up the dirt, dust etc effectively from the

Price: It is for 125 Rupees

Recommended For: Good for all skin types.

7. Joy Deep Cleansing Milk Cleanser

joy cleansing milk

Joy cleansing milk gently penetrates deep into the skin and mildly cleans the sensitive skin for a hydrated and softer skin. It contains AHA complex along with fruit extracts to remove the dead outer skin cells for a youthful radiance. Alpha Hydroxy acids tends to increase the natural cell renewal rate therefore, the skin appears vibrant and smoother. Those marks and scars that you have on the face are also faded when the skin heals itself.

Price: It is for 120 Rupees

Recommended For: Suitable for oily skin and normal skin

8. Lotus Herbals Lemon pure Cleansing Milk

Lotus cleansing milk

This milk is ideal for a pore-cleansing on a deeper level. It removes the skin greasiness and excess oils along with the dirt. It is enriched with lemon extracts which removes skin impurities and turmeric works as an anti-septic agent to preserve the skin’s beauty and elasticity. Lotus lemon pure cleansing milk is ideal for oily to combination skin.

Price: It is for 175 Rupees

Recommended For: Good for oily skin, combination and normal skin

So, these were the best cleansing milk in India for various skin types. It is also essential that we use the cleansing milk as per the skin type.

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