Treat Smelly Underarms with Apple Cider Vinegar

How to treat Smelly Underarms with Apple Cider Vinegar

Treat Smelly Underarms with Apple Cider Vinegar

Personal hygiene is something that very men or women should take care of. None of us wants to get smelly or be in groomed. Smelly underarms is a big embarrassment for most of us, so can we do, we keep on spraying the deodorants. Earlier we had shared some tips to control the body odour. But there is one more trick that you can try at home to treat the underarms with just natural ingredients which is Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes, Apple cider vinegar will help to keep the underarms area refreshed and will curb the odour. Now you must be thinking how Apple Cider Vinegar helps in treating the smelly underarms.

Here how it does:

How Apple Cider Vinegar helps in treating the body odour

  • Body odour is caused by the bacterial growth which emits foul smell.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar lowers the pH balance of the body like the underarms. This will prevent the growth of the bacteria thus the odour will not be there.
  • It actually work as an astringent that you use on the face to tighten the pores and to tone the skin.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar to treat smelly underarms

Take a cotton pad and take some Apple Cider Vinegar on that. Now apply that over the underarms.

Try this twice in a day daily. You will feel that this has got some sought of strong smell. But don’t worry, the smell will be evaporated after 10-15 minutes so, you need not to worry about that.

This will soon treat the underarms sweating and smell problem when used daily.

Additional tips to stay fresh throughout the day

  • While you take a shower then put few drops of tea tree oil which will prevent the body odor causing bacteria.
  • You can applying body talk to mask the bad smell.
  • If you sweat too much then bathing 2 times in a day will be suitable. Like in the morning and evening.

Now you will not be as embarrassed as with the smelly underarms.

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