What to do when you have Oily Scalp and Hair

Oily Scalp and Hair beauty tips and tricks

We all want voluminous thicker hair right girls? But some of us have g really oily scalp which get greasy the second day of hair wash itself. Greasy oily scalp can be genetics, so balms your mum dad or even grand mum dads for that J or this can be due to humid hot environment, diet or some scalp infections and did seas. But we all would like to get the non oily beautiful hair. We have earlier shared some home remedies for oily scalp and hair that you can also read. So, here are some tips and tricks that one with oily scalp can follow. What are those tips, let’s check that out in our today’s post at Tips and Beauty.com.

what to dow hen you have oily hair and scalpWhat to do when you have Oily Scalp and Hair

1. Mild shampoos

The harsh shampoos that you use strips the natural oils from your scalp. Thus, your scalp will produce more and more oils. So, it is always better to use mild shampoos, that won’t disrupt the natural pH balance and the oil levels in the scalp. Even with the mild shampoos washing hair everyday is not good. Wash the hair ever other day to keep the oil production in check and not to aggravate it.

2. Dry Shampoo

So, in between the hair wash, if your scalp and hair feels oily that you really can’t stay without shampooing it every day, then use the dry shampoo. Just spray the dry shampoo on the roots then massage with finger tips and spray some of the hair that can close to the roots as well. This will save the day. You can also see: 10 beauty tips for oily hair care.

3. Hairstyles

The major problem with oily hair is that we cannot leave them untied. As then they will look lifeless and low on volume. :( But great news girls, :) Braids are really in and so do the bun hairstyles. Try bun hairstyle or ponytails or even the side braided hairstyle. You can slightly curl the hair pieces and make a chic side braided hairstyle like this which will help you stay in style without spilling your embarrassing secret of oily hair like me. :) Have a look at this beautiful braided hairstyle that Deepika spotted.

braided hairstyles for summers

Image courtesy: Glamcheck.com

If you are in college then braided hairstyle will make you look feminine and really pretty. Trust me!! If you wish to get some really pretty braided hairstyles check out this post on Braided hairstyle for girls here.

And if you are confused which dry shampoo you should use then do check our post on 6 best dry shampoos in India

By the way girls,  I will honestly advise that save the dry shampoo when you really feel the need else go with the hairstyle ideas.

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