Write For Us

Hi everyone!!

For all those who have sufficient knowledge about beauty and would love to share their inputs in the inform of articles are most welcome to write for our website. Though please Do not contact us for guest posts or guest blogging in exchange of links etc.

Genuine writers can apply and contact. Before that please read the following guidelines.

Terms and guidelines

  • You should send the articles on the given topics in around 700-800 words.
  • The articles should be original and not copy pasted. Copy pasting is strictly not allowed or will be tolerated. (Hope you understand why!)
  • Payments will be done at the end of the month by calculating the number of articles that have been published on our website in a given month. Payments will be done by NEFT transfer.
  • For the payment processing, you should have a valid bank account in your name. We’ll require the following bank details for the payment.

Account Holder’s name:  (Should be in your name)
Account Number:
Bank name: 
Branch name: 
IFSC Code:
So, that was it, If that sounds acceptable and interesting then to know about the payment per article and other queries, do send us a mail at: Niesha@indianbeautyforever.com